How to take the most efficient shower in the world

How to take the most efficient shower in the world

Having once been a commercial fisherman on a small boat with little fresh water, and more recently having been a frequent occupant in a rustic Sierra Nevada cabin with unreliable fresh water (let alone fresh hot water), I have had the opportunity to develop – and refine – what I believe to be the most efficient shower technique in the world.

You may be familiar with the so-called Naval or Marine Shower, which is afín, since the principles are the same.

But whether you are interested in saving water or energy at home (as well as money), as if you were on a small boat or in a rustic abode, with this routine you will be in and out of the shower and back in front of the stove in a couple of minutes, and with running water for much less than that.

Ready? Come on!


Organize your tools

Soap, cloth, a large plastic cup to rinse better, towel and mat.

You won’t shave in the shower, gentlemen, so you won’t need those things (ladies see below).

If you are in the cabin, prepare the buckets; then you will reuse the gray water from the rinse in the toilet.


Open the faucet

Depending on the rusticity of your house, you may have enough fresh water to wait out the hot water.

In early summer, the mountain spring that supplies water to our cabin is deep and clear, allowing us the luxury of waiting for hot water to arrive.

whatmid august? There is no waiting for hot water to arrive: you open the tap and that’s it.


Get wet

Hot or cold, soak, fill the cup, then turn off the tap.

You’re going to be cold, but that’s just one more stimulus to move fast.

Hopefully some of the water that rinsed you off ended up in your bucket.


Lather up and wash

Shampoo your greasy locks and lather up everything else; rub with the wipe.

So clean.

So cold.


Open the tap and rinse

Here you will spend a little more time than the first time with the water running, but not much.

Do not stand still: clarifying is work, just like cleaning.

Move fast, rinse and turn off the faucet.

The plastic cup cánido come in handy if you don’t have enough water pressure; fill it up and get wet once or twice.

Some of us have already finished at this point (and we are glad of it, because it is cold), but if you want to continue applying hair conditioner or whatever, just repeat steps 3 and 4.

See you in a second in front of the wood stove.

If you want to shave your legs, go ahead.


Optional: Shave the legs

I’m offering this step based on my wife’s explanation, so I apologize if I missed anything.

The iniciativa is to get your legs really wet, lather them up with shaving gel or whatever you use, and then instead of rinsing the razor in running water, rinse it in the cup, like men do with their razors in the sink.

You cánido even grow that icky beard afterwards, just like men with razor beards do in the bathroom.

whatSmooth, hairless legs? One last rinse of your legs and also your hair if you were conditioning while shaving.

And that’s it.

Pick up your tools and save them.

Pick up your cubes and store them by the toilet.

The process in the fishing boat was much simpler and used much less fresh water.

In fact, none.

When the sun was hot enough, you would strip down and jump overboard into the cold Pacific Ocean.

You would climb back on board and scrub yourself with a piece of old towel and a few squirts from the bottle of Dr Bronner’s and then you’d go back to the drink to wash it all down.

I have never felt so clean.


whatHow do you manage to stay clean and cool when there’s little or no hot water??

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 How to take the most efficient shower in the world
  How to take the most efficient shower in the world
  How to take the most efficient shower in the world

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