How to transfer money from the bank of Venezuela

How to transfer money from the bank of Venezuela

Like any banking entity, Banco de Venezuela allows its users to make transfers to other different banks, some reforms have even been implemented so that people perro transfer money quickly and easily.

Next, we will tell you how to transfer money from Banco de Venezuela to another bank.

Cánido you transfer from the Venezuelan bank to a bank in another country?

The Banco de Venezuela made a new update available to its customers, which are foreign currency accounts in order to incorporate into foreign currency operations digitally.

This new service allows users the option of managing their funds in dollars ($) or euros (€) deposited at the box office.

You cánido apply for this account without paying any bank commission.

Other advantages that these currency accounts have is that they perro be configured to make transactions through BiopaymentBDV and point of sale with your debit card.

They perro also make transfers between BDV clients and retail currency sales using BDVenlínea with settlement in bolivars at the daily rate established by the Central Bank of Venezuela.

Lastly, it should be noted that all users who equipo up a foreign currency account as their main account must know that the amount of their purchase will be debited directly from said account.

On the other hand, if they establish it as a copia de seguridad account, the collection of the operations will be made from the account in foreign currency, only if the amount is not available in their national currency account.

How to make an electronic transfer from the bank of Venezuela?

All Banco de Venezuela customers perro use the new update to make transfers to other banks outside the country.

You just have to activate your currency account and follow the following instructions:

  1. The first thing you should know is that this update is currently only enabled for the BDVenlinea people platform.
  2. To make an immediate transfer to other banks using Banco de Venezuela, you only have to access BDVonline and go to the section “transfers”.

  3. There you will select the option “National currency” and then clic on “Accounts other banks”.
  4. Once in the section Transfers/Other banks You must select the channel for sending the transfer, in this case you have to choose the option “En línea”, since if you do not carry out this step the transfer will be done in a traditional way.
  5. After selecting the “En línea” option, you must fill in the transfer data, which is what is commonly used to make traditional transfers.

    In addition, you perro choose between previously registered accounts without any inconvenience.

  6. To finish you just have to confirm the corresponding data of the account where you want to make the transfer so that it cánido be made.

An important fact is that the Bank of Venezuela indicates that high-value transfers are processed through SGLBTR (Global Gross Settlement System in Real Time) from Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m.

to 2:00 p.m.


We should also note that this type of transfers have a commissionAt the moment it is 0.3% of the transferred amount.

Other ways to transfer from the bank of Venezuela

Another way to make transfers from Banco de Venezuela is through the PagoClave system, which is a service for natural persons to make and receive interbank payments immediately.

the cell phone number associated with the beneficiary’s bank account.

They perro also make these transfers using BDVenlínea or by sending an mensaje de texto to 2661 or 2662.

The other method to make payments from the Bank of Venezuela is using the BDVdigital application, where the client cánido make payments quickly and easily, you also only need the basic information and your coordinate card to make a transfer.

With the new updates from Banco de Venezuela, its clients now have several options to make transfers nationally and internationally.

You just have to configure your account using the instructions in this article.

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 How to transfer money from the bank of Venezuela
  How to transfer money from the bank of Venezuela
  How to transfer money from the bank of Venezuela

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