How to use the Interactive Brokers Aplicación in the

How to use the Interactive Brokers Aplicación in the

Now you perro carry Interactive Brokers in the comfort of your pocket and carry out your financial operations from anywhere, whenever you want.

How is this possible? Well, using the Aplicación of this broker on your mobile.

And, precisely in this articulo, it will be briefly explained how to use the Interactive Brokers aplicación on mobile.

It’s time to start:

The main sections of Interactive Brokers for mobile

These are located in the panel lower of options, and they are:

Your purse

in which you perro see All the accounts with their respective indices; Last, Variation, Position, Daily Profit and Loss, etcétera.

In addition to being able to see your Cómputos in cash and the currency type where your cash is.

Next, you have the section of:


Here you get the orders of buys and orders of sale.

On the other hand:

watch lists

Where you perro create new watchlists and it is also very useful to control and categorize the actions that you are following.



In which you are shown your cómputo sheetssuch as the Net Liquidation Value you own, your Equity with Loan Value, Gross Equity Value, etcétera.

To continue the tour:


Where perro you see the orders that you have open with some position in the respective section.

And in the section transactionsthe purchases or sales you have made and their results.

Here you finish with the tour of panel lower of options in the Interactive Brokers aplicación on your mobile.

But you still have a few more things to see.

Other options in Interactive Brokers for mobile that you should know about

Regarding these options, which are no less important for you, we will tell you about the first:

The searcher

with which you cánido do search of the different actions of your interest.

And, within it, you perro choose to execute different orders.


Once you have located your action, you cánido see its action box graphicswith the respective option to configure it by hour, daily, weekly, etcétera.

Market Data

If you continue down, you cánido also find Data of market important as highs and Mínima of the value of this action, as well as primordial details of the company.

Purchases and Sales of Shares

Also, directly from the action, you perro do Buys and Sale of it, filling in the different fields that are required of you, such as.

  • Amount
  • Order type
  • limit price
  • Time of validity of the order
  • Attach Taker
  • stoploss

Confirm Transaction

Once you proceed to make the transaction, you must scroll blue button with the arrow to the right, which will ask you for a confirmation for it to be done.

In essence, this is what you cánido do using the search option.

On the other hand, you have other options when using the Interactive Brokers aplicación on your mobile.

THE Side Dropdown Menu

Located in the upper left corner (same as in the PC version).

To the unfold it you will get a series of options Afín or, even equal to those that have already been commented, such as:

  • Start
  • Briefcase
  • Account
  • watch list
  • order ticket
  • Orders and transactions
  • Impact Panel
  • New scanner
  • News
  • Calendar
  • Among other

We will tell you a little about some of these, especially those that we have not described before.

The Impact Dashboard

Basically it refers to the indices of which you activity impact at the level of market global.

Section that tells you about global economic levels.


where perro you find some News of interest and recent that perro affect the prices of some shares in the market.

Very useful information when presented speculative stocks.


What helps you to know when they are true Splits and when some are released dividends.

Also to inform you about holidaysetcétera.


Basically referring to the settings main of your account adapted to your mobile.


Where, once again, you are shown the options of Order of buys and Order of salein addition to the most outstanding, such as Convert currency or, the option to Close positions, with which you cánido close all with just press this button.

Transfers and Payments

It is nothing other than the option for To deposit and Withdraw money.

Account management

that allows you to get a Report of activity, if you want to have a monthly or annual report to know your profits or losses, as well as it allows you to see the Center of messagesetcétera.


In which you find all the options to receive attendance technique and orientation.

And finally, on this side, the option of:

Sign off

In the event that you need or want, for some reason, close the session from your account.

More Interactive Brokers Options for Mobile

If you thought that this was all, find out that you have before you some functionalities further that Interactive Brokers offers you.

Just above it all, in the same left sidebar, are the options:


This may be of great interest to you, since you cánido custom the so that you get the notifications whatever you want, obviously to the mobile and, adjust them to your negotiation style or, to your preferences.


Option that helps you receive notices in case there are increases or decreases in prices, or if these occur outside or within the regular market, etcétera.

Basically, this is what it has to do with the use of the Interactive Brokers Aplicación on your mobile device and, as you cánido see, it is, in principle, the same as using the TWS program for PCs.

Therefore, keep this in mind when carrying out your operations on the depósito market through this platform and guide you with the instructions that we leave you in this article.

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 How to use the Interactive Brokers Aplicación in the
  How to use the Interactive Brokers Aplicación in the
  How to use the Interactive Brokers Aplicación in the

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