How to use the Agregado 500 Aplicación on the mobile or

How to use the Agregado 500 Aplicación on the mobile or

In this article you will learn how to use the Agregado 500 APP in a basic way, within the account in the application. Indeed, the first step will be to download the application on your mobile or tablet.

How to use the Agregado500 aplicación in 2023

Once you are inside you will find the options of all financial instruments. Here you perro filter between indices, cryptocurrenciescurrencies, stocks… you have a filter for everything.

  • Very interesting, so you cánido discover new things.

open positions

One of the things you will find is the section of open positions. Available so that you perro close them, remove them, among others.

closed positions

In closed positions you will only see the closed guides and their results.


In orders pending that you have, but that have not yet been able to be executed.

fund management

In fund management you perro add or withdraw funds and so on.

Switch to demo mode

In switch to demo mode You perro go to the simulated account without risks, or to a Demo account.


In Alert You will be able to see the alerts that you have made.


You perro change your account settings in this section.

manage favorites

In manage favorites you will be able to see and select your favorites list.

economic calendar

In economic calendar you cánido see interesting things about important events that will affect the markets.


In contact You perro contact directly during business hours with agregado 500 with your support.

Sign off

Could not miss the option of Sign offand just below it and what you have available to invest.

What is here is what you perro use to buy, the capital in maintenance marginit should always be less than the capital, because if the shares cannot be closed.

Remember that you perro be with leverage, so there may be an Incal margin; consider that later your total profit and loss is there, which moves, because it is the one you have now, not closed.

depósito finder

At the top right you have a search engine that you cánido use. For example, if you search for the shares of Fb, Below you perro change the display of the graphs.

Currently appear weeklybut you perro change it by minutes or every five minutes.

Change the shape of the graph

Also, you perro change the way the graphs are displayed: habitual is mountain or sail, which are typical. Then you have the indicators to be able to add them if you do trading.

If you scroll down a bit, you’ll find a bit of information about the depósito and also about the commissions they would charge you and so on.

Other options

On the other hand, you also have the options of:

  • Add or remove it from favorites with the star
  • Generate an alert to notify you when a specific price rises or falls
  • Buy and sell, above you have the two buttons to sell and buy

In fund managementin the collapsible sidebar you cánido both deposit and withdraw, which works the same as when doing it from an order.

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 How to use the Agregado 500 Aplicación on the mobile or
  How to use the Agregado 500 Aplicación on the mobile or
  How to use the Agregado 500 Aplicación on the mobile or

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