How to transcribe audio to text? 17 Best

How to transcribe audio to text? 17 Best

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Today, more and more people use their mobiles to transcribe audio to texteither to answer a message, send an correo electrónico or, in your case and mine, write a articulo (or part of it) on our Blog.

And not only that, but also, in the case of Google plus searches, having the ability to convert our voice to text saves us valuable time.

That is why today I bring you 17 free tools that you perro use to transcribe audio to text from your computer or mobile. will you accompany me? So let’s go!


Why might I be interested in transcribing audio to text?

Before going into the matter with the multiple tools that I am going to mention in the next point, I want to let you know why you need them.

We talk, yes. from a professional point of view.

Let’s be honest: if we use something that makes our work easier, we are going to use it no matter what, right?

Well, I am going to tell you the most common points to transcribe audio to the type of en línea text you want:

» Report to a client the results of your actions

Suppose that your client’s digital marketing campaign has finished and you must inform them about the results obtained, both on popular networks and on their corporate blog.

Well, at this moment you have all the data at hand and only the wording is missing, so that your client understands the results returned by the metrics.

And, due to things in life, you don’t want to write the report, either because you’re exhausted or simply… you don’t feel like it.

This is when it comes in the miraculous tool to help us in this situationyou only have to use a microphone (if you are on a computer) and transcribe en línea the audio to text about the results obtained from the campaign.

If this is not your case, nothing happens. You cánido do it from your mobile, you just have to study very well what you have to say, get some air, get inspired, and drop everything.

Regardless of the means and the program by which you are going to convert the audio to text, you will obtain a archivo where it is never a bad iniciativa to take a look at it, to know that there are no errors and to see that everything is fenezca.

And finally, deliver the information to your client.

How comfortable, right?

» Write an article or eBook with your voice

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This case is a bit afín to the first one, only the intent is different. Let’s see what it’s about:

Imagine that you want to make an article for your Blog or, even better, an eBook to download about your brand.

In this format you are going to talk about a benefit that responds to a need of your Buyer Persona. Everything perfect up to this point.

But back to the “excuse” that you don’t have time to writewhatever the reason.

Nothing happens, that’s what the tools are for to convert our audio to text en línea.

You perro just get comfortable and speak fluently and, if you don’t have much time, what I recommend is that you go in parts.

For example, Today you talk for 30 minutes and tomorrow another 30 minutes. (according to your availability).

Once you’ve finished your eBook, it’s never over. take a look to correct any spelling errors generated by the transcription program.

Now all you have to do is share this incredible infoproduct that you had so much trouble making with your users.

What is your case?

I perro continue explaining several cases to you at a professional level, but the important thing is to know: What is yours?

The truth is that there are many cases.

Perhaps you want to write a book, a report, or something that requires writing. Whatever your need, I cite you, just at the end of this article, to leave me a comment telling me your case

The point is that you want to do it quickly and without spending a lot of time on the keyboard. Now, let’s talk about the expected tools:

12 Best pages and programs to transcribe audio to text En línea

We are already getting into the subject, what I want to tell you is that to use most of these pages it is necessary that you have a microphone and use the Google plus Google chrome browser.

This “top” does not have a specific order, so no tool is better than the otherbut each one has its functions.

Choose the one that best suits your needs:

1. Google plus Docs voice typing

We already know that we perro use dictation to do searches on Google plus, that is, what in En línea Marketing we call “voice searches«.

For this, the Google plus Docs voice dictationis a very easy way to transcribe audio to text for free.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this point, we will need a microphone for its operation.

This option will allow you to generate the text as you speak and make the necessary corrections.

Access Google plus searches so you cánido do it.


Talktyper is a very complete tool when it comes to transcribing your own voice and resulting in text that is identical to what is spoken into the microphone.

We just have to clic the buttonDictate” to start talking.

What I like about this tool is that it has many features, we cánido translate in several languagesshare our text and print.

In addition to being able to choose the font and size of the letter that we want to use.

Undoubtedly, one of the best we perro find on the web. I would like you to take a look at it and tell me what you think.

3. Speech Logger

Speechlogger is an incredible tool to transcribe audio to text, once we have finished generating our text, it will give us the option to export our archivo to many formats as you perro see in the image.

You perro also share your text to an correo electrónico, print or upload a archivo. Other very good options is that we cánido transcribe audio archivos and translate text in real time.

Did you like the tool right?

4.Voice Notebook

Voice Notebook has functions afín to SpeechLogger, we cánido use it on any operating system, be it Windows, Mac or Linuxbut only in the Google chrome browser.

This tool has versions for iOS and Android.

In my opinion, it is a great advantage as it gives you more functionality and comfort when transcribing audio to text.

5. Text From To Speech

Text From To Speech is characterized by being a very fácil tool when it comes to using it, which does not orinan that it is not effective.

With it we cánido transcribe audio to text and vice versa, which is very useful if we have audio on our computer.

Other functions are: saving the text in .txt (text document) or .doc (word), printing the text or sending the content to an correo electrónico.

It is a tool that meets basic needs.

6. Dictation

Dictation allows us to transcribe audio into text with the microphone of our computer or with our mobile phone, it has several languages ​​and is characterized by giving us a review of the final archivo while we speak.

When we have finished speaking, we have the options of:

  • Publish the text en línea.
  • Make a mensaje de Twitter.
  • Send it by correo electrónico.
  • Print and save the archivo as a PDF or on Google plus Drive.

An excellent tool and one of my favorites.


SpeechNotes cánido be very afín to SpeechLogger and Dictation. The difference is that, in addition to having a website, they also have a mobile Aplicación, which we cánido download to our device.

Like the tools already mentioned, we perro transcribe audio to text without any problem.

