How to withdraw money in Germany legally without

How to withdraw money in Germany legally without

withdraw money in Germany without having to pay commissions It is a fact that globalization and technology have made it possible. The arrival of the Euro zone, the appearance of electronic banks and the change in the policies of traditional banks have allowed commissions to be things of the past.

Perro you open an account in Germany being Spanish and without commissions in 2023?

open a account in Germany being spanish it could become a real challenge; you had to bring proof of residence, employment contract, copy of registration and even had to pass an interview. All this could become an odyssey if you also had no knowledge of German.

Luckily times change and now everything is easier, because Through an en línea bank you cánido open a bank account in Germany in just a few minutes without the need to radica there and avoiding the expensive commissions of conventional banks.

By law, Any European citizen perro open a bank account in any country in the Eurozone, even if you don’t live there. Taking advantage of this, many en línea banks have found a way to provide international customer service and support.

In this way, some en línea banks gives you a German IBAN even if you live in Spain.

Perro you withdraw money in Germany and not pay withdrawal fees?

As long as you do it through an en línea bank such as Vivid Money, revolt either N26 there are no commissions for cash withdrawals throughout the Eurozone.

Methods used to withdraw money during your stay in Germany

If you are thinking of traveling to Germany and staying for a few days, you perro use these methods to withdraw money easily.

Request an international debit card from an en línea bank

If you contract the services of en línea banks of German origin such as Vivid Money either N26 you perro request one international debit card since both offer their services throughout the European Union and have offices in Spain.

Both entities offer the possibility of having a Mastercard debit card totally free.

Use a prepaid cash card

Although they are used mainly to make purchases en línea, the prepaid cash cards perro be a way comfortable to manage your expenses and many of them are accepted throughout the euro zone and without commissions.

Best of all is that To access one, you do not need a credit check or have a bank account. You perro simply purchase it at an authorized store, call the corresponding phone number to activate it, and then you perro load money from the same store or en línea.

Bring a certain amount of cash

If you are one of those who prefers to avoid ATMs, cards and protocols, you perro simply handle you with cash. For many it is a more practical way and allows them to better control their funds and their expenses.

Use Euro zones

The Euro zone either Eurozone It is made up of all member countries of the European Union and therefore they have adopted the Euro as their official currency. This has allowed many en línea banks and traditional banks enable carry out transfer operations, cash withdrawals and various payments without having to pay commissions.

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 How to withdraw money in Germany legally without
  How to withdraw money in Germany legally without
  How to withdraw money in Germany legally without

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