How to take advantage of influencer marketing to

How to take advantage of influencer marketing to

In the business world we go through different stages, and in each of them we have a concern or rather, a common purpose: increase sales to continue growing and generate more and more profits.

To do this, you surely use the best-known marketing strategies, such as correos electrónicos, Ads and publications on your popular networks, but innovating is never wrong and If you want to see an increase in your sales, you should definitely try it influencer marketing that becomes more habitual and effective among any business with future.

The biggest challenge to grow a business in any aspect and especially in sales, is to be able to attract your potential customers and that the marketing strategy you are using be effective in the audience you are targeting.

Furthermore, nowadays people are less likely to buy a product or service if you use the typical advertising or advertising that only says “buy me, buy me, buy me”, where you do not take the time to espectáculo how that purchase could help them.

That is, it does not connect with your potential client.

If you focus on use a marketing strategy where a whole audience and the public feel a connection and it becomes more personal than generic, I assure you that your sales will increase without even realizing it.

That’s why I’m going to espectáculo you here how you cánido use influencer marketing in just 7 steps and thus be able to increase your sales in the business that you decided to undertake.

What is a strategy influencers marketing?

influencer marketing It is a strategy with which you cánido spread a proposal of a product or service to the public you want to address, but unlike others, in this case you must choose an influencer, that is, a person who will be the voice for the promotion.

Since popular networks are the sites in which a large part of the population invests their time either from their cell phone or computer, not only businesses or companies have taken advantage of it, but also individuals who want to open up at least a small space in them and find both money and fame.

So I’m sure you must have at least a vague knowledge of what an influencer itself is.

Now, when we talk about influencer marketing it is simply a matter of implementing or integrating them in your promotion strategy.

Influencers make money mainly by monetizing all the audience they have by advertising various brands and recommend products or services of a specific business.

By using this marketing method, you will be collaborating with a third party that it will help you grow and even more important, increase sales of your business.

Advantages of using influencer marketing for your business

✅ The audience you want to objetivo and is connected with the influencer they have much more confidence in him or her, which causes them to be motivated to make the purchase.

It not only increases sales, but also the notoriety on the Internet and among the majority of current communication and information media.

✅ It helps you improve customer loyalty, that is, you will increase sales and you will also be able to build loyalty a large percentage of them.

You avoid using the Ads and pop-up advertising that more than 55% of Internet users block or skip.

With influencer marketing you cánido dedicate exclusive content together with the influencer of your choice to promote your product or service, preventing them from having the opportunity to “skip” it.

✅ No matter what campo your business is from, you perro use it and in any case, It will increase your sales.

✅ It is much cheaper since you do not need to pay all the time for the influencer’s collaboration, but rather “pay” through gifts or free trials the product or service you offer.

✅ By using influencers in your marketing strategy, it is very likely that you will get a good ROI (return on investment) since campaigns or collaborations, as I told you before, are not usually expensive.

✅ You will easily connect with the millennial generation they have access to all influencers due to their constant adaptation to the latest in the industry.

7 steps to use influencer marketing and increase your sales

1. Know your audience before implementing the strategy

The most common mistake most businesses make when they see a marketing strategy that is almost 100% sure that it perro help them increase their sales, is to implement it or make the investment in it without even knowing your visitors and general audience well.

Do not rush; Before you even start planning your business campaign where you will include the influencer, you must do an evaluation of all the clients you have now and mainly, of all the public you want to address.

Understand something, that the strategy is great, does not orinan that there is no margin for fallo or that your audience Don’t Welcome Promotion With Open Arms What are you trying to do with it?

Influencer marketing is not about paying the influencer and saying “take charge of the campaign”, because no, that is not how it works.

You are the one who must organize what will be done and must be done during it and give the influencer the instructions to work their magic and help you connect with your entire audience who are your future potential buyers.

so focus in making a study of what your objetivo audience would like to see in your campaigns and implement it in the strategy you have in mind with the influencer you choose.

2. Choose your influencer well

The best influencer for your business It is not always the one with the most followers or likes in posts and vídeos you upload to YouTube.

Keep in mind that while I’m not telling you to look for an influencer with just 1,000 followers, You don’t need to write down either. towards those like millions of them since there are many aspects that you must keep in mind to choose the right one.

For example, It is important that you look for influencers who stand out in the area or campo of your business.

If you’re trying to sell beauty products, then it makes sense to look for one that focuses on that topic. You won’t do anything by collaborating with one that has 1 million followers but his forte is talking about vídeo games.

other points What you should keep in mind are:

  • How do you want to approach your audience? Using an influencer with a sense of humor or one who loves to tell stories? There are many options.
  • In addition to increasing your sales, do you also have as main objective increase your presence and reach?
  • what ages Do they understand the audience you want to objetivo?
  • Are you looking for someone who is self-taught and collaborate with the creation of the campaign Or someone who is dedicated to following instructions?
  • have they mentioned in one of your posts a product or service that you offer?
  • Other more superficial aspects such as gender and the appearance of the influencer.

