How to use the Warrior Forum to maximize

How to use the Warrior Forum to maximize

Now, in the unlikely event that you’ve never heard of the Warrior Forum, let me just say that it’s a place where Internet marketers, new and seasoned, hang out to share ideas and give advice to other members. Some members even earn money by using the Warrior Forum as a sales platform for their products.

What is the Warrior Forum?

Warrior Forum is a forum for digital marketing which provides a platform for marketers, entrepreneurs and business owners to connect, exchange ideas and discuss the latest marketing techniques and strategies. The forum offers a wide range of discussion topics, including search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-clic (PPC) advertising, popular media marketing, correo electrónico marketing, affiliate marketing, and much more. Warrior Forum also offers a marketplace where members perro buy and sell digital products, services and tools related to en línea marketing. It is considered a valuable resource for those looking to improve their marketing skills and grow their businesses en línea. It is the largest such forum in the English-speaking world and the largest in the world in general.

Ten easy ways to earn money using the Warrior Forum

#1 The most obvious way to make money is simply by taking advantage of the free advice and encouragement offered on the forum by both experienced and new members, including many well-known marketing gurus. Some of these consejos may be far superior to any paid product on a afín topic, and you’ll get them for free! And those consejos cover just about every aspect of internet marketing. So on the site you will find sections titled:

  • – Main Internet Marketing Discussion Forum
  • – Warrior Special Offers Forum
  • – Warrior products and services
  • – Discussions about sin conexión marketing
  • – Ad networks
  • – CPA, CPM, CPL
  • – Millionaires
  • – Warriors of the mind
  • – Success, Power, Self-improvement
  • – Copywriting Forum
  • – Adsense / PPC / SEO Discussion Forum
  • – Internet marketing product reviews and ratings
  • – Articles
  • – Database of affiliate programs
  • – Contests and challenges for members
  • – The “War Room”
  • – Private discussions
  • – Talk about programming
  • – Web design
  • – Testing forum
  • – Plug-In Profit Site Support Forum
  • – Earn money on internet
  • – Warrior Reciprocal Backlinks – Buy – Sell – Trade!
  • – Warrior Joint Ventures
  • – The Off Topic Forum
  • – Local meetings, Mastermind Groups and Forums
  • – Warrior Forum News

NOTE: Read the list again and you will find more than 20 places to earn money only on this site! And there are plenty of other opportunities I haven’t even touched on yet!

#2 Buying what are called “WSOs” or “Warrior Special Offers”, and which represent many of the best guides to making money en línea from some of the most successful Internet marketers in the world, and at a great discount on the usual price . So you cánido use WSOs to disminuye the cost of buying the same products outside of Warrior Forum. But most importantly, once you know how it’s done, you perro create your own WSOs and reap great benefits on your own. And on a regular basis!

The main page of tells us that the Special Offers for Warriors section is “a place to make Special Offers to Warrior members.” A Special Offer means making the Warriors a deal like no other gets. Usually it is a much lower price. Junk offers will not be approved here.

Currently, there are over 1,800 people en línea on the Warrior Special Offers Forum – even though it’s early morning here in Spain and the main population of the forum, the United States, is fast asleep – so imagine how many people will be on en línea studying those offers late at night in Spain and daylight for most forum members.

It won’t take long to realize that information is what really sells at the Warrior Forum, in the form of y también-books and special reports, as well as courses and programa programs. The most successful offers are usually related to ways to make quick money and the evidence to back them up. Thus, you’ll find Warriors promoting eBooks on how to make money on eBay, for example, or ClickBank, and providing screenshots of their own earnings with whatever the money making iniciativa is.

So offer a good ebook, with proof that it makes money for you and preferably other people too, offer a big discount off the regular price, give a solid guarantee. Next, call your bank manager to warn him that you will soon receive a large amount of money in your bank account.

#3 By actually using the consejos given for free on the forum or paid WSOs. I know it sounds obvious, but long experience as a business opportunity writer convinces me that very few people actually use the information contained in hundreds of buying guides over a lifetime of trying, and often failing, to make money. on-line.

#4 In the “Warriors to Hire” section, you will find experts who will help you with various aspects of your business, such as writing articles and content, or creating and uploading websites. You’ll have to pay for their services, of course, but the nice thing about this section is that if a Warrior for Hire offers less than exemplary service you perro bet someone will voice their dissatisfaction on the forum.

