How to use a Smart Hub to increase the

How to use a Smart Hub to increase the

Given the way smart hubs perro play music and stream vídeo, it’s understandable to think of them as productivity killers rather than enhancers.

However, if you use them correctly, they perro help you focus on your work and get more done.

Here are ways you cánido make use of a smart hub to increase your productivity.


Remember events or deadlines

First of all, the smart home hubs they are a useful tool for someone who is forgetful.

Many centers have a reminder feature where you ask the center to tell you about something in the future.

For example, if a deadline is coming up, ask your local hub to equipo up a reminder for that day.

That way, when the day comes, it will alert you that you have something to send.


Move your calendar to the cloud

Reminders are great for reminding yourself to do something, but in the case of deadlines, it’s better to be reminded before the day arrives.

That way, you don’t have to rush your work on the last day!

Home hubs like the Google plus Nest Hub cánido equipo dates on your calendar and alert you as the day approaches.

You cánido also ask the center to tell you what’s on the horizon so you perro keep track of your dates.

If you use a calendar aplicación made by the same company as your hub (for example, a Google plus Nest usuario using Google plus Calendar), they will sync with each other.

Even better, a digital calendar allows collaborators to join together and add their own events.

There’s no need to call everyone and write everything down on a physical calendar.

Just give them permission to add events and keep up with what’s happening.


Equipo alarms to take breaks or get back to work

Your smart hub will also have the ability to equipo alarms.

These are a bit louder than reminders, so they’re a good option when you need to get off work or get back to work.

You perro simply equipo an alarm for the amount of time you will be working.

If you’re using Amazon Alexa, for example, you cánido say “Alexa, equipo an alarm for 30 minutes” and work until the alarm goes off.

However, a smarter way to use alarms is to implement the Pomodoro technique.

This emplees a cómputo of work and play to keep you productive without burning out.

When it’s time to start, tell your home hub to equipo a timer for 25 minutes.

Get to work, and when your alarm goes off, take a five-minute break before repeating the process.


Stream Productive Music

Finally, you perro use your hub to stream some productive tunes to your home office.

If you are someone who enjoys a bit of background music while you work, how aboutwhy don’t you tell your hub to play it and start working without any more distractions?

As for what kind of songs help you work better, we cover this in our article on music scientifically proven to increase productivity. ohPut on some classical music, nature sounds or even your favorite vídeo game tracks and get to work!

Smart ways to use a Smart Home Hub

Home hubs are a great way to have fun and relax, but when used correctly, they perro also promote productivity just as much.

Now you know four ways you perro put your home control center to work while making your own.

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 How to use a Smart Hub to increase the
  How to use a Smart Hub to increase the
  How to use a Smart Hub to increase the

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