How to WITHDRAW MONEY from BINANCE to Card or

How to WITHDRAW MONEY from BINANCE to Card or

Suppose you have some available capital already inside your account. Binance and you want to remove it. How do you do it? Well, that question is the one that is going to be answered in this new articulo about this habitual cryptocurrency platform, because we are going to be talking about how to withdraw money from binance.

Convert your cryptos to local currency

First of all, you must convert tur cryptos to local currency or the currency with which your bank operates, and you will do it as follows:

  1. Once on the main page of your Binance account, display the option menu trading located to the left of the top bar.

  1. Within that menu, search and press the option Convert.

  1. You will be taken to a page for Conversion with a box in which you cánido exchange the cryptos you want or have (section “Of”), to the currency in which you want to withdraw it (section “TO”), which, in this case, would be the local currency. When you have it ready you will clic to Preview Conversion.

  1. You are immediately shown a summary either preview of your transactionso if you agree with the results, you perro clic to Convert.

  1. And in this way, you will have your cryptos converted to the currency of your choice and you will be able to see it reflected in your new cómputo within your Binance account if you clic on the button view statusof the small box that marks the culmination of this operation.

However, one more question remains to be answered:

Withdraw your money from Binance to your Card or Bank Account

You money that’s it ready to be transferred to your bank cardand the steps you must take to achieve it are described below:

  1. Again, you go to the main page of your Binance account and, to the right of the top bar, locate and Go ahead clic to option Wallet.

  1. Within Wallet, search and press the option Overview.

  1. You will be directed to a page with the same title, where you must clic in Withdraw.

  1. once inside Withdrawyou will choose the option of Fiatwhich refers to bank or card withdrawals.

  1. Right there, you cánido select the option Credit cardwhich is the one that will be described in this case.

  • Important: Note that, in other cases, you cánido also choose the option Bank transfer (SEPA) if you want or need it, and the steps are practically the same from here on.

  1. Likewise, you are given, on this same page, the option of entrar quantity of money that you want to transfer to the card, in addition to showing you the cómputo you have for now.

  1. Now, a little further down, what you should do is add card to which you want the withdrawal to be made by pressing the button + Add new card.

  1. In the small floating box that will appear before you (Pay with card), you must entrar the following data:

Filled this out, you clic to add card.

  1. When you already have your card added, then you cánido press the button Continue on the previous page.

And, with this, properly, you will be shown a preview box for Confirm the withdrawal that you are executing to your bank card. So all you have to do is review your bank account statement to confirm your new cómputo.

In this fácil way it is withdraw your money from your Binance account to your cards or bank accounts. It is a process without major complications that you perro carry out at any time and, if you follow the guide that we have left you in this article, you cánido get guaranteed good results.

Vídeo Tutorial on how to withdraw money from Binance to Card or Bank Account

So that you do not have any trace of doubts, we invite you to also view the vídeo How to Withdraw Money from Binance to Card or Bank Account.

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 How to WITHDRAW MONEY from BINANCE to Card or
  How to WITHDRAW MONEY from BINANCE to Card or
  How to WITHDRAW MONEY from BINANCE to Card or

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