How to withdraw money in Italy legally without

How to withdraw money in Italy legally without

Italy It is one of the most visited countries in the world. People come here attracted by its history, its gastronomy, its architecture and its natural charms. But on your trip to this beautiful land, you must not forget the issues banking and monetary that perro generate more than one headache if you are not properly prepared and informed.

What are the methods to avoid commissions in Italy in 2023

To be able to withdraw money in Italy and not leave a good portion in commissions, you cánido complejo turístico to these alternatives.

Use the zero commission card in Italy

There are cards that allow you to withdraw money abroad without commission and applying an official exchange rate. These are the cards of electronic banks that operate throughout the Eurozone without commissions for withdrawing money.

This is the case of next either N26 that offer debit cards to operate throughout Europe without commissions, but also banks such as Santander operating in Italy, through its service open bank allow make withdrawals without commissions.

Ask for a Revolut card before you travel

The revolt card It is ideal for travelers, you just have to download the application, then register using your phone number, make a first recharge and ask for the physical card to be sent to your home. The card costs €5.99 and shipping costs €6, that will be deducted from the first recharge.

youIt has a monthly limit of only €200 to withdraw at ATMsbut it allows you spend up to €6000 per monthwhich is a lot of money and is ideal to pay without the need to have excess cash in hand.

Open an account in an Italian bank that does not have commissions

If your intention is to live in Italy for at least a few months, the ideal is open a bank account to be able to manage finances, collect your salary or direct payments, and although the mere fact of thinking about the process is a cumbersome process, in reality there are various options to be able to have an account in a matter of minutes.

One of the options is Vivid Money, an electronic bank that has been operating in various European countries since 2020, including Italy. Offers free account with visa card, receive cashback for purchases made and invest in stocks and cryptocurrencies. In addition, it does not charge commissions for maintenance or cash withdrawal.

N26 German digital banking also operates in Italy and allows you to carry out all kinds of procedures completely free of charge, as well as operate with a MasterCard debit card. Through their aplicación you will be able to make transfers and payments and best of all, they have started to offer accounts with Italian IBANs.

hype is another interesting option; This Italian bank known for allowing cryptocurrency operations also offers other advantageous conditions for its customers, including making free payments and transfers from the comfort of your mobile phone.

What are the best banks in Italy to open an account in 2023?

In Italy there are a large number of banking entities. However, when choosing one, it is important that it be a well-known entity with national coverage through various branches.

In addition, these banks, by having more branches and greater economic support, usually also offer better services, with lower rates and greater benefits.

This is the case of Unicredit, The most famous and respected bank by Italians, Unicredit has the greatest financial power in all of Italy and branches and ATMs throughout the country.

One step below, we find Intesa Sanpaolo, Considered the second largest bank in Italy, they also offer a wide variety of services to clients and their families, including investment and insurance packages.

Thirdly, we must mention bankpost, the bank of the Italian postal service, which is characterized by being the cheapest on the market, especially in terms of rates and interest, which has made it very habitual among the younger population.

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 How to withdraw money in Italy legally without
  How to withdraw money in Italy legally without
  How to withdraw money in Italy legally without

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