How to use PAXFUL

How to use PAXFUL

In another vídeo we teach you how to create your Paxful account. In this vídeo, we will explain how to use paxfulpreviously you will have to have an account, if you do not have one yet you must entrar their web portal and register.

Once you have the account, you must learn to use it in a basic way; When entering the web page, you will have the option to buy or sell and pay with a variety of payment methodshas more than 350 options, since you cánido pay with cash, goods and services, bank cards, digital currencies, among others, which is the main advantage or benefit that Paxful has.

Paxful is a very secure intermediary for buying and selling digital currencies. that works with many payment options, where the person cánido choose the option that is most interesting or convenient to pay. It is important to note that in the option I want to spend you must entrar the amount of the operation, taking into account that the minimum is $10 USD, you cánido also change the type of currency of your choice.

Buy digital currencies

In the buy option, Bitcoin (BTC) is preselected but when you clic you perro select and change another cryptocurrency like Ethereum and Tether, you should know that there are not many options, here you will only find the main digital currenciesthis is one of the disadvantages of this platform.

By selecting your option, for example if you want to spend 100, you choose payment option and a bar will appear to filter offers, you will also see the list of offers proposed by various people, where you will see how many people have entered each offer, if they have evaluated it positively, what limits they put on what you perro buy, what price they offer and other options , in the event that you are interested in a especial offer, you proceed to select it in buy, where all the steps will be opened to make the purchase efficiently, in which you will get detailed information about the provider that will make said sale, in addition to specifying exactly the amount that they will give you in the operation for that payment.

Create offer to buy or sell

In addition to this, in the bar above part of the buy and sell options (already explained), you perro create an offer for buy or sell bitcoin that you have, with the specific form of payment that suits you. This is a very interesting option, which is handled in a fácil and intuitive way, guiding you step by step until its effective publication.

So, in the option purse or wallet, you will be able to see what you have, the number of operations you have carried out, for this you must have your identity verified. On the other hand, in the option control Panel You will be able to see all the information in a summarized way, including the account configuration, if you display this option you will see:

  • classic control panel

  • Become a supplier

  • Affiliate Dashboard

Continuing in the upper right, you will see how much you have in each cryptocurrency, you perro also see the entire part of your account settings and profilefollowed by the notifications section.

Paxful is really a very good option, it is a easy to use platform where you perro carry out operations for the purchase and acquisition of cryptocurrencies so safe and reliableTherefore, if you do not have an account yet, the first thing you should do is register.

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 How to use PAXFUL
  How to use PAXFUL
  How to use PAXFUL

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