How to use the Investing aplicación on mobile

How to use the Investing aplicación on mobile

If you are reading this articulo it is because you are already an Investing usuario, but you want to know How to use the Investing aplicación on your mobile. Well, you are in the right place to achieve it. Here the easy way to manage this interesting financial platform will be shown.

Once the Investing portal is open on your mobile, you will find several lines in the options bottom panel. These are made up of:

  • markets
  • News
  • Calendar
  • Follow
  • Further

To get started, meet the first on the list.


This option will appear automatically when you open the application on your mobile.

In it you will be able to see, as you scroll through the upper bar, the following:

The Indices

Indeed, you will have access to the information of the main financial market indices. There you perro see, for example, the Dow Jones, the Euro Stoxx 50, among many others.

As you scroll through the tabs in the top bar, you immediately find:

Indices Futures

Here you will see that some indices are taken into account, while others are not so taken into account.

Then you will get:

The actions

In this section you cánido filter your search for each country, be it Spain, USA, etcétera. You cánido view these actions here with the percentage of movement of the day or, if the market is closed that day, the percentage of the previous day.

Now you will find the option to:

Raw materials

This section will espectáculo you the multiple elementos available in the market, such as Goldhe Petroleumhe Gas naturalhe Cocoahe Coffeeetcétera, with their respective indices.

Later, followed in the same bar we have:


Where will you get information about the major currencies availablesuch as EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, among many others.

Then you will find:

The Cryptocurrencies

If you want information about the famous cryptocurrencies, such as the Bitcointhe XRPthe Dogecointhe BTCV/USDetcétera, here you have endless options with their respective indices.

Now, continuing the tour, you will see the option to:

The Bonds

As the Euro Bobl either France 10A, Here you will get all the information regarding them and others.

Contiguously you will get:


You perro see here options like the lyxor IBEX 35 (DR) D-EUR, he BBVA DJ eurostoxxetcétera.

And finally you will find:


Here you perro see information about the funds from any country.

So far it has been described what has to do with Market sectionand now we will talk about the next section in the bottom bar, which is:


if you want to know events recent, eventualities and highlights, both of national and international interest, in this section you will get it. You just have to, as in the previous section, scroll through the top bar.

This section will espectáculo you lines like news of last minutewhere you perro find the most recent news, as well as the Opinions of the analysts.

But, if you keep scrolling through the bar, you will be able to find many more news regarding various topics, such as:

  • The topic coronavirus
  • It further read
  • cryptocurrencies
  • Depósito Exchange
  • Economy
  • Technology
  • Much more

And, to optimize your search, you have the option of explore the different categories or, make a filter to achieve a more detailed search if you wish.

On the other hand, we now move on to the next section in the bottom bar, and it is about:


This section is about Actions that they have to take and changes that there was, that there may be or that there will be in the order Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, This week, etcétera. They perro affect the prices of one or more shares, bonds or other things.

Next, follow the option of:


with one or more custom liststhis option allows you to follow your favorite transactions and more.

Important: If you go to icon +at the top, you perro find several tools such as, for example, webinars and a Currency converterin real time and very precise.

Apart from the sections already described above, the aplicación offers you a very useful tool when it comes to research:

The searcher

It is a search engine, located at the top of your mobile screen, which serves as depósito finder and other things. With each action you open, you perro choose to also see its Newstheir Analysis, their eventsamong other things.

When you use the search engine, the option symbols It allows you to see, in turn, in another option bar, approaches directly related to your search, and it talks about:

  • one approach Technicalsomething basic and estándar, but that you would be interested in taking a look at
  • Related news
  • Analysis related
  • Profile
  • Information Primordial detailed
  • Historic information
  • The comments section that, as a usuario, you perro opt for it and participate in a kind of mini chat and leave your comment
  • one approach General, where you see a graphic in which you cánido change from day view (1D) to maximum view, that is, the total history. Here you perro also see “bets” of users regarding the rise or fall of a price

On top of everything, it gives you a choice of Buy and sellwhich, when you clic on it, will open a browser because it sends you to a Trader distinct.

Other features

We still have to talk to you about some last characteristics that you should know and that will make your experience in investing be full. These are the tabs of:

Add to Favorites

With the icon in form of starlocated at the top of your screen, this option will allow you to save your most outstanding activities.

Create an Alert

So that you don’t miss any news, the icon in the form of Bell adjacent to the star. It will notify you to your correo electrónico or to your mobile, if you create an alert with any action, of matters, such as the fact that a specific price rises or falls in relation to a figure pre-established by you.

Also if you equipo the percentage option, it will notify you when moving the value you have equipo, if, in fact, you have the box checked recurring alert.

You perro also receive notifications with the option of Resultsin case there is an important result, and that of Volumethat, in this case, if a large amount of volume accumulates, it is because something is happening and the “bell” will alert you.

As you see investing It is very practical and interesting, and being able to take it with you in your pocket wherever you want and keep up with your depósito market interests makes it even more practical and interesting. We tell you that you perro make use of it in a way unrelated to any broker and it is completely free.

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 How to use the Investing aplicación on mobile
  How to use the Investing aplicación on mobile
  How to use the Investing aplicación on mobile

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