How to withdraw money in Argentina with Card

How to withdraw money in Argentina with Card

For many, planning a trip is a headache, since several important aspects must be taken into account, such as luggage, directions, the itinerary, how much money to spend, how to withdraw cash in foreign currency, among others.

Argentina is a country that receives a large number of tourists every year.

Some Spanish visitors have doubts regarding the use of their cards in this country, since it has restrictions for the use of foreign currencies.

The ATM is the most used alternative in Argentina to withdraw money by card.

Find out how you perro use it and its cost.

Withdraw money in Argentina with a Spanish card

Although withdrawing money in Spain is something fácil and cheap in terms of movements, when you leave this country everything changes.

When you use your Spanish debit or credit card in other countries, bank commissions increase by 3 or 4% more, especially if these countries are not within the euro zone.

To be able to use your Spanish card in other countries it is important to notify the bank about your desire to use it outside your country.

This way you will avoid any inconvenience.

Although it is important to carry cash when traveling, it is not recommended to carry large sums.

Because you will have to prove the origin of that money and you also run the risk of theft.

Your debit or credit card will be your best ally to withdraw money in Argentina and in any other country, since it is the most used and safe alternative.

In case of theft or loss, you perro block it and your money will be protected.

But you should also keep these in mind 6 consejos:

  1. Take more than one card with you and keep them in different places, this will be useful in case of theft, blocking, exceeding the card limit, among others.

  2. You should bring some cash for important expenses, such as paying for transportation or food.

    It is not advisable to carry all your money in cash.

  3. Try to keep the highest denomination bills in double bottom pockets.

  4. You cánido take money in local currency and then change it into foreign currency.

  5. Withdrawing money at Argentine ATMs is expensive, due to the currency exchange.

    So that this change does not affect your funds when withdrawing money from the ATM, you must have an account in dollars.

    You perro also withdraw your money in dollars at exchange houses.

  6. Try to pay for most of the services you use with your card.

    This will save you commission costs.

How much does it cost to withdraw money with a Spanish card at foreign ATMs?

Each bank has its own policies regarding commissions.

Most Spanish banking entities are maleable in this regard, allowing their customers carry out various transactions for free, as long as they are within the euro zone.

But when they are done outside that area, the commissions become quite high.

You should bear in mind that when withdrawing money with your card at foreign ATMs, two types of commissions are charged.

The first commission is for withdrawing money outside of Spain, this is always fixed.

The second is for withdrawing in a currency other than the euro, the commission is variable, since it is an additional percentage on the amount withdrawn.

The commission for currency exchange is sometimes detrimental to the client’s funds.

It is advantageous when banks apply commissions with minimum percentages, such as 2%, but if your bank charges a high percentage, it is better to withdraw a small amount of money.

Also, you should remember that some foreign banks charge their own commissions for currency exchange.

It is important to analyze which bank favors you the most with respect to its commission.

Next, you will be able to see in detail the commissions of the main Spanish banks when withdraw money with a card within Europe and outside of it:


Commissions in Europe

Commissions outside Europe

Santander Bank

0.20% + €1.30 in other banks

5% on amount

(minimum €3)


4.5% on amount

(minimum €3.50)

4.5% on amount

(minimum €3.50)


4.5% on amount

(minimum €4)

5% on amount

(minimum €4)


€2.00 on all

3% on amount + €2


Between 4.5% and 5% on amount

(minimum between €4 and €4.5)

Between 4.5% and 5% on amount

(minimum between €4 and €4.5)



4% on amount

(minimum €4)*

Bank of Sabadell

4.5% on amount

(minimum €4)

4.5% on amount

(minimum €4)

* In Abanca Bank, for shipments outside Europe: The NX card offers 5 free withdrawals and the following at €1

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 How to withdraw money in Argentina with Card
  How to withdraw money in Argentina with Card
  How to withdraw money in Argentina with Card

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