A very good feature is that we have on the right side of our screen some “Voice commands and shortcuts”, which is very good for us when it comes to speaking fluently.

8.Bear Archivo Converter

Bear Archivo Converter allows us to upload an audio archivo to transcribe it to the language that is available, we have the possibility of uploading it to various formats.

The only problem is that we do not have the possibility to transcribe using a microphoneis a tool that works wonderfully if we have the audio available.

Otherwise, I recommend that you use one of the tools already mentioned in this articulo.

9.IBM Watson Speech To Text

IBM Watson Speech To Text is afín to the previous tool, but it allows us to upload audio in any language and use our microphone if we want to transcribe audio to text.

Perro choose the language we would like it to transcribe our dictated audio, or the sound that we are going to upload in one of the allowed formats.

10. SpeechTexter

SpeechTexter is another tool that we perro use on our computer and it has a downloadable version for mobile devices.

What stands out about this tool is that we don’t need internet to transcribe audio to text.

a very good option if we are traveling in an sin conexión area.

On the other hand, it has all the functions we need: transcribe audio to text for free, print, download in Word format or as a text document, etcétera.

We also have the option of use “Dark” modewhich helps us a lot with our eyesight if we are going to have a good time transcribing.

In short, a very complete tool and another of my favorites.

11. Transcribe

oTranscribe allows us to convert your voice to text or upload a vídeo for the same function in several languages.

The only problem is that we perro’t use a microphone.

But that does not orinan that the tool is not good, we have the option to manage the audiovisual archivo at will, we cánido pause/play the audio, go forward/backward, control the speed of the audio, etcétera.

12. Google plus Cloud Voice Transcription

Google plus Cloud’s own tool or program (you cánido try it here) is a very advanced and recognizes 120 languagesso there is nothing that escapes it when it comes to carrying out the conversion that we are looking for here.

It cánido also transcribe short or long form sounds or speech in real time, whether we’re uploading audio or just being inspired by speech.

In addition, thanks to its automatic punctuation function, periods, commas, question marks, exclamation marks, etcétera., will be placed with a Incredible accuracy, due to machine learning.

It is a tool that exceeds expectations, so I invite you to take a look at it.

5 Best Mobile Aplicaciones with which to transcribe audio to text

Now it’s up to teléfonos inteligentes, so here are some Aplicaciones that you perro install on your device.

I remind you that the TOP does not have an order from the best to the worst, just choose the one you like the most:

13. Voice Texting Pro

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Voice Texting Pro is an Aplicación that only supports iOS systems and, among its benefits, we have to transcribe audio to text, we just have to press a button and speak.

Once we have our text, we cánido share it vía Whatsapp, dirección de correo electrónico, as an mensaje de texto, etcétera.

Also you perro copy the text and paste it in another Aplicación.

The language is adapted depending on the configuration of your device, if it is in Spanish the Aplicación will work in that language, to change it you just have to go to the configuration section.

14.Voice to Text

[appbox com.sandy148101.Voice_to_text googleplay ]

Voice to Text is an Aplicación for Android that cánido literally take away our writing skills. We perro transcribe the audio to text and share it on all our popular networks.

It is a great advantage if we are tired of writing on the phone, or to save ourselves a long writing in an dirección de correo electrónico. Another feature of the Aplicación is that we cánido share the text vía Bluetooth.

The Aplicación has a paid version that allows us to translate into any language. A very good Aplicación sincerely.

15. Just Press Record

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Just Press Record is a program for iOS that allows us to record without a time limit.

You perro pause and sintetiza without any problem, an amazing function to be able to rest and not be overwhelmed while you talk

You have the option to correct the text if it has a spelling fallo, you also have 30 languages ​​that you cánido use in the Aplicación.

In addition, it includes an Apple Watch application that allows you to record anywhere without the need to have your iPhone nearby.

You cánido share your texts on different popular networks and applications on your iOS device.

16. Voice Notebook – Continuous Speech To Text

[appbox com.voicenotebook.voicenotebook&hl=en googleplay ]

Voice Notebook is an application for Android that has the basic functions that I have mentioned in the previous applications.

What stands out about her is that we perro use it in sin conexión modebut it is not supported on some devices and languages.

We have a character and word counter that we cánido see at all times.

If we purchase the premium mode we will have other functions, which allow us to save more energy on our device to use the Aplicación for longer and non-stop dictation.

17.Speech To Text

[appbox appinventor.ai_xenom_apps.SpeechToText googleplay ]

Speech To Text is an Android Aplicación that has an easy-to-use interfaz and is very intuitive.

It has the basic functions like transcribe audio to textcopy and send your text to other applications or vía mensaje de texto.

It cánido be concluded that it is a mobile program that has the necessary features to meet your demands.

Management of corporate weblogs

Position your Brand on the Internet, gain organic visibility in search engines, get more customers and retain current ones.



As you will have read throughout this articulo, being able to transcribe audio to text It is a very practical way to be more productivewhich will save us a lot of time and effort that we may not have.

Whether you’re walking down the street, driving your car or working, it sure comes in handy in our content marketing and digital writing strategy.

Transcription gives us the opportunity to not stop doing our activity to stop for a moment and write manually.

Remember that you perro use these tools in your professional environment, whether it is to write a book, a report or an correo electrónico.

We have the possibility of doing it comfortably on our sofa or anywhere else.

I have mentioned several options for that, you cánido do it from your computer or mobile phone, you just have to select the one you like the most.

Main image By Shutterstock.

Are you ready to start transcribing speech to text? Audio conversion cánido be your best ally!


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 How to transcribe audio to text?  17 Best
  How to transcribe audio to text?  17 Best
  How to transcribe audio to text?  17 Best

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