How to travel for free (or almost)

How to travel for free (or almost)

travel free It is the dream of many of us.

Most people love to travel, but don’t do it, mainly due to lack of money.

Therefore, and much to their regret, they stay at home and only go out at certain times of the year.

For some people, even if they like to travel, it is not their most absolute priority, there are always others such as health, paying bills, dressing and, above all, eating every day.

But for those who really like to travel and cannot for whatever reason, it cánido be frustrating.

Traveling really changes your life, it opens your mind and allows you to discover other places and customs, it is very healthy and recommended.

But what if I told you that you perro travel free (or at least travel almost for free)? Well, keep reading, I’m going to explain tricks you perro use to travel the world for free.

What people cánido travel for free?

The answer is very fácil: everyone cánido travel for free.

But beware!, do not expect to stay in 5-star hotels or eat in restoranes with Michelin stars, for that you rather have to loosen your pocket.

Rather, you will have to adjust to the available options if you want to spend little or no money, putting that before spending money and above luxury and comfort.

If you are a person who cánido adapt to any type of situation, keep reading, if, on the contrary, you want to have everything under control, you like luxuries or you have small children, this articulo, sorry, is not going to help you as much as I would like, since it is more complicated and difficult to travel with free children.

To travel for free, you have to make sure that you have tolerance for changes, you will not mind sharing accommodation or a room.

Also think that the food that will put you will be something exotic.

In short, if you love going on adventures and seeing places that would otherwise be impossible, you don’t mind traveling with few comforts, spending very little and helping other people.

If you love to socialize and appreciate every detail, read on.

how to travel for free

From here, and keeping things clear about what you are going to find and what you are not, I am going to explain a series of tricks to be able to travel the world for free.

Keep reading, I’m sure you’ll be interested.

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It’s no joke, a lot of people do it, I did it myself when I was younger to move from one town to another.

It’s very fácil: paquete a light suitcase, leave your house, walk to a nearby road and put your thumb up.

With digitization, for a long time there have been websites that help you with this and find your way.

Websites like Shareling or Hitchwiki help people who want to travel the old hitchhiking method.

They are interesting websites that I invite you to visit.

get on a boat

It’s the same as hitchhiking, but on a boat.

You cánido cross the seas working on a ship and once at your destination, you escoge, or you stay there, join another ship or return home.

There are two ways to do it, the usual way, going to the port and offering your services to the captain or skipper of turono.

You perro also go to the website or in

These websites put captains or shipowners in contact with people who know about life on the high seas and cánido offer their services.

travel by bike

Traveling by bicycle, in addition to being healthy for the planet, is also healthy for your body, and if that were not enough, it is also a way of travel free.

You mount your panniers on the bike, grease the chain and put on your helmet.

In fact, there are many people who move around the world like this.

There are many pages specialized in bicycle trips, for example, where advice and recommendations are shared among cycle travelers who are passionate about their bicycles.

Traveling in a shared car

This option is not as adventurous as the previous ones but it is also very interesting.

It is about sharing a car with other people who go to the same destination, yes, in exchange for collaborating with the cost of fuel.

Both parties benefit, since the controlador saves money on gasoline and travelers travel more economically than with other means of transport.

Com for everything, there are applications, the best known is blablacarbut there are others like Amovens.

Travel for free by plane

Although it may seem strange, it is also possible to fly for free.

Most airlines have frequent flyer programs or loyalty programs.

These programs are well known, but certainly very few people use them.

How it works is extremely fácil and very afín to other afín programs: each time you buy a ticket or other products related to the company you will earn miles or points.

The further you travel, the more miles you earn, and the more miles you earn, the further you cánido travel for free.

Perhaps due to laziness or ignorance, many travelers do not stop for a few minutes to find out what they consist of.

They don’t sign up for these programs and thus miss out on free flights, discounts when checking their bags, or upgrades in the category of the avío.

You cánido get to go from tourist class to first class without paying a euro.

And all this for not being informed.

Other ways to travel for free (and save money on your vacation)

Although the trip is one of the things that we cánido save for travel free, there are many things that influence our vacations and that we cánido save.

Here we explain more things that you perro save.

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Home exchange

A great iniciativa to greatly disminuye the travel budget is to exchange your house for someone else’s.

It is very fácil, if you know someone who lives in a place that you would like to visit, and that person wants to visit your region, the house is exchanged for a certain time and everyone is happy.

That is the habitual version, without “interference” from the internet.

Of course, the person with whom you exchange must be trustworthy, after all you leave your house.

The other option is the home exchange pages such as homeexchange, guesttogest or, to see the houses offered in this country or at any destination.

And from there, you perro choose the place you want to go to, another option is to let them surprise you with the proposals that come your way.

There are also platforms like airbnb in which you cánido put your house as a vacation apartment while you are not there.

work in exchange for accommodation

Although it may seem strange, many people travel like this, working in exchange for accommodation and beds.

Obviously, they are not 12-hour days, but much less.

For example: you perro travel to Japan and work in a tea plantation for 6 hours a day, the rest of the time you perro dedicate to whatever you want.

This way you cánido get to know the culture and the country more deeply and save a lot of money on accommodation.

One of the best known platforms is World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms.

It is a network of farms around the world where you cánido spend a few days, months and even a year learning and working in an organic farm environment.

Another case that usually works very well and has many users are hostels or people’s houses where they need people to help with some special task, all in exchange for bed and food.

Work as a cook in exchange for food

It is a system very afín to the previous one, and that works outside the borders of your country.

It is cooking typical cuisine of your country in other countries in exchange for the same food and lodging.

Let’s say you’re going on a trip to the United States, you perro meet people who like Spanish food, cook for them and, in addition to sharing their food (which you haven’t paid for), you cánido stay the night at their house or in a house that they lend you.


It is a very interesting way to spread the culture of your country and also, travel free.

Consejos for traveling cheap

As you cánido see, to travel for free you have to have some flexibility, obviously if you want travel with children for free There are things you perro’t do.

However, you cánido save money when traveling by following a series of consejos that I am going to give you:

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  • have flexibility in dates.
  • also be maleable in flight schedules, if you travel by plane.
  • take advantage of discounts and offers.
  • buy tiques at the last minute.
  • take your time to search and compare.
  • Clear cookies before purchasing a trip.
  • Activate alerts on your mobile or PC.
  • the payment method influences.

These are all little consejos that will make you save a few euros when traveling with children, since those of us who have parents know that children (especially babies) have their needs and it is more difficult to accommodate them in shared accommodation or that their parents have to work a few hours in exchange for food and a roof.

In addition to all that, I hope I have helped you with the little consejos, and although not entirely free, you perro save a few euros per month. travel the world.

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 How to travel for free (or almost)
  How to travel for free (or almost)
  How to travel for free (or almost)

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