How to turn down a job offer

How to turn down a job offer

have you been accepted into a job you cánido’t keep? In that case, you may be wondering what is the best way to communicate your decision to the company that has given you an opportunity to work for it. And indeed, the process perro be somewhat unpleasant.

Do not worry about anything, because in this articulo we are going to explain How to look good when you reject a job offer. Take note of everything you must do and the company will appreciate your way of declining the opportunity.

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How to cordially say NO to a job offer

If at first you were interested in a job offer and then stop caringit is habitual that you feel a certain rush when rejecting the offer.

However, you cánido always decline the offer so that you look good with the company. For this it is important that follow the next steps:

1. Say thank you

The first thing you should do to reject a job offer is thank the opportunity to work in the company, since the recruiter will see it as a very positive act on your part.

You must make it known that Thank you for the time and dedication of the companyand make them see that the option of working with them at a later time is open for you.

Now it is important that don’t be too exaggerated either in your thanks. The iniciativa is to espectáculo your gratitude and express the possibility of working together in the future.

2. Explain your reasons for declining the offer

Even if you are turning down a job offer, you must maintain a respectful toneso that the company knows that you have taken the offer into account and that you value it, but unfortunately at the moment you cannot accept it.

It is not that you invent a particularly serious genere that does not really exist. you just have to explain the ocasione why you have to turn down the job today. You don’t have to, but it’s obvious that the recruiter will appreciate your gesture.

Whatever the reason for not accepting the job, explain it so that the company cánido not feel offended in any moment.

For exampleIt is not the same to say that the salary is too small, than that due to your personal and family circumstances, you need another type of employment.

3. Say goodbye in a cordial way

As important as the rest of the writing is the farewell. continue to be nicewishing the company success, and take the opportunity to reiterate your gratitude for the opportunity they have given you.

You cánido also insist on the possibility of working in the company in the future.

How to reject a job offer by e-e correo electrónico (dirección de correo electrónico)

To reject a job offer by e-e correo electrónico it is important, first of all, that you follow the steps that we have seen in the previous section.

That said, it is essential that the writing be clear and briefsince in the world of work, time is money for everyone.

Well, a letter to reject a job offer by dirección de correo electrónico could follow the following structure:

  1. A Best regards to start.
  2. You gratitude for the opportunity they have given you, expressing the possibility of working in the company at another time.
  3. The reason why you are contacting with the company, which is the need to reject the opportunity to work for it.
  4. The Reasons you cánido’t accept for the moment the job offer.
  5. A cordial farewellinsisting on your gratitude and on the possibility of working in the company in the future.

Here’s an example where you perro be inspired to turn down a job offer in the correo:

Dear Rosa María Gutiérrez Ruiz:

I contact you, first of all, to thank you for the dedication and treatment that he offered me during the job interview that we held on March 3, 2022, after my application to apply for the position of receptionist in his company.

However, I am sorry to have to inform you that, for the time being, I must decline the job. In the day of Today I received a response to another job interview that I did after a result of which a job opportunity has arisen that It will serve to give a boost to my professional career.

However, I would appreciate it if you would take my CV into account if other vacancies arise in your company that fit my professional profile, as it would be a pleasure for me to work together in the future.

I thank you again for your time, and I take this opportunity to wish you the greatest success for your company.

Receive a cordial greeting,

Teresa Naranjo Rivera.

We recommend that do not expatiate more than necessaryDon’t give unnecessary details about why you’re declining the job offer.

With a writing afín to the one above, you could look very good when rejecting a job offer by dirección de correo electrónico.

How to turn down a job offer over the phone

A great, and perhaps the best, way to espectáculo your appreciation by declining a job offer is to call the recruiter directly.

Keep in mind that it is the closest way to direct you to this professional, and he will speak highly of you and your professionalism, since you will be showing that you care especially about being kind by rejecting the opportunity you have been given.

In this case, the steps to follow should be approximately the same as those we have already seen:

  1. You must call directly the person who gave you the job interview.
  2. Thank you for giving you the opportunity to work in the company.
  3. Explain to her that you are contacting her because you see yourself in the obligation to reject the opportunity to work in the company, with respect and kindness.
  4. Let him know that you would like him to keep you in mind in the future.
  5. Briefly explain what are the reasons why you have to decline the offer.
  6. thanks again for the opportunityand insist that you would like to work for the company in the future.
  7. say goodbye cordially.

As you have seen, for turn down a job offer and look good it is essential to be friendly, brief and professional.

In this way, you will be doing everything possible on your part so that the company considers count on you in the futureif a new employment opportunity arose for it.

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 How to turn down a job offer
  How to turn down a job offer
  How to turn down a job offer

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