How to withdraw money at Interactive Brokers

How to withdraw money at Interactive Brokers

As a new usuario of the Interactive Brokers platform, you will be interested in knowing how to get the most out of your account at this financial broker.

Well, that is precisely what this article is about, since here we will espectáculo you how to withdraw money at Interactive Brokers step by step.

First of all, keep in mind that what you perro withdraw of your Interactive Brokers account is what you have reflected in the section “Perro Purchasing”located just to the left of the screen once you access your account.

Well, knowing this, it’s time to start:

The step by step to Withdraw Money from Interactive Brokers

Of course, once access on your billwhat you have to do to withdraw money from Interactive Brokers is the following:

  • You go to the upper left corner of your screen, to the icon square of three hairlinesand clic on it, which will display a side menu.
  • Within that menu, locate and press the option transfers and Payments.
  • Doing so will open another drop-down menu, where you have to choose the option of Transfer of funds.
  • On the next page you must choose the option make a withdrawal.
  • Then, on another page, you must indicate How do you want to withdraw?.

Important: Keep in mind once again that, when making the withdrawal, you must equipo currency type in which it will be done, therefore, this must coincide with the official currency of your bank.

If you have equipo a different currency than your bank, you must make the conversion before the withdrawal.

So you would not have problems in terms of commissions.

  • You just have to go to the box located on the right of the page, where select the type of currency and make the corresponding selection.
  • then you press the option of the small box where it says Wire transfer.
  • And, on the next page (Bank transfer Withdrawal of funds), to the right of it, you will see this title “Transfer funds to the following bank or institution”, where should you put one data seriessuch as the following:
    • The kind of Badge or coin
    • He Nickname o Account aliases
    • HE heplace where the funds will be deposited, that is, either bank or one financial institution.
    • He Country from the bank
    • International bank account number (WERE GOING)which, you must make sure that it is complete
    • He headline of the bank account or of an institution, which, in this case, logically, must be yours.
    • And, after completing all the filling in of this form, you will proceed to press he button Save bank information

Important: Before continuing, you need to pay attention to a note on the page regarding the topic of commissions which reads like this: “It is allowed one withdrawal per calendar month.

After the first withdrawal (of any type), the following withdrawals in which you use this method, will have a commission of EUR 8.00”.

  • Now to continue with the process, you must Confirm the information of your bank transfer, on the page that you will now have before you.

    You must Confirm your identity, completing and sending the requested fields.

    act followed you press clic in Continue.

  • they will ask you for a code of security, which will reach your mobile.

    This is in case you have configured that type of protection in your account.

    You entrar it in the corresponding section and, again, clic continue.

  • And finally, a page will notify you that youor bank transfer information has been confirmed.

    With which, next, you must give clic to Finish and, in this way, you will have already saved or added that account.

  • Then you go back to Carry out a withdrawal and you clic on it.
  • On the next page you will see that the information of your account banking it has already been added to you Information saved, from where you cánido now make your withdrawals.

    You only have to press a clic in her.

  • Now yes! You proceed to introduce the amount that you wish to withdraw and this must be within the available capital, which, in your case, if you do not have a margin account, must be the option no margin loan; respectively you must indicate:
    • He guy of Badge,
    • He amount to withdraw and,
    • Select the corresponding box, in case you want or need it to be a Transaction recurrent.
  • Finally, you press the button Create withdrawal of funds and you would complete the process.

In this way it remains earring your request for review.

Will be acceptedwithin the framework of, not more than five business daysand it will be reflected in the cómputo of your bank account.

Well, how perro you tell? withdraw money from Interactive Brokers It is not a complicated science, but rather very interesting.

For this we suggest that, whenever you want and need it, be guided by the instructions that we have left you here, since their purpose is to direct you without problems to the proper use of one of the functionalities of the Interactive Brokers platform.

We hope you liked our article How to withdraw money at Interactive Brokers
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 How to withdraw money at Interactive Brokers
  How to withdraw money at Interactive Brokers
  How to withdraw money at Interactive Brokers

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