How to withdraw money without a Caixa card?

How to withdraw money without a Caixa card?

Did you forget or lose your card and don’t know how to withdraw money without a Caixa card? CaixaBank is a Spanish bank which has been performing functions since 2011 through the Barcelona Savings and Pensions Bank, and whose two main offices are in Valencia and in Barcelona.

Now, it is important to know about the management and policies of this bankso that clients have a clear visión of the way in which they will manage their finances, always thinking about the services offered and the comforts that these reflect.

Given this, it is important to know that indeed, one of the services available from Caixa is he Cash withdrawal without the need for a cardall through the web and digitally so that the client has the best possible transaction experience.

It’s a quite effective and safe process that is done through the web from the comfort of the place where the person is, so we are talking about a fairly standardized service that allows the client to carry out any transaction financial being anywhere in the world and in a matter of minutes nothing else.

But to be clearer about how this procedure is carried out, we will proceed to talk about the steps stipulated to carry out this type of operation.

Steps to follow to withdraw money without a card

Entry through the web

The first thing is to entrar the bank page CaixaBankNow from the computer or mobile phone, register the usuario and start using the platform officially.

CaixaBankNow web platform

Select corresponding option

In this case, since it is a withdrawal of money, then the option to select is right in the transfer section “withdraw money from an ATM with code”.

select code

After this, the person will be asked to indicate the address to which the code will be sent, selecting between “send code to someone else” either “send code to myself.”

Entrar the recipient’s number

And as a final step, you must entrar recipient numberthat is, of the person to whom the money will be sent.

mensaje de texto

For safety factors, a code will be sent to the indicated phone in the transaction so that the person perro verify that the information is indeed complete, and that’s it, the money is sent in a matter of seconds and without the need to use a Caixa card.

Steps to follow to withdraw money without a Caixa card from an ATM

However, it is also important to understand how does it work In the event that it is necessary to remove the money from an ATM but that the client does not have a physical Caixa card.

The procedure is fácil and here we explain it to you step by step.

Procedure from screen

The first thing to do is look for the option on the digital ATM screen “withdraw money with code” this without introducing any card to the cashier.

Register the requested data

In this case we talk about recipient phone number and code that has been sent by the same route, if the data is correct, the operation will be carried out in seconds and the person will have the cash they requested in their hands.

An optimal way to make money withdrawals

The truth is that the new technologies They have made humanity live a little calmer, since they have implements that make daily tasks easier and allow them to have more time for really important things.

This is the case of Caixa that allows its clients to make money withdrawals without so many complications, just using their mobile phone, and even without moving from where they are, since another person perro make the withdrawal for them once the transaction has been successful.

Access to the Caixa website It is a very easy and fast procedure, and in the same application the client is mentioned what to look for and where to go, so there are no complications or confusion.

For this you only need your mobile phone that the person always has at their side, and in a matter of a couple of minutes, the operation is carried out and the money is in the hands of whoever deserves it.

What is the maximum amount to withdraw without a Caixa card?

There is a certain maximum amount to withdraw without having a cardonly through the bank’s digital application, so it is important to know that for each operation you cánido withdraw from €20 to €150 per dayhaving as tax the duty of cancel €1 for each transactionbeing that is the commission that the bank receives.

Therefore, depending on the amount that the client has in the bank, or rather, the value of his bank account, this will be the limit which you cánido access daily in the withdrawals that are made without Caixa cardonly through the mobile application.

A easy, safe and practical procedurewhich helps users solve many daily problems and improve and optimize their functions with their bank account, taking into account that what people are currently looking for is a bank that provides them with the best services and the greatest possible number of comforts so as not to have to deal with heavy legal or banking procedures.This facility provided by Caixa to withdraw money without a cardhas become one of the bank’s novelties, being one of the services most used by customers since the withdrawal of money is one of the basic needs that must be covered on a daily basis, saving time and effort for both the customer and to the bank workers who save themselves from granting amounts of money to a good number of people who require it on a daily basis.

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 How to withdraw money without a Caixa card?
  How to withdraw money without a Caixa card?
  How to withdraw money without a Caixa card?

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