How to use Payeer (Platform of

How to use Payeer (Platform of

If you are already a Payeer usuario, you are surely interested in learning about its different features and functionalities to be able to use this platform without major complications.

In this article we are going to teach you how to use payeer with a fácil step by step that will be described below.

First of all, obviously, the first thing you will do is gain access to your Payeer account using your nombre de usuario and password, and 2-step verification, if you have it configured.

What are the basic features of Payeer to know?

Once inside your Payeer account, the interfaz you will see consists of various elementswhich we will discuss below:

The Upper Bar

In this area you will find several options, both to your right and to your left, such as:

  • He current cómputo that you own in USD and in each type of Cryptocurrency (located at the left of the bar)
  • The notifications most recent related to the platform (from this option, all on the right).
  • The different accounts that you perro have in Payeer.
  • change language (icon shaped like flag), which are no more apart from English and Russian.
  • Modify the look of the Light (sun-shaped icon), where you cánido choose between the mode Light (Of course) and the Dark (dark).
  • the option of Medium (on the smiley icon).
  • Settingin which you perro adjust parameters such as your Profilethe Security of your account, the notifications that you want them to reach you, etcétera.
  • And finally the button log out; the one you will use for close session.

In another order of ideas, we are now going to talk about:

The Left Sidebar

This bar is made up of several sections such as:

  • Cómputo, which is open by default (once you log into your account, it’s the first thing you’ll see).

    You are presented with all available cryptocurrencies of the platform, which are the best known in the market and with which you cánido operate from this same section.

    That is, the section Cómputo gives you the option to do deposits (Deposits) and withdrawals (Withdraw) by choosing one of these cryptocurrencies.

  • add.

    In this section you cánido make your deposits and withdrawals directly choosing your cryptocurrencies from here.

    Also the account (choose account) from which you will make the transaction and the system (Choose system), through which you want to do it (either a card or another), etcétera.

  • Transfer.

    This section allows you to do cómputo transfers to the Payeer wallet, just as if it were a virtual wallet.

    By transferring a cómputo in a specific currency (for example $ or €) and then making the respective crypto purchase, you transfer that currency cómputo ($ or €) to BTC cryptocurrency.

  • Trade, which is basically the typical depósito trading system, something a little more advanced.

    In other words, to do technical analysisyour shopping and scheduled sales and in real time of your cryptos, etcétera.

    All this regarding the depósito market.

  • Exchange, where you have the option to do conversions of your assets from one Cryptocurrency to another.

    It is very easy because of the compatibility that exists among your available cryptos; there will be no problem in each conversion between one and the other.

  • History.

    Here is shown the history of all your transactions made during all the time you have using your Payeer account.

    You perro see in this section the activity recentas much as the less recent that you have made in terms of deposits, withdrawals, purchases, sales, conversions and others.

Important: if you want to have a personal record, organized, detailed and saved in your documents, you also have the option of export it to CSV format.

And, in this rather fácil way, is to use this handy cryptocurrency platform known as Payeer.

In addition to this, in this articulo we have provided you with the necessary data that will serve as a guide when you begin to fully use your account on said platform.

We hope you liked our article How to use Payeer (Platform of
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 How to use Payeer (Platform of
  How to use Payeer (Platform of
  How to use Payeer (Platform of

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