How to Trade 24Option【TUTORIAL 2022 Forex and

How to Trade 24Option【TUTORIAL 2022 Forex and

I have been earning my living for many years now, generating income from the Internet and I have tried many methods to earn a good salary every month just with my computer.

But of all the ones I’ve tried, without a doubt the one that has given me the best earnings It has been trading en línea.

However, you cannot invest in the depósito market with any page that appears there. You must be very careful with those “portals” that what they are looking for is to keep your money and that’s it.

Therefore, you cánido only do your operations in official brokers, with certifications that espectáculo that they are regulated by international entities. This will give you greater security and guarantee that your money is protected and being well used.

When I started trading, I had a hard time finding a good option to invest my money. I didn’t want to fall for fake brokers, so I was researching and testing different companies, and one of those platforms is 24Option.

So in this article, I want to teach you how to how to trade in this great broker, so you know how easy and profitable it becomes when you know how to use 24Option. Let’s go there!

HERE you have all the steps to trade with 24Option

Regulations and security at 24Option

How to open an account at 24Option

Tutorial: How to trade at 24Option

24Option Strategies

Types of trades at 24Option

What is the minimum deposit of 24Option?

What commissions will 24Option charge me for trading?

What methods to withdraw money are there at 24Option?

What assets perro I trade at 24Option?

Types of accounts at 24Option

Perro I trade with 24Option from my phone?

Training at 24Option

Is 24Option reliable to trade? My experience

Regulations and safety in 24Option

24Option it has regulations and safety aspects up to datea point that every usuario should take into account before depositing money in any type of broker.

For starters, this platform is licensed by CySEC (Cyprus Securities Commission), which is one of the organizations that regulate trading activities in the world.

This allows you to operate in the countries of the European Union without any problem. Now, with countries outside the EU there is no difficulty either, since it is registered in Belize Financial Services Commission in order to provide its services to users in the rest of the world.

Registration with these entities ensures that the money you invest will not be wasted and will remain protected in the integrity of the account.

Something that you perro also take as a sign of confidence is that this brand is official sponsor of the Juventus football teamso it cánido be said that this is a serious company that is not afraid of publicity.

It is a very positive point other platforms do not have.

As To open an account at 24Option

Open an account in 24Option It’s free and takes less than 2 minutes. You only have to fill in very fácil information and you will be ready to entrar your usuario interfaz.

First, you have to entrar the broker’s page. Clic on the backlink below to go directly to 24Option:

Once you are on the 24Option page, look for the yellow button at the top left that says “Sign up” and clic on it as you cánido see in the image below.

When you clic on that button, a small box will appear asking you to write your name, surname, correo electrónico and a phone number. You also have to accept the terms and conditions.

You cánido choose between creating a real account and a demo account, it doesn’t matter since they give you both at the same time, but I would recommend that you deposits to access the real account and you perro trade with 24Option without restrictions.

After this, press “Start Trading” and ready! You already have your account open and ready to use.

Tutorial: How to trade 24Option

1. Log into your 24Option account

The first thing you have to do is entrar your account by 24Option. To do this, you must press “Login” on the broker’s page that is on the upper right side. If you don’t have an account created at 24Option yet, make sure to create one with the steps I gave you in the previous section.

Entrar your nombre de usuario and password, then press the button to entrar and it will take you to another window.

Something I recommend you do is verify your account so you cánido operate quietly. It is a quick process where you only have to send images of your identity document and an electricity bill in your name with the address.

All this for security reasons. and to verify that the information entered is true.

2. Switch from the demo account to the real one

You will be able to realize that you entered with your demo account, so if you are new to en línea trading (or if you want to try the trading platform), you cánido use it until you feel comfortable with the web interfaz.

It comes in handy when you want to try new strategies and use a free $100,000 in investments with no trading value. It is effective for learn to use the brokerbut it won’t do you much good unless you deposit.

It is important that you remember that this account is only a test one, you cánido’t deposit or withdraw money unless you switch to the real one. To do this, all you have to do is press the “Change to Real” button located on the upper right side.

With this, you perro make money income or withdrawals without problem.

3. Make a deposit to your account

Make a deposit at 24Option It is one of the fastest and easiest activities you cánido do on the platform.

From your real account, Go to where it says “Banking”. Once inside, all you have to do is place the amount of money you want to deposit and select the payment method you want to do it with.

