How to use the Coinbase Aplicación on mobile

How to use the Coinbase Aplicación on mobile

For you, who are a Coinbase usuario and want to know all the functionalities of its platform, we have this article that will detalla how to manage it through the comforts that Android systems offer you, since it is about how to use the Coinbase aplicación on mobile.

In this “tour” you will be able to see in a summarized, but very complete way, the various sections that contains your Coinbase account adapted to the screen of your mobile.

Once you log into the Coinbase aplicación on your móvil, you will see a fairly compact interfaz where these sections in the bottom bar:

  • Start
  • Briefcase
  • Buy, Sell, Convert, Send and Receive
  • Prices
  • Setting

Below is a brief overview of each of them:


This is the session that appears by default when opening Coinbase on any of your devices. In it you will see things like:

  • You portfolio cómputolocated in the upper left and, which it is being updated from time to time based on market fluctuations
  • Some news such as new assets, and
  • And the reference list which, basically, contains the state of all the cryptocurrencies in movement available in the market

If you go down a bit on the home screen you will find Most Outstanding Assets, that is, those that have had the greatest movement recently in terms of percentage. And if you keep going down you perro see some news, Coinbase programsetcétera.

Then in the lower bar you have the section of:


Here you perro see the cómputo that you have in your account and the evolution that it has had in a space of time with the help of a graph that you perro adjust to view at different intervals (for example, for hour, day, week, month, year either all the historical). This graph will vary, both due to market fluctuations in relation to your assets, and due to the income and cómputo payments that you make in your portfolio.

Further down, in that same section, you will find the list with all assetsin the order of those you have with cómputo first and everyone else later.

Now as the next section to mention is:


In this section you perro see

  • All the assets
  • The operable or available to trade on Coinbase
  • The Winnerswhich are the ones that have risen to the highest percentage during the last time interval
  • The losers; those that have decreased to a lower percentage

Next on the list, the section to comment is:


And in it you will find all the options to make the settings of your choice in your Coinbase account. You perro do things like change your personal informationchange your password and also, increase the security of your account according to the recommendations that the same page gives you.

Now, as the last section of the bottom bar, right in the middle of the other sections, we will talk about:

Buy, sell, convert, send and receive

It is the section where you cánido do proper trading on CoinbaseSo it’s about how operate with your cryptocurrencies.

And speaking a little about them:

  • Buy and Sell. With this option you cánido buy or sell your cryptocurrencies. In the purchase section you cánido choose to pay from your card or you euro wallet.
  • Convert. For when you want convert your cryptos to the equivalent in other cryptos, here you perro do it, and the commissions are zero (0), as long as you do your conversions within your Coinbase account.
  • Send. From where you perro send your cryptocurrencies from your Coinbase account to other wallets own or third parties.
  • Receive. Here you will see the different addresses depending on the type of cryptocurrency you are going to receive on Coinbase. This is so that when you are going to make a shipment, provide the address of the type of Cryptocurrency you wish to receive.

And, as a final part of this articulo, mention is made of:


Located at the top right of your screen, with the bell iconthis option allows you to be aware, according to the configuration that you have given, of details about your account or, general details, such as alerts of large movements that have occurred, “recommendations” that Coinbase makes you, etcétera.

So, this is what it has to do with Coinbase functionalities on your mobile. Now you cánido carry out your financial operations from the comfort of your Android, following the guide provided by this articulo prepared for this purpose.

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 How to use the Coinbase Aplicación on mobile
  How to use the Coinbase Aplicación on mobile
  How to use the Coinbase Aplicación on mobile

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