How to withdraw money in DEGIRO step by step

How to withdraw money in DEGIRO step by step

DEGIRO is an excellent platform for trading on the depósito market, and this article will explain how to withdraw money in DEGIRO step by step. Either, to pass it to your bank account or to a cash account that you have.

To do this you must obtain access to your personal DEGIRO account.

Steps to withdraw money from DEGIRO in 2023

Once you have accessed, what you will do is the following:

  • Go to the top right of your screen and tap the button Deposit/Withdraw
  • Select and clic on the option Withdraw
  • In the section that says “Of” You will see two account options that you perro choose from; but you are going to choose the one that appears by default, which is your main DEGIRO account
  • Then, in the section called “TO” will appear the bank to which you are affiliated, the one that you have linked to your DEGIRO account
  • Following, Select a Fixed Amountwhich allows you to entrar a predetermined amount or an amount that you entrar yourself
  • And then in Descriptionyou place the concept of the transfer (this step is optional)
  • Given all these steps, press the button Withdrawal. As usual, you will be asked to confirm the transaction. Once confirmed, the withdrawal process will begin
  • Important: Keep in mind that, in order to withdraw money from DEGIRO, you must have a cómputo in the section free marginotherwise, you will not be able to make the withdrawal, since you cannot move the money you have invested in DEGIRO

The withdrawal process it usually takes about a week depending on the country you are in, the time it takes to accept your request, the time it takes to send it to you, etcétera. At most, no more than 10 days. Likewise, if you want more information about these deadlines, you perro consult the section Aid.

Thus, there are no major complications in the way of withdrawing money from DEGIRO to your bank account. Just follow these fácil steps that are described in this article and be able to give your assets better maneuverability in this financial broker.

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 How to withdraw money in DEGIRO step by step
  How to withdraw money in DEGIRO step by step
  How to withdraw money in DEGIRO step by step

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