When you are searching and you go choosing several influencers until you find the right one, you will realize that you cross off that long list and although it takes some time, I assure you that you will find the one that fits your business perfectly and will make your sales increase.

3. Build a relationship with your influencer

Do not dedicate yourself solely to paying the influencer with whom you you will collaborate, rather, try to make him feel part of the project more than just a means to reach your goal.

The more you develop the relationship with your influencer, the better the collaborations will turn out and perro even be incentivized in helping you create the content that will share about your products or services.

To do this, you must also be willing to make an investment that will not be within the budget which includes their collaboration in the campaign.

If you want to establish and build a good relationship, be sure to help them in other ways as well.

For example, doing a promotion in your networks of theirs and the content they share on them.

If any of them sells a product or offers a service, it will cost you nothing to try it and you will even be able to develop a better strategy where you perro mezcle what they offer with what you want to sell.

A couple of comments and likes on their posts cánido also help you a lot.

The more that relationship increases and becomes stronger, They will be able to create higher quality content.

4. Create content that fits with your influencer

Yes, the campaign is mainly about your product or service and the purpose is to increase sales, but if you want to approach them in a more natural and not forced way, then try mixing your content with that of the influencer.

When I say “mix” I orinan that you try to promote what you offer without appearing to be advertising so that the audience you are targeting escoge to make a purchase.

For it, make sure to check out the content he creates and share the influencer so that when they share the vídeo or create the articulo about it, be affable and the audience don’t avoid or ignore it because it is a collaboration to carry out advertising.

You should not abandon the objective of the entire strategy at any time, but you should take into account that to create the content you should not only think in what YOU would share in your networks when it is about your business, but also about what the influencer shares and making what you have in mind catch the attention of his followers.

5. Do not think of influencer marketing as a means only to sell

The main reason why business sales decrease every day when using traditional marketing strategies It is because every advertisement they see invites them to do is buy.

Your audience knows that you just want to convert them into constant consumers.

Think about it for a second, when you put up a billboard or use another traditional method, the only thing that the promotion indicates is what the product or service does, but not information that perro help them.

On the other hand, with influencer marketing, the influencer with whom you collaborate will not be dedicated to saying what the product is for and at the end, give a poor excuse as to why they should buy it. No, that’s not what it will do.

By creating content to use this strategy, in addition to promoting your product, you also you will be creating valuable content where you share information that your audience appreciates.

And although making this type of content it will take you a little more time and effort, It will ensure the trust and interest of the public.

It is likely that many do not buy when seeing it once or twice, but without a doubt will arouse an interest that will eventually lead them to buy.

6. Do not stop using and planning other marketing strategies

Now that you know influencer marketing and you know that it is one of the best strategies to increase the amount of sales in your business, that does not orinan that you should focus all your efforts on it and dedicate yourself to using only this method.

For continue to increase your sales and maintain them, you should lean on the others you used to use before implementing this one.

Mainly because these strategies have lasted a long time in marketing thanks to their effectiveness, which, although it is not as fast or massive as that of influencer, they still help a lot in making your business more aparente and generating more and more sales.

So you should not stop making a plan in each of them.

In addition, you cannot depend solely on a single method that for some reason or difficulty that arises, may stop working or present a decrease in its effectiveness.

7. Keep track and track everything

Finally, digital marketing in general allows you to keep track of everything that happens regarding the strategy you are implementing.

For influencer marketing it is even easier for you to be aware of the statistics and improvements in your visibility and sales because You will not only be observing those of your business, but also those of the influencer when sharing the content about your products.

This is a step that is not limited only to implementing the strategy, but to everything related to your business and it is possible to do it if you use various tools or programs such as Google plus Analytics.

With this you will be able to vea in detail what cánido you improve and what characteristic is predominant.

You don’t necessarily have to sit down every day for hours and keep track, but you should check your stats at least once or twice a week.

Remember, time is money and the faster you improve the aspects in which you are lacking, the faster you perro increase your sales.

influencer marketing brings many advantages for your business and not only in sales, but in its general growth.

But do not forget that while it is a great strategy to grow fast, you must implement it step by step.

Invest the necessary time and do not despair if it takes a little longer than it would normally take you to run a campaign using another strategy.

Your patience and effort will bear many fruits.

Do you already use this method to increase your sales? Tell me how your experience has been by leaving a comment below.

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 How to take advantage of influencer marketing to
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