How to use Microsoft Project as a

How to use Microsoft Project as a

If is one project manager or you often find yourself managing complex projects, you must have a project management tool.

With a good project management tool, you will be able to plan and schedule tasks effectively.

In addition to scheduling tasks, project management tools help with budgeting, quality control, and project documentation.

One of the most habitual project management tools today is Microsoft Project Management.

Originally an iniciativa that was formed in the 1980s by Ron Bredehoeft, Microsoft Project has evolved over time to become the second leading project management tool today.

Follow this guide to learn about Microsoft Project and how to use it.

Main features of Microsoft Project

Multiple views in one

A feature of the tool Microsoft project it’s your presentation of multiple data perspectives in a single view.

This makes data comparison and analysis very easy.

For example, with the tool, you cánido have a graph, caminando chart, and a table of figures presented in a single view.

Also, you perro have charts for different types of data in a single view.

archivo sharing

With Microsoft Project, you perro share archivos with your team members by granting viewing or editing access.

With the editing option, people who know about a document cánido collaborate on it at the same time.

The best part is that everyone perro see what everyone is doing in real time.

As a project manager, you perro quickly fix any errores.

Planning and Scheduling

This function is used to create the tasks that must be completed and the order in which they must be completed.

Also, it helps to assign tasks and allocate resources to various team members.

This function cánido be divided into three parts: prioritization, task management, and team calendar.



The reports function allows you to create reports on the progress of the project, and this cánido be extracted in .pdf or Excel format.

The types of reports you cánido generate include completed tasks, pending tasks, budget, etcétera.

This data perro be archived against the schedule for completion of the project.

Project timeline view

The project timeline view presents a complete picture of the project from the start date to the projected finish date.

The view contains tasks that need to be completed at various stages of the project and the resources responsible for delivery.

resource management

This feature helps you manage your resources such as funds, time, raw materials, and others.

It also espectáculos all the possible ways the resources perro be used.

With this function, you will learn if the resources are used correctly, under-utilized or over-used.

How to equipo up a new project in Microsoft Project

This tutorial espectáculos how to equipo up a project.

Configuring a project archivo

  1. Launch the tool from your desktop
  2. Select “Blank Project” to get a view of the overall workspace that is divided into three sides called Project Timeline, Project Details, and Gantt Chart.
  3. Find the “Project” tab and clic on it.
  4. Select “Project Information” to entrar the details of the project start date and the project completion date.

Inserting project tasks and activities

  1. In the general space, look for the columns named «task mode“, “Name of the homework”, “Duration«, «Start«, «Termination” and “predecessors«.

    Fill in the details of your project tasks in these cells, including their start and finish dates.

  2. On the right, you should see a bar on the Gantt chart showing the timeline for each task.

    Microsoft Project automatically calculates project task durations once the “dates” are complete.Start” and “Ending” of the project.

  3. You cánido editar the colors of the bars in your Gantt chart by double-clicking on the bar.
  4. If you make a mistake while entering the task or project details, simply right-clic on the task and select the “Delete” option.

Adding tasks to a timeline

  1. Below the ribbon in your Microsoft Project workspace is a bar that represents the project timeline.

    This bar only espectáculos the activities that you want.

    To add activities, right clic on the tasks and select «Add to timeline«.

  2. To delete the activity or task, right clic on it in the timeline and select «Delete from timeline«.

Checking information related to a task

  1. To update or check the detailed information of a task, right-clic on it to open the task information panel.
  2. In the tab «General“, you cánido adjust the completion percentage, task priority, duration, and dates.
  3. In the tab «Grades“, you cánido include things you don’t want to forget.
  4. In the tab «Advanced«, you cánido specify the final deadline date for the tasks.

Including task dependencies

  1. If you have tasks that perro’t start without another one finishing, you perro backlink them.
  2. Just select all the dependent tasks by holding down Ctrl + Down and selecting the tasks in the correct order.

    Project will automatically arrange your tasks in order, reflecting dependencies.

Adding Resources

  1. To assign members of your team to the task, clic on «team planner» at the bottom right of your screen.
  2. Move your cursor to the Office ribbon and locate the “Resources«.
  3. You perro choose to add resources from your “Address Book” or do it manually by selecting “work resource«.
  4. Once you’re done selecting your preferred source, double-clic Resource to entrar name, correo electrónico, availability, and work hours.
  5. Clic on “Accept» to apply the changes.


The features of the Microsoft Project tool ease the project management process, ensuring that you perro better manage your activities, resources, and time to improve productivity.

Read on to learn how to improve your calendar management.

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 How to use Microsoft Project as a
  How to use Microsoft Project as a
  How to use Microsoft Project as a

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