How to withdraw money from a debit card

How to withdraw money from a debit card

The debit cards They are instruments designed to manage the money that is deposited in savings accounts. With one of them you make payments, make withdrawals and everything else, as long as you do not exceed the capital you have.

This means that with it you cannot make transactions without a cómputo, since the limit of use is the money you deposit. However, this condition changes when you take advantage of a tool that the banks offer you, so that you perro use a debit card with no cómputo. If you want to know what it is, keep reading this article.

How to make a payment with a debit card without a cómputo

Normally, when you try to pay an amount of money that exceeds what is stored in your account, the bank rejects the transaction. But it is something that perro be avoided, thanks to the tacit discovered.

This is the mechanism by which the bank of your checking account “he lends you the money” that you need at that moment, so that you cover the expense that you want to make. After that, it is your duty as a client to repay it and pay the corresponding interest rates.

So the way you perro pay with a debit card without cómputo it is basically making you a creditor of this financial product. Keep in mind that, as a client, you have the right to accept or reject this option, as well as enable it only in specific cases.

What are the conditions of the best-known banks in Spain?

Next, we espectáculo you the interests that the main banks impose, when you use the tacit overdraft.


This bank handles an annual nominal interest rate of 7.25%, with a commission of 4.5% that is applied from 15 EUR.


The interest that this entity manages is 7.25% nominal per year, and applies a commission of 5% from EUR 18 onwards.


Sabadell manages an annual nominal interest rate of 7.19% and a commission of 4.50%, which is applied from EUR 15 onwards.

The Caixa

It presents a nominal annual interest rate of 7.29%, and charges a commission of 1.82% for surcharges of any amount.


Its annual nominal interest rate is higher than that of all the previous cases, it is 7.37% and a commission of 3.68% applies for overdrafts of any amount.

What happens if I have a debit card with a negative cómputo?

A negative cómputo on your card means a “debt with the bankeither due to non-payment of handling fees, or due to any overdraft that the entity has assumed, to cover your expenses.

When this happens, the money that is consigned to the account is discounted, the cost of the debt and therefore the cómputo that you cánido dispose of is reduced. In case no deposits are made, the amount perro increase according to the interests that the bank manages, so it is advisable to solve the problem as soon as possible.

If you want to avoid these inconveniences, we advise you to be aware of your card statements and manage your finances properly, know your expenses and manage your money in accordance with them, to avoid overdrafts. Also, cancel all the cards you don’t use, to prevent debts for handling fees and others.

As you have seen, use a debit card with no cómputo It is possible, however, the costs requested by the banks for this turn out to be high in most cases. So it is recommended that you avoid doing it as much as possible, use your money responsibly.

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 How to withdraw money from a debit card
  How to withdraw money from a debit card
  How to withdraw money from a debit card

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