How to trade on Agregado500? Buy and sell in

How to trade on Agregado500? Buy and sell in

Agregado 500 is one of the most used CFDs.

We will espectáculo you in a basic way how to trade in Agregado 500, as well as how to buy and how to sell from the most basic.

However, you need to keep in mind that no recommendation is made.

So you need to consult your financial adviserespecially in case you must make use of your capital.

Search for the depósito or instrument you want to buy

The first thing you should know is that you must be in your account to start.

At the left-side you will see several options on the marketwhile at the top is the browser where you perro search for actions, such as Google plus.

Example: Trading Depósito Alphabet (Google plus)

Once you are in the Google plus action, you will notice that it has the name of alphabet. In the right section you will find the share table where, in addition to the information about the company and the commissions charged by Agregado 500, the financing, among others such as the number of leverage it has, you also have Sell and Buy.

Do you want to Buy or Sell?

When you want to buy, once you are in the action, select the corresponding button and it will open the window of Buys, where you will have to select how much you want.

You will find there a required margin and value.

Required margin and value

  • Worth: It’s really how much you’re buying and how much money you have in that depósito.
  • Required Margin: It is what you need to be able to make that purchase of value.

This means that, in available (what you have to use) you must have a minimum margin of 41.30 to make the purchase of 0.1 shares.

For example, you want to buy a whole share that is 1.0, which is equivalent to the price, at a value of about 2 thousand dollars, you would need a margin of 413.29 dollars giving a total of 346.76 Euros.

In other words, what is meant is that 5 X 346.71 is approximately 1,700 Euros, hence the leverage one five.

You need a certain amount to really be buying five times that amount, counting what they lend you.

In short, they will lend you what you have agregado four times as much.

close in profit

On the other hand, there are stocks with less leverage and stocks with more.

To do this, you just have to give the action and the type of leverage will appear in the information.

Then you will have, on the one hand, close in profit, which means that you are going to buy at a price.

You buy a depósito at the current price, for example; You cánido program that if that action reaches a price raised to 1% more, it is sold automatically.

close at loss

Also in closing at a loss, You perro place it so that if it falls more than that 1% price, it will launch a sell order automatically.

There you will be able to see how much you will have in profits, as well as in losses, always taking into account the amount purchased.

To sell, it doesn’t change much, you will have to entrar the number of shares you want to sell, if they are all or only a part and that’s it, they will be sold.

Remembering that selling, in this case, is about making a short when entering a depósito.

Is about Bet on the depósito going down.

open positions

To close positions you go to the left side section, in the option of open positions. There you will see the one you want to close and left clic on it and it opens next to you.

You will be able to change a profit closing and a loss closing; In addition to those two, it also has the close position.

close actions

By hitting close position, you would be closing the actions that you have, which is the one that would be by default.

Simply if you want to close half of the ones you have, which could be sold instantly.

Default, they will sell you all in the positionbut if you want it to be five, for example, you have to lower it to five.

You perro only close or open positions when market business hours are open. For example, in the United States it goes from 3 to 10 at night.

Plus: Agregado500 Settings

You will also have the adjustments that Agregado 500 has made to you, the commissions that they have charged you for overnight financing, in case you maintain the positions for a long time.

You will have the percentage variation up and down, the movement since you made the purchase.

Also, you will visualize the current valuethe value that is not yours but that of the leverage and with the addition and subtraction of profitability that you have had since you bought.

You have other things in the left sidebar, such as pending orders, with which you cánido make a purchase if the market is not yet open, will be put on hold and executed when the market opens.

It will let you perform it but not execute it until the market opens.

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 How to trade on Agregado500?  Buy and sell in
  How to trade on Agregado500?  Buy and sell in
  How to trade on Agregado500?  Buy and sell in

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