How to withdraw money in Agregado500 Step by Step

How to withdraw money in Agregado500 Step by Step

Using Agregado500 also requires knowing how to withdraw money on Agregado500 in 2023. Considering that it is a CFD to exchange shares, it is necessary to know information as valuable as this.

However, you will notice that making a withdrawal is quite fácil and that there are several options, but you must keep in mind some important things. By being in your account in the negotiate, go to the section on the left in the option money to start the procedure.

Go to the “Funds” section

Once you are inside the bottom, you go to withdraw and the two withdrawal options that they have will open: PayPal and Bank transfers. Below there will be a notice that says that if you made a deposit with PayPal, they will try to withdraw you through the same platform.

Even if you place a bank transfer, unless the payment is high, then it is likely that they will leave the transfer.

You have withdrawals in a business day!

On the same platform they also comment that they will try to make the withdrawals in one business day, or as soon as possible; and once you send the withdrawal request it will appear in progress. Once they accept it, it will be seen as liquidated. They also say that everything you install will be SSL protected.

PayPal Withdrawals

You have the Paypal withdrawal option, with which you will simply select your Correo electrónico, but if you have used different PayPal accounts, the drop-down option will appear for you to select.

Then you place the amount you want to withdraw and give it in open a withdrawal; there it will probably ask you for confirmation.

Wire transfer

The other option of wire transfer it’s basically the same. In relation to the amount, you will only entrar the amount you want to withdraw, and then you must select a bank account.

But if you do not have it selected by default, if you have never put it to transfer or withdraw before, you cánido clic on add Account and place all the details of your bank account to use it. With this, it would be saved in your account.

Minimum and maximum withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal on PayPal is 45 euro, and the minimum bank withdrawal is 100 Euros. On the other hand, you also have live chat in case you have any important questions regarding either of the two options.

Once you have made the withdrawal, you will have in money history an option, a refund, which means withdrawal; that is, it is already approved. This means that it has already been done.

But in case it hasn’t been done yet, you would probably have the option to cancel, because it would espectáculo up as earringnext to it you would have the option to cancel.

Therefore, in history you could cancel it if you have done it by mistake if it has not yet been approved. It is important to at least take this into account.

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 How to withdraw money in Agregado500 Step by Step
  How to withdraw money in Agregado500 Step by Step
  How to withdraw money in Agregado500 Step by Step

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