How to steal wi-fi from the neighbor without application

How to steal wi-fi from the neighbor without application

For most of the users, the security of wireless networks has become a problem, especially nowadays, when hacking these networks is a fácil task for many.

All this is also due to the large number of programs developed for use in this type of activity.

Hack a WiFi network This is not always an easy task, as many access points have extreme security that prevents cybercriminals from doing this process.

Currently, there are many reasons why someone might want to hack into a wireless network., one of them is because you don’t have your own Internet connection and you want to take advantage of the neighbor’s network, another is because you want to surf completely.

free, among many others.

Taking all this into account, in this article we are going to espectáculo you how crack a wi-fi network protected without the help of programs.

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Cánido you hack a WiFi password without programs? How to know the neighbor’s wi-fi password without applications

Many people wonder if there is a possibility to hack WiFi without programs or crack the password of a protected network.

The truth is that yes, although the processes that are carried out cánido be ineffective compared to those that are carried out with the help of a program developed to carry out this process.

Today there is the option of breaking the security of a WiFi network without using programs, but you must do it from a Linux or Windows console.

However, you must have very advanced computer knowledge, because they are complicated processes, despite this, we will explain step by step how to carry out this process quickly and easily without using programs.

How to hack WiFi networks without using passwords easily and quickly

Today, WiFi networks perro be found everywhere, such as stores, malls, tenement houses, squares, airports, among others.

But one of the biggest drawbacks is that generally all these networks are password protected.

Therefore, if you want to connect to a blocked network from your Linux or Windows computer without using any program to do so, we are going to teach you how to hack a wireless network and navigate with it completely free.

Follow each of the steps that we teach you below:

In windows

If your computer has a Windows operating system and you want to connect to your neighbor’s WiFi network for whatever reason, we will guide you step by step on how you cánido break the security of the connection so that you perro access it and start browsing.


To do so, follow these steps:

  1. To start the process, you must entrar “Windows Settings”.
  2. In this option, you must select the section “Internet and network”.
  3. Once inside, clic on the section Center network and sharing”.

  4. In the new window, select and clic on the option Equipo up a new connection or network”.

  5. Now, you will see 4 new options, within this you must choose Manually connect to a wireless networkand then clic on “Following”.

  6. Now, you will see a new window like the following:

  7. In the section of Network name» You must put the name of the network you want to hack, such as TP-LINK 2021.
  8. In Security Type” you must choose the wpa2-personal option.
  9. In it “Encryption type” choose aes«.
  10. Finally, in the security key section or “Passwordyou must write one that has 10 digits.
  11. Once all the elementos are completed, clic on Following«.

When you have completed these steps, you perro start enjoying your new network connection.

You need to keep in mind that the Hacking of wireless Internet networks is considered a crimewhich cánido be penalized.

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on linux

If you are a usuario of linuxyou will also have the option of crack WiFi passwords without using any program for it.

This process perro be done easily, to achieve it follow the steps that we teach you below:

  1. First clic “Internet signal”.
  2. Then clic “Connection Information” and you will see the Internet servers available there.
  3. Then you need to right clic to choose “Editar connections” and then clic on the “Server” that you want to use.
  4. Clic on the option wireless security”.
  5. Within this window you will see the section “Password” and then under the option Espectáculo password”.

You must take into account that this process perro only be done in the session as “Administrator”.

So if you’re a guest, you won’t be able to go through this whole process.

Hack wi-fi password without applications How effective is trying to hack a WiFi network without using computer programs?

Today it is possible hack a wireless internet connection without using any program, all thanks to the tools offered by the Linux and Windows operating systems.

But, this type of process is not considered very efficient, because not having programa developed for it makes the process insecure and inefficient.

This means that trying crack wi-fi password without the help of programs you may not be as effective as you think.

Therefore, the probability that these methods will work is very low compared to the answers provided by these programs.

Taking this into account, we cánido conclude that these methods without the use of programs are not very effective for carrying out this type of activity. If you find yourself looking for a way to hack your neighbor’s network, it is best that you use a program designed for this type of activity, these will allow you to access powerful and advanced tools with which you perro break the security of the network. soon.

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 How to steal wi-fi from the neighbor without application
  How to steal wi-fi from the neighbor without application
  How to steal wi-fi from the neighbor without application

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