How to Transfer Money from Argentina to

How to Transfer Money from Argentina to

When it comes time to transfer money abroad the last thing you want is to waste time and money. Some options to carry out this type of operation are usually very complicated and expensive. Fortunately today you perro enjoy new alternatives to send money abroad

If you radica in Argentina and want to transfer money to Spain, you perro use various methods to do so. All the alternatives for sending money that will be shown below are fácil, fast and cheap. You just have to analyze and compare which may be your best option.

Best ways to get money from Argentina to Spain in 2023

Every day many people who live in Argentina look for the best way to send money to Spain. There are various reasons that motivate people to make this transaction. Some do it to expand their business in Spain, others to help relatives cover their expenses and a few do it to spend their money on a good vacation.

For a long time, banking entities have provided their clients with some alternatives to make international money transfers, such as bank transfers, the use of cards and the withdrawal of money by ATM. But some of these options are a bit tricky. Next, you will know the main characteristics of each one:

Wire transfer

This is the best way to send money to Spain from a bank. allows you to transfer large sums of money safely. The commission charge will depend on the bank you use. You perro send your money from Argentina without complications as long as it is sent between accounts of the same owner.

Pros: A lot of security, Very easy, From anywhere

Cons: High commission, Quite a long time to arrive

Debit and credit cards

This is a good payment system if you are going to spend a few days in Spain. If you pay your expenses with your Argentine card you will not have commission charges and the exchange rate will be very fair. The negative aspect is that you cánido only cancel small amounts of money.

Pros: No commissions, Quite fácil

Cons: Not suitable for large shipments.

Withdrawal of money through an ATM being French

You perro withdraw money in Spain through an ATM as long as you have an account in pesos. This is an extremely fast and cheap option. The commissions would be according to the policies of the bank, but they are generally low. The drawbacks of this method is that they only allow you to withdraw money every 4 days and the monthly limit amount is €3,600.

If these means do not meet your expectations, do not worry! You have at your disposal another much more practical method to send money to Spain from Argentina. He sending money through en línea platforms is a revolutionary alternative that has helped many to perform these operations immediately and easily.

There are numerous providers of sending money abroad. Among the most famous are PayPal, Western Union and Transferwise. Each one operates safely and quickly. They offer variable rates and commissions.


The service of this platform is safe and effective. You just have to open an account and associate your Argentine credit or debit card or bank account. With PayPal You cánido send money to a friend or family member, or if you want you cánido open two accounts with the same nombre de usuario to exchange currency. Their commissions are usually high.

Pros: Totally en línea, The most used platform, Very protected

Cons: International commissions, Requires creating an account

Western Union

This platform has successfully operated in more than 200 countries. With Western Union there is no limit on the amount of money that you want to send to Spain or another country and their commissions are quite low. Through its agencies, it allows the beneficiary to receive all his money in cash.

Pros: Without commissions in many cases, Send to any country in different ways

Cons: Sometimes it takes time to arrive, Support not available in Spanish

Transfer wise

This provider of sending money is characterized by its efficiency and transparency. Transferwise espectáculos you a real exchange rate, the commission decreases when the shipment is made from your bank account, but if you want to send it immediately it is better that you use your card.

Pros: Support in Spanish, Fast shipping

Cons: Relatively newer platform

Bring money from Argentina to Spain by check

Carrying money in hand to Spain from Argentina is an excellent alternative to spend a good time in that wonderful country. Although it is not mandatory to make statements at the airport for carrying cash, you are only allowed to carry 10,000 euros or 10,000 dollars. Also, this method puts your life and money at risk, although that is a personal opinion.

Many residents of Argentina when traveling to Spain want to use other alternatives to carry your money with confidence. One option that has been successful for a long time is international checks. These checks are documents issued by banks to change money in any country.

Although this method is not as fast as shipments by En línea platforms, It is a safe option to transfer money to Spain. These checks bear the holder’s name and a serial number to keep track when cashing them. If you lose your international check, you perro ask for another one to be made with the same series and value of the lost check.

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 How to Transfer Money from Argentina to
  How to Transfer Money from Argentina to
  How to Transfer Money from Argentina to

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