How to use BlockChain Wallet

How to use BlockChain Wallet

PTo know how to use the Blockchain platform, the first thing you should do is create an account, and from there you perro start using it. Here I will teach you step by step how to use it.

You must take into account that I will not generate any type of recommendations, which is why if this is what you need, I suggest that you contact a financial advisor.


In home (located on the side edge) you will find the different cryptos that are on the platform, as well as the amount of what you have. Some of those that are are Bitcoin, Ether, Tether, among others.


Right there you will be able to see graphs in different temporalities, as well as the crypto you want from those available. In Buy and in swap You cánido either buy Bircoin with your credit card or other payment methods depending on the country.

Likewise, you perro change, instead of Bitcoin, another of the available cryptos that you want. Meanwhile in swap you perro simply perform a conversion as required


In Prices or prices you have the different cryptos available on the platform, considering that they are not all, but there is a wide range, especially the most habitual ones such as Bitcoin, Aave, Ether, Polkadot, among others. Right there you have the prices, as well as the changes they have had in recent periods, and even the purchase and sale actions.


The Briefcase are a bit afín to Upthot. In this section you will be able to see your different portfolios in conventional currencies, such as USD, Euros and Ponunds basically.


In airdrops you have programs that help you discover new cryptos. It could be said that it is more advanced, which is why it is currently not activated, although it seems to be very interesting when it is already activated.


In Exchange there is no major thing, they simply confirm that you are connected to the wallet, so there are no things of great relevance in this section.

Total cómputo and top bar

In the upper left corner you have the total cómputo of your account in USD value. On the other hand, in the upper bar you have other basic and quick options that will help you make better and easier use of the platform.


You could say that Send It is the typical option to send a crypto to another wallet of any type of platform. This means that you cánido send anyone through send, be it BTC or any other.

Request and Swap

requested It works as a receipt option, for this reason they will generate an ID where you perro send without problems. Meanwhile in swap You have the option of conversions.

BuySell Crypto and Earn Interest

In BuySell you cánido buy and sell, which is why you cánido convert a crypto into a currency or vice versa. Meanwhile in earn interest You have options to generate interest, in exchange for leaving a certain amount of cryptos there, annually.

However, it is necessary that you have a 100% verified account to allow you to access. For this it is necessary that you read the conditions in Learn More to understand how to proceed in detail.

In borrowwhich is the last option located in the top bar, is of little interest at the moment, not because it is less important, quite the contrary, but because it is a much more advanced option.


In the upper bar, but to the right, we also have the option of Safety, which is suggested to activate everything to obtain maximum security of your account. In it, you also have the option of Advancedwhere you cánido enable even more security options.

If it is of your interest to use the platform in a serial way, I suggest that you activate all of the advanced ones.

the gear

In the upper right corner you will find a kind of gear, a little wheel that will display other options. In addition to Generalwhere you perro change all your tattoos and see the privacy policy, you also have Trading Limitswhich is to unlock the account completely.

you have too Preferences, where you cánido see how you want both the language, and the main currency where you want to see how much it would be. You also have other notification themes to customize.

wallets and addresses

In wallets and addresses you will have all your main addresses for shipping, receipts and more. Finally there is the option of Sign off.

In the same way, you have in the lower right edge a section of Aid where you cánido both search for terms and quick answers offered by the platform, and even get in touch with an agent in case you cánido’t find the solution.

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 How to use BlockChain Wallet
  How to use BlockChain Wallet
  How to use BlockChain Wallet

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