How to Void an Invoice

How to Void an Invoice

An invoice is a useful instrument for verify the data generated in a transaction of buying and selling. But when the issued invoice has an fallo, the question arises as to how it could be canceled or returned.

In this sense, you should know that an invoice should not disappear, even if it has an fallo. There are alternatives to solve this type of problem. In this article we will indicate the appropriate steps to transform an invoice once it is issued.

How to Cancel an Electronic Invoice?

Having an fallo in an electronic invoice cánido become a headache for many, especially if the mistake is in the amount of the operation. henceforth you We will explain through which systems you cánido cancel an electronic invoice.

From the SUNAT Portal

  • The first step is to entrar the SUNAT SOL portal.

  • Once you have accessed you must entrar your credentials.

  • Go to the “companies” option and clic on “payment receipts”, “SEE – SOL”.

  • Select the options “Electronic Invoice” and “Consult Invoice and Note”.

  • Indicate the issuance period of the invoice that you want to cancel.

  • Go to the option to issue a credit note and select “Operation Cancellation”.

  • Then you must detail the reason why you want to cancel the electronic invoice. Clic “Issue”.

  • You perro view the credit note issued from the SUNAT portal.

From EsavDoc Electronic Invoicing

If you issue an erroneous invoice from the EsavDoc Electronic Invoicing system, you perro cancel it in two ways.

Low communication:

To cancel an invoice by this method your invoice should not be delivered to your client, you must have an Accepted CDR and the invoice must not exceed 7 days of issuance.

If your erroneous invoice meets these requirements, you perro go to the left panel of the EsavDoc portal, and clic on the “Emissions” option, “Unsubscribe Communication”. there you must Complete the data and indicate the type of receipt you wish to cancel.

The system will bring the receipt attached. To finish, you must select the option “Unsubscribe”.

Electronic credit note:

You should know that the credit note perro be issued when the invoice has already been delivered to the customer.

To issue the credit note, you must access EsavDoc and entrar the issuance option, Clic on “Credit Note” and complete the information. There you must indicate the type of document and the type of operation. Once you confirm that the data is correct, you cánido proceed to cancel the invoice.

How to Cancel a Physical Invoice?

A physical invoice used to support transactions such as the transfer of goods, provision of services or carrying out transactions subject to taxes.

If you issue a physical invoice with an fallo, do not panic, you should know that an issued invoice should not be deleted or modified, since the tax legislation does not allow this procedure. In case of errors in an invoice, it will always be advisable to issue a credit note or rectifying invoice.

Create a credit note

To make a credit note, you must follow the steps that you will see below:

  • First of all, you must clarify that it is a “Credit Note”.

  • Assigns a serial number to the series. Example, if you have issued 9 invoices, the credit note will become number 10.

  • You have referenced the canceled invoice. Example: “Original invoice number: XXXX1”.

  • It is important to remember that amounts and amounts must be negative.

  • Send your client the credit note.

Create a corrective invoice

The corrective invoice is a little different from the credit note.

  • It clarifies that it is a “corrective invoice”.

  • The numbering must follow a different series than the original invoice.

  • Specifies the tax rate and the fee charged.

  • In the rectifying invoice you must not state the VAT.

In which cases cánido an invoice be cancelled?

An invoice must be canceled only when there are justified reasons for it. Among the causes that are considered just to cancel the invoice are the following:

  • Customer identification fallo.

  • Fallo in the product or service invoiced.

  • Fallo in the value of the operation.

  • Fallo in the date of the operation.

  • When the customer does not receive the product.

It must be taken into account that the invoice should not be canceled when the customer receives the product and decides not to pay for it. The correct thing in this case is to treat the unpaid amount as a deduction for portfolio provision or also as a manifestly lost account.

If you are going to start making invoices, whether physical or electronic, you must take into account that the cancellation of invoices it just perro’t be employee to disappear income or to pass them from one period to another.

If the authorized bodies become aware of an unjustified invoice cancellation, they will initiate an inspection process.

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 How to Void an Invoice
  How to Void an Invoice
  How to Void an Invoice

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