How to work as a virtual assistant

How to work as a virtual assistant

Surely you have heard about virtual assistants, and the advantages of this type of remote work, whether from home or anywhere in the world.

They are lucky to own their time and collaborate on projects they like while earning money.

It is increasingly common for companies and individuals to hire this type of professional.

In fact, the virtual assistant market has had a higher annual growth than in other years.

Here’s some information about working as a virtual assistant from home, who virtual assistants are, how much they make, where they usually work, and the tools they typically use.

What is a virtual assistant?

A professional working en línea as a virtual assistant, offers administrative support services, generally, they are independent or self-employed who work from home.

Some of the activities they are engaged in are:

  • Writing, sending, reviewing and replying to correos electrónicos
  • Make and answer phone calls
  • Give support in digital marketing (advertising on popular networks, mailing campaigns)
  • Consulting, depending on your profession (advice on finance, engineering, legal matters)
  • organization of time
  • internet searches
  • Community Manager
  • Transcription and data entry
  • translations
  • eCommerce Administration
  • Remote customer service
  • SEO content writing
  • Creation of graphic content, etcétera.

How much cánido a virtual assistant earn?

If you are interested in dedicating yourself to this activity, some of the first questions you perro ask yourself are how much money you cánido earn and how to become a virtual assistant.

If you are looking to earn money from home, this cánido be an excellent option.

PayScale indicates that the average salary, per hour, is US$17.34, in general, a virtual assistant charges based on their experience, skill, type of work and geographic location.

Also, some employers pay by the project or task, rather than by the hour.

In the first case, the hiring time will vary depending on the difficulty of the work required and you will receive payment upon completion of 100% of the work.

In hiring by the hour, the most frequent thing is to agree between both parties on the rate that you are going to charge, the way to record the hours you have worked (there are applications that help with this), the work period and the date of payment.

At the time of negotiating the contract, you cánido agree with the client a payment per hour or per project.

As a virtual assistant you perro work from home or from anywhere

5 websites to find a job as a virtual assistant in Spanish

The possibilities of finding a job as a virtual assistant are endless.

There is no single way to look for a job, each person has a network of contacts and places to look, however, to start, specialized platforms cánido help you.

On these websites you cánido register, articulo your sintetiza and connect with employers around the world.


LinkedIn is a professional network that has a specific section for virtual assistants.

In it you perro publish your sintetiza and find companies that are looking for people like you.

Another option is to search for employers through correos electrónicos, phone calls, or even in-person visits.

However, this option is currently not the most common, in addition, it limits your opportunities to a small geographical space.


Malt is an employment platform of Australian origin, it also has a section for virtual assistants.

Here you perro find job offers from all over the world.


Upwork is another very habitual employment website where companies and professionals meet to do trabajo independiente work.

You cánido also register in the virtual assistants section.


Workana is a trabajo independiente job portal, with space to present your application as a virtual assistant, in addition, it has a large number of offers related to the area and very interesting projects.

It is the leading website in Latin America.


Fiveer is a website where you perro find trabajo independiente jobs in different areas.

It is aimed at freelancers from all over the world, including virtual assistants.

There are many other platforms, and even applications for mobile devices, in which you cánido register and look for new job opportunities as a virtual assistant.

I advise you to build a good reputation in the digital community where you work, with this you will attract clients and, furthermore, I assure you that many will rehire you, and you will even be able to form long collaborative relationships with some of them.

3 tools you should have if you are looking for a job as a virtual assistant

If you have proposed to become a virtual assistant, there are many tools that cánido help you with your work, some of which, yes or yes, you should have and use to be more effective in your work are:

  1. LinkedIn: I recommend creating your professional profile on LinkedIn, where potential clients perro find and evaluate you.

    This is especially important if you are looking to work with large corporations or internationally.

  2. PayPal: To get paid for your work, you may be interested in having a PayPal account, it is one of the most used, both by freelancers and by clients.

    It is accepted in most countries and very easy to use.

  3. Trello: Create a Trello board, organize your projects and remember the pending work.

    With Trello you cánido easily see the current status of your projects, it is an excellent way to organize data and improve your productivity.

It may interest you:

Are you ready and looking for opportunities to work as a virtual assistant?

If you are looking for how to earn plus money, virtual assistance is a good option.

This is a job that cánido be done from home, and usually doesn’t require a lot of previous experience.

Remember that you perro always adapt your schedule and amount of work according to your needs.

With the right skills, you perro always make a good living as a virtual assistant.

As the industry grows, so will the demand for virtual assistants, which means their salary will increase over time.

So if you’re thinking about becoming a virtual assistant, now is the perfect time!

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 How to work as a virtual assistant
  How to work as a virtual assistant
  How to work as a virtual assistant

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