Games of oportunidad have captivated the attention of humanity since its very beginning.

The emotion of trying your luck and feeling the happiness of being awarded by the bet of a group of people is irreprimible.

There are many betting games that perro be found in a casino, but there is one in especial that is a distinctive emblem of gambling, we refer to the iconic casino roulette system.

And it is that apparently it is a game that does not go out of style, which with the arrival of new generations, interest in discovering the most effective way to win money in roulette even including the digital roulette wheels of Websites and Aplicaciones.

The truth is that finding the elabora that guarantees success is not a myth.

To cite an example, in the case of physical roulette wheels, detailed studies have shown that irregularities in their manufacture have favored the tendency for the ball to settle in a certain specific area.

➤ In the case of virtual roulettes, there are other factors involved, typical of their mathematical nature that are also studied.

Let’s see what you cánido be feasible strategies that perro be used to succeed at roulette and hit the jackpot.

How to win money on electronic roulette in 2023

Both physical and electronic roulettes are based on a system defined by colors: Red and Black combined with even and odd numbers, so mathematics and statistics come into play.

The strategies that we will espectáculo you have to do precisely with these two elements.

Even if you believe in beginner’s luck, our recommendation would be to get started with En línea roulette do not require initial paymentswhich will allow you to polish the techniques presented here without losing your invested money.

On the roulette board you cánido basically bet on different elements such as:

  • Bet on an even number

  • Bet on an odd number

  • Bet on a black box

  • Bet on a red box

  • bet on a number

  • bet on two numbers

All these previously described options perro be selected with a maximum of three bets per round.

electronic roulette combinations

Once you are familiar with the relevant betting system, let’s briefly detail the most habitual combinations and effective that will allow you to hit electronic roulette


The Martingale method is based on start with the minimum bet with a 50% probability of being correct.

In the case of not getting it right, the play is repeated but this time with the average bet.

If there is the rare case of not hitting again, the same play is made again with the maximum bet.

This method perro be applied to the color red or black, but also to even and odd numbers.

Statistically speaking, the hit must occur in one round or another.

By doubling the bet after a mistake, it increases the chances of a success with a higher bet.

The reality is that to apply this strategy a notable investment is required to support the bets, which will be recovered with profits in the imminent success.

inverted martingale

It is the result of a variant of the Martingale method.

The basic iniciativa would be decrease the bets with each mistake.

In this way, losses are limited in the event of a losing streak.

In the same way keep in mind that the bet must consider the probability of 50% of hitting.

When you are successful, continue the minimum bet by repeating the same previous bet, so in the next success you cánido double the bet in the winning rounds, while in the losing rounds you must divide them in half.

Remember that when applying this method, what you want is get out of a losing streak and withdraw when you have already recovered before losing again.

The D’Alembert combination

Name derived from an 18th century French mathematician consisting of increase bet to +1 coin (regardless of the coin bet) for each mistake, instead of doubling it as is the case with Martingale.

This strategy considerably decreases the margin of loss, although in proportion the possible percentage of profits is also reduced.

The reversed D’Alembert combination

Applied in the same way that it was applied in the inverted Martingale method, the strategy aims to increase +1 coint for each hit and subtract -1 coint from the bet for each blunder.

The James Bond Technique

It owes its name to being conceived in the mind of the creator of the James Bond novels.

As a true super agent, it will take the risk-taking willingness of invest at least 200€ in bets and a lot of adrenaline.

The technique is to make multiple bets in roulette as follows: For the high numbers (19 – 36) bet €140, then €50 on six numbers between 13 and 18 and finally aim €10 at the infallible “0”.

This technique ensures that the only way to lose all the investment would be in the case of a number between 1 and 12, which is a considerably small margin, but not impossible.

In favor, if you manage to hit the bet, you would be receiving profits of €80 in the first option, €100 in the second and €160 at “0”.

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Sites to play electronic roulette

Surely you will want to try your luck now that you feel better prepared with these techniques that we have analyzed in the Articulo and you will be wondering what are the most habitual and reliable sites where you cánido play en línea roulette.

On the net there are endless portals that offer gambling services, in addition to including Móvil inteligente applications that allow you to earn money with roulette.

The following list presents several habitual options for you to play electronic roulette and bet on the winner:

If you are interested in casino Aplicaciones to bet on roulette, we have chosen for you among the best that may interest you:

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