How to Withdraw Funds at

How to Withdraw Funds at

XM is one of the best CFD brokers. This has shares, currencies, depósito indices, demo account, among others. Its users have the MegaTrader 4 and MegaTrader 5 platforms on computers and mobiles.

This broker allows you to withdraw funds easily and safely. To know how to withdraw funds in XM Broker, here we will explain step by step.

How to withdraw money on in 2023

XM It is a transparent and very secure platform with its users, which is why many use it with complete confidence. From now on we will tell you how you perro withdraw funds on this platform.

  1. First you must log in to your usuario account within the platform

  1. Once you have accessed your account, you will see several trading options. You must clic on the “Withdraw funds” button.

  1. By clicking on the withdrawal button, you will be shown in the final part several withdrawal methods, some of them may be Skrill, Neteller and International Wire Transfer.

Withdraw with International Wire Transfer

If you clic on International Wire Transferyou must bear in mind that you cánido only use characters of the English alphabet, if the withdrawals are less than 200 USD you will be charged fees. Also, the minimum amount to withdraw is 60 USD.

  1. The steps to withdraw with International Wire Transfer are basically to fill in the requested information, with the name of the beneficiary, his address, his account number and his bank details.

  1. If you are going to use Intermediary Bank, you must fill in the spaces that request this data, otherwise, you perro omit this part.

  1. From now on, all that remains is to clic on the small box where you declare that you have read the terms for the procedure, then clic on “Request” and that’s it. Funds will arrive within 3 business days.

Withdraw with Skrill and Neteller

To make withdrawals with Skrill and Neteller You should know that both platforms work in a afín way, therefore, if you know how to make withdrawals with one, you will also know how to make withdrawals with the other option.

  1. By clicking on any of these options you must entrar the correo electrónico linked to the platform and the amount to withdraw.

  2. Next, you must clic on the small box where you accept the terms of the process, then request and that’s it, you will have your withdrawal in less than 24 hours.

It is important that you take into account that if you have several accounts associated with this platform, you perro make withdrawals from the main page of your account. You just have to select the “Withdraw funds” option that is located in the “Select option” box. This process will be much faster and more intuitive.

As a final suggestion, we recommend the following vídeo tutorial, which will be useful for you to carry out the step by step.

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 How to Withdraw Funds at
  How to Withdraw Funds at
  How to Withdraw Funds at

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