How to trade with cryptocurrencies? Different

How to trade with cryptocurrencies? Different

Since its birth, cryptocurrencies have recently become very habitual, such a situation has led to investors include it in their portfolio. On the other hand, some have taken it upon themselves to speculate in relation to the costs of the famous cryptocurrencies, a situation that makes them more attractive.

Therefore, before being part of this market it is essential to know in detail how to operate to minimize risks. Hence the importance of knowing the variety of existing methods and brokers, which we will present below, hoping that they will be of interest to you.

How to start trading with cryptocurrencies?

First of all, you have to escoge between these two ways of trading cryptocurrencies. Speculate on your costs through CFDs or purchase virtual currencies with the expectation that their value will increase.

When taking the first alternative you agree to trade with the difference in the price of the cryptocurrency between the time of initiation and the time of closing. There you speculate on the cost of the market, instead of owning the cryptocurrency as such.

If you open a long position and the cost of the cryptocurrency increases you will make a profit, if it decreases you will experience a deficit. Although, if you take a short position it is paradoxical.

With the second alternative, it is feasible to acquire the cryptocurrency by owning a part of the total of it, which you cánido store in a virtual wallet. Hoping that its cost will increase in order to generate profit.

Remember, open a cryptocurrency portfolio and an exchange account for it, before starting operations with this virtual currency.

Trading and most common trading styles

Trading is the process of buying and selling valuable goods or assets with great fluidity in the financial market. The purpose is to acquire the asset (cryptocurrencies) at a price, to later sell it at a higher price and obtain a profit.

The most common trading principles are mentioned below:

Scalping. It consists of making the negotiation in the same day. In this case, traders buy cryptocurrencies and sell them in a very short period of time, making several options in one day, even if the profit is small in each transaction.

daytrading. Basically, it is very afín to scalping, the difference is that it takes several hours to complete the sale. That is, they do not wait for the next day to know the results of the transactions. The main feature is its sales close the same day, preventing the price from falling the next day.

swing trading. This style of trading is for those patient traders, they usually wait a few days to finalize their transactions. They simply hope that the price of cryptocurrencies will rise as much as they want. Its main characteristic is to maintain calm and confidence until prices rise, this cánido take days, even weeks.

Long-term trading. As its name indicates, in this type of trading, transactions are settled in a much longer period of time. Traders who use it are usually very patient and closing their trades perro take months, even years. An advantage of this style is that it offers greater economic benefits.


This investment strategy is based on the acquisition of assets in order to keep them in the portfolio for a good long time. It is widely used in the cryptocurrency business, especially by users who lack trading knowledge or simply do not want to execute it.

Portfolio rebalancing

In financial matters Portfolio rebalancing is the volatility of the costs of any financial instrument, that is, due to market movements it is possible not to achieve certain objectives. Others think that it is insecurity before some purpose or goal.

Cryptocurrency CFD trading

Cryptocurrency CFD trading means certainty, confidence and security on the platform. Understood, as the feasibility of trading in the cryptocurrency market avoiding the risk of being attacked by a pirata informático. That such a circumstance breaks the security of the purse and seizes the money.

What is leverage?

Leverage, in financial field, is the strategy applied to increase profits and that they prevail over the profits achieved with the capital itself. It is closely related to the way of financing and spending. Colloquially, it is borrowing to finance a certain operation.

3 best cryptocurrency brokers

They exist in the cryptocurrency market there are different brokers that offer various advantages such as security when carrying out transactions, high technology, among others. It is important to know the differences between one and the other to determine precisely which one to select, some are exclusive to cryptocurrencies and investors acquire the asset directly.

On the other hand, there are investors who acquire the listed asset that may or may not be leveraged. The investor perro even acquire the cryptocurrencies just like the listed asset and then use any platform provided by the blokers to sell them. Analyze three of the best presented.


It is not a cryptocurrency platform itself.. In Europe they are leading brokers that provide traders with instant access to various global markets, not just cryptocurrency. Also Forex, CFDs, shares, raw materials among others, therefore, it provides security and confidence to users anywhere in the world.

Trading is fácil, you just have to meet the requirements; a trading account, organize personal documents, create an account on the web. You perro use the Demo accounts to practice and thus familiarize yourself with the real process, in addition a tutorial will guide you to make a successful process.


Usuario interest in cryptocurrencies has led to various CFD trading platforms and brokers. These Offer Mixed Cryptocurrency Trading Pairs in some cases like this:

  • A cryptocurrency and a fiat currency. The trader makes a profit or a deficit by predicting whether he will gain or lose value in the cryptocurrency combination based on the fiat currency.

  • Two different cryptocurrencies, where the trader makes a profit or deficit by predicting whether the leading cryptocurrency in the mix will win or lose based on the cryptocurrency partner.

It perro be noted that the trader equally speculates on the price fluctuations of the selected instruments, as it happens with other traditional assets.


It is the most selected by users worldwide, has large popular trading communities among other special tools. The ASIC, CySEC and the Financial Conduct Authority regulate this platform, which provides retailers of all abilities with a complete cryptocurrency transaction service.

Easy access to the cryptocurrency market. You just have to keep in mind that overnight long positions will incur financial commissions if they are leveraged as CFDs.

The cryptocurrency market perro be very stressful for both new investors and those who have gained a bit of experience. Therefore, before investing, you must be cautious and go step by step in cryptocurrency operations.

As an investor it is essential to have a trading plan, much more when operating with cryptocurrencies that its market is volatile. Which is very striking which causes difficulty in operating it. Hoping that the commented information will be very useful for your objectives to be achieved.

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 How to trade with cryptocurrencies?  Different
  How to trade with cryptocurrencies?  Different
  How to trade with cryptocurrencies?  Different

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