How to work and earn money recording

How to work and earn money recording

Earning money with audiobooks is a little-known topic in today’s world, yet it is profitable enough to qualify as a job.

In addition, it is not required to write the books, since you cánido narrate the titles of different authors.

In general, an audiobook is the narration that is made to a bookwhich includes environmental sounds, effects, different characters and narrators.

This type of content is very useful for people who are busy with many tasks.

In the same way, experts in the area affirm that listening to the mind is little distracted, and a greater reading comprehension is obtained.

Now if you want to know how to work and earn money recording audiobooksthis guide is made for you.

Cánido you make money recording audiobooks?

Earning money recording audiobooks is possible, and there are two ways you cánido do it, the first option is create your own book and transform it into an audiobookOn the other hand, you cánido narrate audiobooks for texts that have already been written.

In any case, thanks to mobile devices, audiobooks are currently habitual and represent a job opportunity for anyone who wants to earn money from home.

In addition, audiobooks fit very well in everyday life, since they cánido be listened to while driving or doing any task.

2 ways to make money with audiobooks

Now, then, we will point out how you perro start earning money with this new method:

Earn money by narrating books

An easy way is looking for storytelling employment options on trabajo independiente web pages such as:

Generally, the payment for these tasks is low when working directlyIdeally, you should start with small tasks such as promotional vídeos, collections of poems, or reading texts.

Also, this It is a good alternative for you to practice and get the necessary experience.

Also, you perro record courses, this will help you learn how to editar and publish the archivos with audio.

Storytelling business books

If you have experience in locution and public speaking, you cánido do a audition test for the audiobook website of the giant Amazon ACX.

It is essential to keep in mind that the previous process to obtain the job perro take at least a year.

However, the program cánido pay you up to $225 for each hour.

Another way of earning income is passively through commissions, in which you will earn a commission for each audiobook that you narrate and is sold.

In any situation, the company may establish the price per hour or commission.

How much perro you earn by narrating and reading books?

The amount you cánido earn from narrating and reading books depends on a number of factors, but a true estimate may range from $400 to $1,000 or more per month if you dedicate yourself to this job part time.

Whereas, if you convert your book into an audiobook, you will achieve much more in addition to what you get for its publication, especially if they are on iTunes and Audible.

On the other hand, if you dedicate yourself to narrating audiobooks full time you cánido get more money.

If you are accepted into the Amazon ACX Audiobook Program, you will be able to reach earn up to $225 per hour spent on each project.

Also, it is possible to obtain income through commissions for each text sold.

What do you need to start working recording audiobooks?

You do not require many tools to start making money narrating audiobooks, the only thing that will be necessary is good headphones and a microphone.

The true success of this work depends on the recording quality and your voice, since, if you send an audio that is not good, they will not look for you another time.

Therefore, you have to do your best to prevent background noise and your tone of voice is as clear as possible.

On the other hand, if you have the resources to invest in other tools, an audio box or interfaz will help you remove noise and clear sound.

Also, a computer that allows you to editar your archivos is essential.

But, if you don’t have the latest PC, don’t worry, with a basic PC you perro editar your audios and achieve a good result.

In conclusion, what you need to start earning income through storytelling are:

  • PC with a TAM greater than 6 GB.
  • Microphone.
  • Headphones.
  • Download a programa to editar the audio archivos.

8 pages to work recording audiobooks

The great popularity that audiobooks have acquired is due to work pressure and occupations that disminuye people’s chances of reading a book, and the ease of listening to them anywhere.

However, in the market there are different companies that they are looking for book narrators and they pay you to lend your voice and bring a character to life.

Among the most prominent web pages to find jobs in the area are:


storytel is one of the platforms with the most content available, since it has at least 40,000 titles and works with 150 publishers.

In this sense, in order to listen to any of his works, you have the option of downloading, buying or listening to it en línea.

For his part, if you want to join their working group they have a panel of experts who select their new talents.

It is very easy to generate income with this website and get bonuses depending on the activity you carry out.


Another way you perro make money recording audiobooks or podcast is through the Ivoox seguidor subscriptions. This program allows your content to be monetized through the financial contributions that listeners escoge to make to you.

while in return will receive exclusive episodes, advance audios, or a history of episodes.

But best of all, the seguidor who decides to support you will be able to listen to your podcast without any kind of advertising.


Spotify is considered the largest music platform in the world, since currently has 160 million users.

Additionally, 70 million of these subscribers purchased a Premium account.

On the other hand, it allowed many little-known content creators to have presence in the music industry.

Now, it is likely that you create content and want to start in the podcast industry, since, it is possible to monetize it.

However, to achieve this you will need a platform that allows you to earn income.

In case you are a professional in the creation of audios, you perro use one of the tools provided by Spotify known as Megaphone.

But, if you are starting, it is recommended that you start with Anchor so that you cánido distribute your content and start receiving money.

It is worth clarifying that in any of these situations the money that will be obtained will depend on each of the reproductionsand in general the profits are not high.


Audible with ACX

ACX is a platform belonging to Amazon and Audible through which you cánido get money by uploading your audios.

So, once you finish your recording and go through the editing process, you must upload the audiobook to the platform.

This tea will allow to obtain profits of at least 40% and your content will be distributed on and other websites.

It is important to mention that these distributors have the largest number of audiobook buyersTherefore, your sales will reach many more people and you will obtain greater profits.



in this portal you will find a variety of books to listen to en línea or download.

Added to this, frequently carry out casting to find voices that narrate audiobooks in which they offer services, exchange contacts, and present their budgets.



sonobook is considered one of the largest pages of dramatized books of different genres available on the web.

His workers are voice actors, as he brings voices to life with effects and music.

One of the ways to get money through this site is holding an audience to record a especial character.



If what you want is a site where you perro audition to become a storytellerit will be enough that you register on your website.

Once you create the profile, based on your ability and experience, they will make a recommendation for books that are in need of vocal talent.

The test lasts a few minutes, which is why you must give your full potential to be among the final candidates.


In literaudio They are in charge of producing a diversity of materials in Spanish, therefore, it is a good alternative that you should not miss if you want to start narrating books.

Generally, They are looking for professionals with experience in interpretation or dubbingsince their works are of very high quality.

After the selection is made, they ask their talents to analyze the text in the exact way the author wants to convey his message.

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 How to work and earn money recording
  How to work and earn money recording
  How to work and earn money recording

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