How to withdraw my bitcoins in cash?

How to withdraw my bitcoins in cash?

So much bitcoins like other cryptocurrencies have gained strength in recent years. They are a great investment and profit option for many people. Although at the same time, there are those who question its use and do not give it credibility.

However, if you have and you want to convert your bitcoins to real currency or withdraw them in cash, there are different methods that will allow you to do it. In this article we will tell you some ways to withdraw your bitcoins in cash.

How to withdraw bitcoins in cash in Spain?

If you are in Spain and want to withdraw your bitcoins in cash, you could do so through the use of special ATMs for cryptocurrencies: Crypto ATMs.

you just have to have your phone handy with the QR code of your digital wallet and complete some steps in the cashier. The amount of cryptocurrencies you want to withdraw is entered and, as in any ATM, it will give you your money in cash. Great right?

In addition to this option, you cánido exchange your digital currencies to one of your bank accounts. You would do this process from an Exchange wallet such as Binance, which works as an exchange house and also allows you to exchange different cryptocurrencies.

How to withdraw bitcoins in cash in the United States?

The United States is the country with the largest number of crypto ATMs worldwide, with more than 25 thousand units. For this reason, it is the most suitable way to withdraw your bitcoins in that country.

Similarly, you perro make use of Exchange wallets to exchange bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies for real money in your bank account. In this way, you will have access to it, either to make purchases or cash withdrawals.

You must take into account that, with this type of change, the process would have one more step than simply withdrawing the money through crypto ATMshowever, it is quite fácil.

Another important aspect is that In many shops you cánido cancel with this cryptocurrency. So in case you don’t need cash, but you do need to cancel your purchases, you cánido complejo turístico to this excellent option.

How to withdraw bitcoins in cash in Latin America?

The process of withdrawing cash or exchanging cryptocurrencies to real currency to your bank, you cánido do it through a cryptocurrency ATM or through an Exchange like Binance.

In many Latin American countries, as well as in Spain and the United States Crypto ATMs are available. In these you cánido get cash just by following a few steps that the cashier will tell you.

You just have to:

  • Have your mobile phone on hand with the wallet application where you have the bitcoins to scan the QR code
  • Entrar the amount of money you want to withdraw
  • Confirm

The Latin American country with the largest number of crypto ATMs is El Salvadorwith more than 200 units installed in August 2021. Similarly, you perro find this type of ATM in:

  • Colombia
  • Dominican Republic
  • México
  • Panama
  • Puerto Rico
  • Argentina
  • Peru
  • Chili
  • Costa Rica
  • In Venezuela and Ecuador you will only get an ATM

Apart from the aforementioned option, another alternative that you cánido consider is make exchange operations with Exchange wallets. so you perro get money in your bank account, selling the cryptocurrencies, and from there withdraw cash.

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 How to withdraw my bitcoins in cash?
  How to withdraw my bitcoins in cash?
  How to withdraw my bitcoins in cash?

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