There are many ways to deposit money: Visa or Mastercard cardselectronic wallets such as Skrill, Neteller and AstroPay. Finally, there is also the bank transfer.

Keep in mind that if you make the deposit by bank transfer, the money will take between 3 to 5 days to arrive, while the other methods are immediate.

4. Open your first trade

Now you are ready to open a trade at 24Option with your real account.

Go to the trading area and choose an asset to trade. For this, look at the list of instruments on the left side of the screen. You will be able to see currency pairs, commodities, cryptocurrencies and much more.

When you have selected one of them, you cánido see it in the right box. will espectáculo up big the name of the derivative, such as EUR/USD, BitcoinUSD, among others.

As you perro see, you perro’t see the depósito chart; however, if you press “ShowGraphit will appear quickly.

You have to choose lot volume and if you will operate downwards (sell) or upwards rise (buy).

Finally, press “Trade” so that you cánido open your operation successfully and see the results of your position in real time.

5. withdraw winnings

After all that process, now is the best part: withdraw your earnings from 24Option. The time has come to withdraw your earnings so that you perro take advantage of them however you wish, and it is very fácil.

As with deposits, you must go to “Banking”, but instead of staying in the money deposit window, you will press “Withdrawal”. From here you perro make a withdrawal request.

Write the amount you want to withdrawfill out the bank form that they espectáculo you and then select the withdrawal method you want to use.

If you choose any, except bank transfer, you will receive the money immediately.

That’s it! With this you will have made your first trade with 24Optionand you will have started to generate profits with it.

24Option strategies

Strategies when investing are very important. That’s why I espectáculo you here the 9 strategies that I use to profit with 24Option on 89% of my trades.

Hedging Strategy

This type of strategy allows to increase profit that you perro get and disminuye the risk. Basically, it is about covering an open position with another.

The iniciativa is that if you have an open position that you invested to the upside, and you start to notice an unexpected change in trend, you should open another trade in the opposite direction for the same amount, so that make up for the losses of the first with the gains of the second.

To explain it better, I will give you an example: Imagine that you want to operate in the EUR/USD currency pair. You do your technical analysis and forecast that the price will go up.

It happens just as you thought, so you escoge invest $10.

Before the position expires, a trend change begins against you. You cannot make an early closing, so you only have one option left, open an operation in the new direction of the price, for the same amount, or double it, and wait for it to end to recover the money.

As you cánido see, that is why it is called Coverage, since Protect your first trade.

Change of trend

For this strategy, it is necessary that you find an asset in which you cánido see that the prices and trends are extremeeither up or down. This is because the iniciativa is to take advantage of price changes, however subtle they may be.

Now with the chosen instrument, what you should do is wait for a change to occur on the quote line.

When the change happens, you cánido say that it is relatively safe make a countertrend trade. However, this is not a certain science, so there is no way to ensure that this condition will be maintained in the price.

Therefore, you have to act fast as soon as you identify a spike on the asset chart.

You should not use this tactic to long term operations or rest assured that you will fail. It is best to leave it for short positions and make small profits.

Bollinger Bands

This strategy is an intermediate level tactic, but once you get the hang of it, it will be very helpful for you.

When you activate this indicator, 3 lines appear on the graph. The upper one, which indicates the overbought or the maximum; the lower one, which indicates the oversold or minimum; finally, the one in the center, representing the price of the asset as such.

With these bands, you cánido measure volatility and trend of an asset; so two scenarios are created.

In the first case, it cánido be said that when the maximum and minimum get closer, it means that a trend is being created. What will give you a very good opportunity when investing.

Now, in the second case, if they move away from each other, it is because volatility is higher and you must let this period pass.

Also, if you want another way to take advantage of this indicator, you perro see that when the price line reaches its maximum, it will go down; while in the minimum it will rise. This works to check the trend and you cánido invest more safely.

Counter-direction to the market

As the title indicates, with this strategy the iniciativa is that you cánido make an investment in contrary to the current trend.

In other words, if you find yourself evaluating the price of an instrument whose value is growing, this tactic will help you find the exact point for invest down and still make a profit.

To achieve this, you have to take into account several points at the same time that determine the behavior of the market.

For example: economic calendar, news that may affect asset price and the affinity of other traders towards it.

Now combining the strategy with the RSI indicator will give you a good perspective of where the price is moving. So when you cánido vea that a movement occurs in a trend that perro make it change direction, invest in that sense.

