How to withdraw money in Italy

How to withdraw money in Italy

Italy is a country where the use of money still predominates cash, many restoranes, supermarkets and means of transport continue to use this method as the only form of payment. Aspect that makes it impossible to use cards and electronic tools, to assume expenses of any kind.

For this reason, it is important to know how to withdraw money in italy, in such a way that the stay in that country cánido be fully enjoyed. In this article we will present multiple ways to withdraw money there, if you want to know them, stay with us.

Withdraw money in Italy La Caixa

The procedure for withdraw money with La Caixa card It is afín in both Italy and Spain. The difference to note is The commissions that you must pay, for the service abroad.

If you are a La Caixa customer you perro withdraw from 4 EUR onwards, in countries of the European community, with a commission of 4.5%. You should keep in mind that this fee does not include the cost of the ATM where you make the transaction, so probably the value cánido be higher.

Withdraw BBVA money in Italy

BBVA also manages certain commissions for its clients who withdraw money abroad. With this bank you cánido withdraw from 3.5 EUR, with a commission of 4.5% in countries that are part of the European Union.

Likewise, the cost for the service may increase according to the ATM in which you carry out the respective operation, since each network manages its own rates according to this type of service.

Withdraw money with a Santander card in Italy

Santander is one of the largest banks in Spain, it offers various financial products and tools to its customers. One of them is the possibility of making withdrawals abroadas allowed by other entities.

If you are a customer of this bank, you need to know that for withdraw money in Italy This bank charges you a 5% commission and you cánido withdraw from 3 EUR onwards. Remember that there may be other costs that you must assume according to the ATM you use.

Withdraw money Italy Bankia

Bankia handles different rates, according to the type of card you use to withdraw money abroad. That is, if you use a debit card you will have to pay a commission of 4.5%, and you will be able to withdraw from 4 EUR onwards and Italy and other countries of the European Union.

Instead, if you use credit card the commission amounts to 5%, and you perro withdraw from 4.5 EUR onwards, in any country that emplees the euro as its currency. In addition, as in all previous cases, the costs may increase depending on the ATM in which you make the transaction.

How cánido you withdraw money in Italy without commission?

You have just seen the clauses that you must take into account, to make withdrawals with the main banks. But both in Italy and anywhere abroad, it is possible withdraw money without commissions using certain types of cards.

One of them is N26, with this plastic you perro withdraw money for free, but the conditions vary according to the version you want to use. With the estándar card, you have the option to withdraw a maximum of 5 times a month, while with the Black or Metal versions you perro make transactions without restrictions.

There are also other afín cards such as Bnext or Revolut. With the first you perro withdraw money for free if you do not exceed the €500and with the second you enjoy the same service, if the sum does not exceed €200.

In addition to these, there are many other options on the market, such as the EVO Smart Card or the Pibank card. that allow you, withdraw money without restrictions and for free.

Italy is a charming country, with a fascinating culture and many tourist attractions to discover. If you plan to visit it, now you have all the information you need to know to withdrawals there, simply choose the alternative you prefer and enjoy your experience to the fullest.

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 How to withdraw money in Italy
  How to withdraw money in Italy
  How to withdraw money in Italy

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