As the forum acts as a sort of reviewer for the services on offer, shoddy workmanship is foregone in favor of superior service and quality support. Well, at least that’s the theory, and in practice it usually works that way. Also, because there are so many people competing for business on the site, you will find highly qualified people offering superior products and services at really low prices.

On the other hand, there is the possibility to become a Warrior for Hire and earn money by selling your own skills as a writer, consultant, eBay seller, website designer, photographer and other skills that you perro offer to thousands of people who visit the site. at one point. As proof of just how profitable this iniciativa cánido be, while researching the article you’re reading right now, I came across several article writers who confessed to having their order books tied up for weeks in advance after posting a small ad for Guerrero for rent. .

#5 Studying fellow Warriors you will find individuals whose advice is held in high esteem by their peers and whose OSM and other offerings are always super successful. These are the people whose ideas and actions are worth emulating in your own business. Without violating copyright and other laws of course. Today I read posts from warriors who say they spend their entire business lives searching for new ideas to locate and expand their businesses.

#6 Say nothing, do nothing, and use the site exclusively to locate problems shared by forum members and solutions contributed by others. The fact that many questions are being asked about a especial topic, such as when a specific forum articulo attracts follow-up messages – called a “thread” – from many other people, is a sign of a potentially very hot market to objetivo.

whatWhere do you get content for your new information product?? On the Warrior Forum, of course, based on retroalimentación and responses provided by sellers with more experience than you at this time. Then, when your product is ready, start participating in the forum threads yourself and mention your new product at the bottom of each articulo. If all goes well, consider placing a Warrior Special Offer for your product, as well as seeking joint venture agreements with other Warriors. Then keep looking for more problems, with more solutions available for free, and more new products to create.

#7 At “Warrior Products & Services” you perro buy and sell websites and articulo classified ads for a myriad of very different products and services. These products do not have to be your own, and you could simply act as an intermediary promoting other people’s products and services, as well as their skills and knowledge. All you have to do is take orders and pass the job on to someone else.

#8 In the “Articles” section you cánido place articles that appear to offer free advice to other members, but are actually reviews of products and services that make you money with each sale.

#9 “Earn Money En línea” is the place to upload your own free eBooks, grow your mailing list, and promote products and services from the backlinks within those books.

#10 Use the “Warrior Joint Ventures” section to find partners promoting your products, or to locate product vendors seeking affiliates and joint venture partners and offering high commissions on their own goods and services.

Not to forget, under “Internet Marketing Product Reviews & Ratings” you cánido articulo reviews of products you promote as an affiliate, or your own products – save yourself the embarrassment and criticism by writing the review yourself and having someone else articulo it! in her name! In “Affiliate Contests and Challenges” you perro organize your own promotions or participate for profit in those of other Warriors. In “Warrior Reciprocal Backlinks» (Warriors Reciprocal Backlinks), find ways to increase backlinks to help your sites and weblogs appear at the top of search engines.

For a start

It’s free to open a basic Warrior account, where you cánido ask questions on the forums and provide answers, as well as download gifts and take advantage of the WSO. But free membership restricts you to various sections of the forum, and severely limits your potential to make money on the site. Serious sellers need to sign up for paid membership, which costs $37 and confers specific privileges including, but not limited to:

  • – Articulo Warrior special offers
  • – Get instant access to the War Room
  • – Create a Thread in the Warrior Joint Venture Forum
  • – Create your own blog in the Warrior Forum
  • – Create your own popular group in the Warrior Forum

Some of those special offers come with a cost, but from what you read in the forum comments, the payment is almost always worth it.

NOTE: You have to participate in the site by making comments and offering useful advice before you allow you to articulo your own offers. So it’s a good iniciativa to articulo a few comments and learn how to use the site before signing up as a paying member.

How to find super warriors to learn from and “copy”.

There is a very easy way to find these people, but it takes time, although it is always worth it. You do this by joining the forum and becoming a Warrior yourself and asking a few questions as well as offering advice. But make sure you offer really valuable advice, never guess the answers. This is because you not only want to find super warriors to learn from, but you also need to establish yourself as a Wise Warrior.

So, once your learning curve is complete, once you’ve picked up everything you perro from your currently most successful Warrior counterparts, you’re going to be offering your own products and services on the site and making more money than ever before. might have thought possible.

Let’s return now to the search for those role models, which is achieved by visiting the different sections of the forum and detecting members who articulo messages regularly and whose advice is always well received by colleagues.