That is, if the price line is rising and there is a downward change, invest quickly in that sense to take advantage of the seconds of indecision in the market.

flags strategy

Before applying this strategy, you must change the graph to the “Japanese Candles”, since with this you will be able to make the pertinent analyzes to carry out the tactic correctly.

Basically, what you have to do is locate a minimum of 2 flags in the same direction and invest in that trend. It’s as easy as that. The point is that you must differentiate what the chart tells you before trading.

There are candles that give you incorrect information, for example, false breakouts. so your job is identify when to invest or not.

This strategy works very well in the short term and with a temporality of 15 minutes or more.

Support and Resistance Strategy

It is one of the easiest strategies to perform, since all it asks of you is that you have a proper and correct judgment on the market.

As you know very well, the price of the asset tends to change depending on many factors.

To have better control, the best thing you perro do is equipo a range of action; placing two lines, one upper (resistance) and one lower (support).

With this determined, it will be easier for you vea the trend of the asset and you perro make your investment based on its price.

Double the value of the investment

For this strategy you do not need more than active operations in which you perro operate again before the expiration time.

The iniciativa of ​​this tactic is to be able increase your earnings immediately on assets in which you already have an open position. Obviously, it will not be in any instrument, but in those that you see that according to your technical analysis have an opportunity to generate benefits.

If you do things right, you’ll end up with two operations in the same derivative and both with profits.

And you should not necessarily limit yourself to doubling your investment, you cánido do it as many times as you want, as long as study the stage well and the trend of the asset plays in your favor.

Pinocchio Strategy

In this case you have to change the chart to “Japanese Candlesticks” to be able to study the behavior of the asset price.

Here you are not going to pay attention to anything other than the small candles, with a fairly large wick and a small body. As they grow, it means that at some point the trend will break, that is, it will go the other way.

Not to say it will happen right away, but if in some moment.

Therefore, your duty is to be aware when this happens and invest against the trend, in order to counteract the effect of Pinocchio.

This strategy is a bit tricky, but gives very good results since the candles do not lie.

you just have to wait for change to occur and take advantage of those moments to invest.

Long-term investment

This strategy is the preferred one for those expert traders looking for profit in the future not so far However, it is not so easy to find the trick to make it work correctly.

What you have to keep in mind is that to perform this type of operation, it must be done in assets you know and you perro have control. In such a way that you disminuye the risk you run when investing in the long term.

Keep in mind that most who trade this way, it is because seeks to disminuye volatility of the short term.

The problem is, you don’t know the future, so it could be just as problematic. This is where it comes in the control that you mentioned in previous lines. If you have already traded in any asset, you will already know how its behavior and stability are.

You have to take that to your advantage and use it to your advantage to perform long-term operation.

This is a tricky forecast, where you invest in the hope that the trend is maintained for more than one day.

Types of operations in 24Option

24Option is a broker that has been adapting to the needs of users from all over the world. For this reason, it is currently dedicated solely to two types of operations: CFDs (contracts for difference) and Forex. You may have no iniciativa what I orinan, so I’ll explain a bit to refresh your memory.

CFDs are a form of trading on the depósito market through which you you invest in the asset price.

You do not buy or sell the instrument, but you work based on their contribution. You perro get big profits. However, in these operations you have to be aware of trend changes so that they do not affect your benefits.

You perro also place a stop loss either take profit to secure your income and limit losses.

On the other hand, Forex is trade one currency for another. For example, with the EUR/USD pair you perro sell euros and buy dollars or vice versa.

The difference with the previous form of operation is that here you cánido use leverage. In other words, you have the possibility of trading with more money than you actually have. For example: With a x10 multiplier, an investment of $10 would become $100.

This is good because you multiply by ten your possible profits, but in the same way you increase the volume of losses. You should be careful when opening trades with leverage greater than x10.

Which is the minimum deposit from 24Option?

The minimum deposit of 24Option It is one of the lowest on the market: just $100 to be able to open a real account and operate on one of the best en línea trading platforms.

You perro make the deposit of money through different means (such as debit or credit cards, Skrill, Neteller, AstroPay) and in a few minutes you will have your new cómputo in your account.

You perro also deposit through bank transfers, but these take longer and minimum you cánido transfer $1,000.

The good thing is that you have no limit to add money to your cómputo, as long as it is in commercial currencies such as dollars or euros. If you want to use other currencies, 24Option also supports the British Pound and the Japanese Yen.

whatwhat commissions Will 24Option charge me for trading?

