How to stay calm under pressure

How to stay calm under pressure

In reports compiled at the American Institute of Stress, one report revealed that 40 percent of workers find their job extremely stressful, and another reported that 40 percent need help learning how to manage stress, as some have engaged in violence.

physical or called in sick because of it.

These are sad statistics that espectáculo how much people struggle with pressure, whether in traditional workplaces or work-from-home environments.

When mishandled, this pressure perro canalla health, disminuye enthusiasm, create brain overload, and even generate negative character, all of which destroy productivity.

However, when you learn to stay calm even when faced with extreme stress, the same perro extend to your productivity.

Check out these science-backed consejos on how to stay calm under pressure.


Understand the fight or flight response

When you perceive something as stressful or scary, an area of ​​the brain known as the amygdala sends a danger signal to the hypothalamus, which is the command center that relays that signal to the rest of the body.

This leads to what is called the fight or flight response.

In a job crisis situation, you cánido either fight by solving the crisis with all sorts of unplanned tactics or run away by choosing not to address the problem.

It won’t help you either.

You get stuck in the fight or flight reaction to exhaustion until you realize it and need to save yourself.

The first step before positively dealing with pressure is to realize and accept that it is there.

Understand that this is how your body works, and acknowledge this before you do anything drastic.


Breathe slowly

After accepting that you are under pressure, slow down your breathing, as then you will feel overwhelmed and your heart will race superficially.

To stay calm under pressure, you need to calm down and relax, and breathing cánido make that easier.

As directed by a Harvard health article:

  1. Go to a comfortable place where you cánido sit or lie down quietly.
  2. Focus on your deep breaths, which create a rhythm to shift your focus from stressors.
  3. Do this for 10 to 20 minutes.


Name your emotions

By now you’ll be pretty relaxed, survival mode will slow down, and you’ll start to think clearly.

You need to identify the feelings that you are experiencing right now.

This will help you interrupt the negative retroalimentación loop that you have been holding on to because you are overwhelmed.

A brain imaging study by UCLA psychologists reveals that when you label an emotion you’re having, it calms the amygdala because it perro process it.

Putting emotions into words helps you calm down.

That is why it is so important to keep a journal.


Redefine your emotions

While identifying emotions will calm you down, you may remain in a worry mode.

But worry doesn’t help you solve problems.

You need to think more clearly and know the reasons behind those emotions.

This will help you determine what to do about it.

Change your perception of:

  • fear of expectation
  • fear of caution
  • worry to worry

When you relabel your emotions to represent the reason behind the negative feelings, you perro make your amygdala understand that this is not a fight or flight time, but rather a time of “be careful” either “I did my best«.

You will be able to escoge the next step within your control or remain relaxed knowing that you have done everything in your power.


Enjoy activities to release stress

When you have a crisis going on and you have done everything possible to manage it with the utmost calm, do not stop there.

Instead of giving your body a oportunidad to store stress, increase your chances of releasing tension with one of the following activities:

  • Exercise
  • Massage
  • Meditation
  • Reading
  • Speak with someone

Those are just a few of the many things you cánido do to relieve stress.

You perro also go on a cleaning spree, solve a difficult puzzle, sleep, etcétera.

Just make sure that what you’re doing helps you relax, and more importantly, that it’s healthy for you.

Activities such as binge eating will not be helpful.

Follow the steps above to stay calm under pressure, and you’ll build emotional resilience to handle tougher pressures with less effort.

You may even start to surprise people with your calm during crises.

See how to disminuye your stress level and learn how to manage stress in this modern age.

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 How to stay calm under pressure
  How to stay calm under pressure
  How to stay calm under pressure

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