There are two reasons why this information will benefit you:

  1. Most people with thousands of posts probably make money on the site. Say “probably» Because there are people who say a lot and transmit little or nothing of value, for which they earn little or no money. The following consejo will help you distinguish the prolific users you should follow from the ones you should ignore.
  2. Prolific posters with lots of automated and personal thank you comments are highly respected on the forum and make a lot of money, compared to Warriors with lots of posts and no thank you comments.

Thus, you will be able to identify the most successful Warriors by their number of active posts (subject to (i) above); and by members leaving messages saying how helpful their advice was, how much they liked what they bought from the Warrior, also by how many “thank you” stats appear after posts.

These statistics of «thank you» are the result of members voting on the usefulness of a especial articulo, compared to physically entering their comments into the forum. So obviously, the more automated “thank you” comments, the more people physically typing their praise, the more likely it is that the Expert Warrior is turning their advice into forum profit.

Another good source of role models is the Warriors whose threads have high ratings. These ratings are indicated by stars, from one to five stars (five represents the highest award) and are based on the votes of other members that indicate how useful a message is. It’s a bit like retroalimentación on eBay, where members rate each other on ability and usefulness. Thus, the more stars a Warrior has in the threads he has created, the more influential he will be to his peers and the more money he will earn. These threads are also more likely to suggest you very profitable products to create.

Problems to behold, and to avoid!

– With so many low-cost, high-value content products available from fellow Warriors, you might find yourself continually shelling out for new forum promotions. So unless you’re careful, you’ll end up spending more money than you’re likely to make. Very unfortunate, especially when you could find more quality information – at no cost – in the forum posts and free reports, than in the paid books and products offered on the site, as long as you don’t mind investing the time and money! effort to find them!

– Another potential problem is buying goods and services that later turn out to be of inferior quality, a problem that cánido be avoided by reading the comments of other Warriors on products and suppliers, both good and bad, and sometimes indifferent! Thus, a product with many negative comments is one to avoid, compared to one with hundreds of glowing testimonials.

– In the forums there perro be many complaints, usually based on envy and bad mood. Not to mention the warriors”unsuccessful» who continue to push themselves to sell their merchandise, discrediting someone else’s product and reducing competition against themselves. I also gather that the refunds are quite high on the Warriors site, usually because as everyone knows if you don’t refund your money your name will be mud on the forum.

And if you’re not especially handsome, that perro also genere problems. No kidding, because I remember a very talented and very helpful Warrior who posted a very unflattering image of himself on the forum. For the record, this man is not ugly, but the image he used made him look like a zombie! And it was then that more than one warrior began to discuss the possibility that someone so ugly could write good information products. Yes, totally ridiculous, but it does happen, and I just want you to be aware of the fact! So the more successful you are, the nastier you will find it, and the thicker your skin will have to be.

– Warriors Special Offers are paid and appear at the top of the WSO list where they cánido receive hundreds of page views in less than an hour. Therefore, to maximize the number of visits, your OSM should be published when your objetivo market is most active on the site. This is because your bid goes down one place each time a new OSM is added to the top, but you will continue to make sales until your bid moves down from page one to the next few pages.

But here’s the problem, with so many WSOs they go up every day it cánido only take two or three hours for an offer to leave the first page and start generating much fewer visits.

That’s why you perro pay to get your offer “up” again in the listings, all the way to the top, where it again hits the maximum number of views before falling back as new offers arrive. In this way, a good offer perro be seen by tens of thousands of people a day, whereas if it appears several pages further down the top, the number of visits is much lower. So you will find some Warriors paying to bump their OSM several times a day, every few hours if necessary, and paying $40 per cast.

Now that’s not a big problem, it’s just expensive, but it cánido generate incredible benefits for you. The “problem” is knowing when to launch your offer or, more succinctly, knowing when the WSO section is packed with members, especially people who are likely to want your product.

So, if you’re selling a book that’s primarily aimed at the Australian market, then you’ll probably want to hit your WSO at a time when Australian warriors are more active on the site.


So now, with even only a brief knowledge of what the Warrior Forum is and how it perro help you make money en línea, you’ll be eager to start placing WSOs and uploading your free list building eBooks. You probably cánido’t wait to articulo some classified ads and upload a couple of articles to the site; And you might just be dying to get into the joint venture section for the world’s top sellers to promote your eBooks and courses!

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 How to use the Warrior Forum to maximize
  How to use the Warrior Forum to maximize
  How to use the Warrior Forum to maximize

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