How to use the Kraken Wallet

How to use the Kraken Wallet

As a new usuario of Kraken You will be interested in knowing the basic functions of its platform. For this reason, this articulo has been prepared in order to teach you how to how to use kraken wallet Step by Step from your computer, in a very fácil way. If you continue reading this information you will be able to find out what the use of this wallet consists of.

How is your Kraken account distributed?

Well, once you’ve logged into your Kraken accountyou will have before you multiple options (in the blue top bar) to carry out your financial operations with cryptocurrencies.

These options are described below:

the home section

Which is the first one that you will have before you when you access your account, since it appears open by default and is in first place in the aforementioned blue horizontal bar, identified with the kraken logotipo. In it you will see:

  • Your cómputo sheets, where you perro see the status of the assets you own. Here you perro sort the view of such assets in mode listaccording to the implications that these have had, or, in graphic ring divided into colors, depending on the amount that you have assigned to each of them.
  • cómputo sheets of operations, which espectáculos you what your figures would be, regarding Cómputo Sheets, capital, margin, in case of leverage, etcétera. AND, position evaluationwhere you’ll see numbers about Cost to Open, Current Valuation, as well as Profit and Loss.

Having already commented on what has to do with the Home section, we will now talk to you about the following:

section operate

In this section you will see everything related to trading in the depósito market, such as Buy and Sell assets using the options that your Kraken account gives you, as described below:

  • New orderwhich, in turn, allows you, depending on the verification you have completed, to opt for the trading modalities Fácil, Intermediate and Advanced.
  • Fácil. With this modality you perro buy and sell your assets, but in a very basic way, using only the orders Limit (with a price that you equipo yourself) now Market (at the first price that is achieved in the market).
  • Intermediatewhere you perro make operations with a greater margin of freedom, as in relation to leverage and period of expiration of a certain order.
  • Advanced. Modality with which you choose to have all the trading privileges in Kraken, since in it you have all orders available of the trading platform, such as stop loss and Take a profitto control the risk of your capital.
  • orders. This option basically refers to the orders you have earringsindicated by the sections New and open Orders and, Closed Orders.
  • positions. Where the positions you currently have are indicated openwell be by order or by Market. You are also shown the closed positions.
  • Operations. Basically, it’s about a historical of your operations carried out from the opening of your account to the present.

On the other hand, you have the following section:

the price section

As its name indicates, this section espectáculos you the quotes of all the assets available within the Kraken platform and in real time. You cánido order them, even categorically, locate them directly in the search engine on the top right, etcétera. You cánido even make a direct buys either sale of any of these assets in the button respective, located to the right of each of them.

Next, we will talk about:

The staking section

It consists of winning certain rewards by participation of cryptocurrencies or assets (Staking). Which, remain inactive until you perro acquire them, buying them or depositing in one of those available for participation, in your Kraken account. It is a very useful way of maximize your assets in cryptocurrencies and Fiat.

Now, continuing with the options on the list, you have:

Funds section

A summary of your finances within the Kraken platform. It espectáculos you, in a afín way to the home section, what the Cómputos of your account more specifically.

Next you will find:

the history section

This account has a record of all transactions in general, not just those of buys and sale, as in Operations. But also, those related to deposits, withdrawals, trade on margin, etcétera. You cánido configure it based on specific periods, as well as carry out search filters according to the type of transaction you have made.

Right next to it, in the same bar, you will come across:

support section

Section that opens in a separate tab and in which you get everything related to technical assistance and solution of difficulties with the use of the Kraken platform. Includes a section on chat on the lower right side, to notify your inconveniences live with an operator or a virtual assistant.

And then we will talk about:

The buy crypto section

Whose functionality is much more simplified than the option Fácil from the section Operatewith what you cánido do your cryptocurrency purchases entering the amount you want to spend on an equivalent amount of the crypto to buy.

Additionally, you cánido choose Sell either Convert one cryptocurrency into another within the same platform.

What else is there to see in Kraken?

In addition to everything described, you have a dropdown menu that you cánido locate in the upper right corner of the screen where your Nombre de usuario. In this you will find more options Setting, Security and check.

With everything described so far, we perro affirm that the kraken platformApart from being a very useful wallet, it is very easy to use. And in this article we have basically taught you what you cánido do in it and with it. We hope that this articulo will serve as a manual in your foray into this wallet.

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 How to use the Kraken Wallet
  How to use the Kraken Wallet
  How to use the Kraken Wallet

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