There are 3 types of commissions What to keep in mind when trading 24Option. Each of them is applied in certain circumstances for doing something on the platform, here I will explain what each one consists of:

Withdrawal fee

This charge is submitted to make a withdrawal from your 24Option account. Depending on the payment method you choose, a percentage or a fixed amount will be applied to you.

For example: Credit or debit cards have 3.5%; electronic wallets from 0.9% to 3.5%; Finally, the transfers they have a fixed charge of $30.

With a more advanced account type this commission perro be avoided. Below I espectáculo you the different types of accounts at 24Option and what their advantages are.

inactivity fee

An account is considered inactive when there are 60 days or more without having logged in, and without making at least one transaction. For this downtime, the broker will charge you from $90, depending on how much downtime you have.

After 2 months they will charge you that amount. However, if 3 months pass and you still haven’t logged in, the amount will go up to $130; And if you get to be 6 months old, the figure will be $210.

It is important to make operations so that you avoid this charge, since It could affect your profitability.

maintenance fee

This is very fácil and only applies to basic accountsso I recommend that when you are already earning money, you change your account type as soon as possible.

This is a $10/month charge for the basic account maintenance. If you use another type of account, 24Option does not charge you maintenance.

Spreads and Swaps

These are charges that apply to contracts for difference.

The Spread is the difference between the purchase price and the sale price, this represents the cost of opening a trade and they discount it to you when you start it.

For example: imagine that you are trading Gold, it has a sale price of 1.9864 and a purchase price of 2.4346. The difference between these values ​​is 0.4482 and it is what will be discounted at the beginning of the position.

That is why operations always start with negative valuessince the Spread is debited directly when opening a trade.

Finally, the Swap is the charge that they make you for keep a position open until the next day, it is normally 0.07% of the trade value, but it cánido vary depending on the asset.

That methods to withdraw money is there in 24Option?

There are many methods to make withdrawals in 24Option. The typical ones are Credit and debit cards Visa or Mastercard. Electronic wallets are also present as Skrill, Neteller and Astropay.

These payment methods allow your money get to your accounts very fast, almost instantly. Although they charge you a commission, it is not such a large amount that it cánido affect your profits.

On the other hand, there is the bank transfer. For this yes you need to wait 3-7 days so you cánido see the money in your bank cómputo, they also charge you a higher commission for withdrawing.

I would recommend that you accumulate the money to make a single withdrawal, or that update your account to Platinum to no longer have to pay for the plus charge at the time of withdrawal.

With what assets cánido I trade at 24Option?

The good of 24Option, is that you have many assets where you perro invest in CFD (Contract for Difference) or Forex format. In fact, There are 5 groups in which you cánido operatethese are:

  • Forex: You cánido find the currency pairs like EUR/USD, AUD/USD and many more
  • Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dashcoin, Ethereum, among others.
  • Raw Materials: like gold, platinum, oil, silver, zinc, sugar, cotton…
  • Actions: from companies like Google plus, Apple, Microsoft, Instagram, Fb…
  • Depósito indices: NASDAQ 30, S&P 500, Dow Jones 30, among others.

Here are some of the instruments you cánido open positions on, but there are many more. In total there are more than 100 assets, so you have time to try various strategies and make good profits.

Account Types at 24Option

At 24Option there are 5 types of accounts that you cánido use when registering on their platform. Only one is free and the other 4 are paid, since they offer different advantages depending on how expert you are on the platform.

demo account

This is the free account you usually get by signing up for a en línea trading broker. You have the possibility of opening a demo account that allows you to test the platform that the page has.

In this case, 24Option does the same. It gives you the opportunity to do simulations with your system so that you know how it is handled when you have a real account. They give you $100,000 free so you perro operate in any asset without any risk.

It is important that you know that you will not be able to make withdrawals or deposits while you are in this account. If you want to deposit money, you will have to switch to the real account.

The best thing you cánido do is make your first deposit to activate the basic account and practice on the demo account. In this way, when you have a good strategy, you cánido immediately apply it to your real account.

basic account

It is the first of the accounts that you must make a deposit to be able to unlock it. For this one in especial, the minimum deposit is $100.

While it has basic features compared to the others, it gives you very good privileges to start in the broker.

