How to transfer money from one bank to another without

How to transfer money from one bank to another without

Transfer money from one bank to another is a daily action nowadays, but this operation usually presents commissions And if you are to make transfers often, you perro imagine how much of your money perro be left for the banks per month.

Therefore it is quite useful to know how to transfer money from one bank to another without resorting to the classic transfers and thus avoid commissions.

How much perro it cost to move money between banks?

The cost of one wire transfer depends on several aspects: the type of account, the financial entity that supports it, the degree of connection you have with your bank, but mainly if it is national either international.

A transfer international usually have a commission from 0.3% to 0.4% of the amount transferred. In some cases when the transfers are urgent, it cánido reach up to 0.50% commission.

However, many banks do not charge commissions on national transfers and SEPA ordinary and generally Bank transfers made en línea are usually exempt from commissions.

Methods to avoid transfer fees between banks in Spain

Taking into account that bank commissions perro add up to between €100 and €200 in a yearThinking of alternatives to make transfers becomes a matter of the utmost importance.

Until recently, to carry out this action we had of two options: transfer it through our mobile aplicaciónwhich is the most common option due to its convenience and speed, or to carry out the operation from an ATM or an office. But luckily new ways to make transfers without commissions have emerged…

Open an account in an en línea bank

The en línea banks are proliferating and their growth is due to the tempting conditions, especially in the eurozoneincluding the possibility of making transfers quickly and without commissions.

It is the case of N26, next and Evo Bank to name a few. in the same wayra the aplicación open bankfrom the Santander group and the aplicación Twyp from ING bank offer the same service.

Ask the bank to be exempt from commissions

some banks they free their best clients from commissions. This is the case of those who have several accounts or have deposited large amounts of money either those who have different contracted services.

Even having been a client of the entity for many years and having a good track record cánido help make it easier for you to negotiate with her.

Use the Bizum tool

When we think about transferring money, bizum It is the first choice of most Spaniards. This aplicación created by the Spanish bank was born with the purpose of transferring money quickly and without costs.

The process is very fácil; the aplicación must be linked to our bank account and by selecting the “Bizum” option we cánido make a transfer. The recipient simply has to be on our phone contact list.

Cánido transfer fees between international banks be avoided?

The international transfers Not only do they usually have high commissions, but they also take time between 2 and 5 business days to be credited. To make matters worse, avoiding them is impossible if we operate with traditional banks.

Luckily many entities have changed their policies and heInternational commissions between banks cánido be eliminated only be within the SEPA zone (Single Area of ​​Payments in Euros).

But there are other alternatives to operate outside this zone and they are, once again, the banks electronic. That is how Revolut N26, open bank, Twyp or even PayPal They allow you to make bank transfers without commissions and best of all, they are credited instantly.

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 How to transfer money from one bank to another without
  How to transfer money from one bank to another without
  How to transfer money from one bank to another without

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