It allows to have a complete introduction to the platform, a personal account manager, webinars and webinars once a week, introduction to the financial market and market reports.

you should also pay a maintenance fee on this account. Although it is not much, it is best to keep advancing until you reach Gold.

silver account

for this account you need to make a deposit of $2,500. It works very well for those traders who, without being experts, already have some experience on the platform and want to obtain better benefits.

Here now you don’t have to pay the maintenance fee. And in addition to all the benefits of the basic account, many more are added. For example, they give you explanations about risk management, the seminars are now daily, you have courses to learn technical analysis of the markets, etcétera.

On the other hand, they also increase the maximum lots that you perro trade per day. As you get more experience (and gains), you will see that it is convenient for you to access more benefits.

gold account

Here you already entrar the territory of those who really know how to trade, so to obtain this account you must deposit a minimum of $25,000.

The improvements that are applied at this point are light, but definitive for have better yields and increase profits in your operations.

For example: a custom MT4 course, free withdrawals once a month and an account manager with extensive experience in the area. Without a doubt, it is an account for those who want to take their investments to another level.

Platinum account

This type of account is reserved for those able to invest very large sums of money. The few differences between the Gold and this account are even more decisive for obtaining better benefits.

All withdrawals are freethere is no maintenance, you have direct access to seminars and live events.

Also, you perro trade spreads. An account for advanced users and those who live from this.

Perro I trade with 24Option from my phone?

The shortest answer I perro give you is that yes you perro trade with 24Option from your phone. The broker has its mobile platform at your disposal in the Play Store and Aplicación Store download centers, depending on whether you have a phone with the Android or Apple operating system.

It has prepared a unique and complete experience for the usuario who decides download your aplicación.

Cánido make operations of any kind, access your history, view active positions, close them. You perro also manage your cómputo, deposit or withdraw money and more.

The great advantage of being able to operate from your mobile is that you receive notifications in real time about your operations or about a change in the market that you cánido take advantage of.

It does not weigh too much and it is well designed so that you, as a trader, cánido keep making money from wherever you are.

Training at 24Option

Something that I really like about 24Option is that they take their care of the usuario very seriously. Therefore, it gives you the option of Entrar the “Education” section once you register on the platform.

You cánido find educational material for understand from scratch what it is to trade. You also have an economic calendar to guide you in future operations.

And not only that, you have the possibility to entrar the webinars or read the interactive ebook to learn how to use the platform and get the most out of it. It gives you consejos to be a better trader and even complete seminars.

Best of all, is that as you change accounts, the information changes based on experience and quality of your account.

24Option is reliable to operate? My experience

According to the time that I have been operating with 24OptionI perro tell you in very summarized words that it is one of the safest platforms to trade which I have used for a long time.

I am not only saying this because it has the certifications of international organizations such as CySEC, but also because the fast withdrawals and deposits They espectáculo that they strive to offer a great service.

The investment platform is very intuitive, you have no loss when finding things and not only that, but also They give you signals to make your analysis more precise.

The minimum amount that perro be deposited to start trading for real is one of the lowest in the market. And the benefits that are obtained by doing so are very large compared to the investment.

During the time that I have been using the platform, I have not had no problem withdrawing money. What I do do, is that I make the withdrawals once a month, since I have a Gold account and I have free withdrawals.

Something great about this broker is that if you have a problem, you have the customer service team that is 24/7 pending your queries. Whether by correo electrónico, phone or live chat.

For example, I had to do a few queries to understand charges for commissions according to the payment method you chose. They solved my doubt by explaining to me with all the patience in the world.

On the other hand, if you think that the website is the only way to trade with them, you are wrong.

Is your mobile aplicación which is also very cool. I use it every time I leave the house to be able to know the movements of my positions and thus not miss any opportunity. You cánido also do it by downloading it from your mobile through the application stores.

As you cánido see, 24Option is a very complete broker and safe to trade en línea. Something that at first is difficult to find.

Best of all, the ease with which anyone perro get used to the platform is incredible. You don’t need more than 1 hour browsing to learn how each section works.

And it is the same with the trading area. Opening and closing trades has become a matter of fácil clicks with this portal, so even the most novice trader perro do it without any help.

And you, have you already started trading at 24Option? Tell me about your experience below in the comments!

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 How to Trade 24Option【TUTORIAL 2022 Forex and
  How to Trade 24Option【TUTORIAL 2022 Forex and
  How to Trade 24Option【TUTORIAL 2022 Forex and

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