How to start your own nail business without

How to start your own nail business without

Setting up a nail business to perform manicures and pedicures is an excellent iniciativa if you are looking for start your own business.

But I also know from my own experience that if you still don’t have your own beauty salon because you think it’s impossiblethat you need to be an expert in business or in the area of ​​beauty for your place to be successful.

I went through the same thing: I had been thinking about opening my own nail salon for years.

But there was always something that prevented meand put my dream aside…

Actually, I was just making excuses to not start my project.

Sometimes I lied to myself that I had no money, other times it was time that I lacked, from time to time the fear of failure took over me…

In the end, I realized that with those lies the years passed, and I still did not dare to do what I wanted so much for a long time.

So I decided.

I took the leap, and finally started the nail business I had always dreamed of.

This was 2 years ago, and I cánido tell you that it is the best decision I have made in my entire life.

And that’s why today I come to espectáculo you that if possible and easy, more than you could imagine.

Forget about becoming a know-it-all to succeed. With what little you already have is enough.

And surely you will say: “but I don’t have anything”.

Well, that’s where you’re wrong. you have everything to start your own nail business and here you will discover it.

You don’t need to make a multi-million dollar investment, Get that iniciativa out of your head.

In the world of manicures and pedicures you have many options that you perro start with just a couple of bills.

My advice is not to wait for the business to come true by magic. start now and you will see that you achieve it in less than you think.

This business suits anyone. And if I could do it, I have no doubt that you cánido do it too.

With this guide that I have prepared you will want to start right away… Remember that success only depends on you.

What will you find in this article?

whatwhat is done at a nail spa?

At a nail spa they don’t just archivo and paint your nails in different colors.

You too put on false nails: gel, porcelain and acrylic with the design that you like the most.

The difference between those 3 types of false nails is the material with which they are made.

the gel ones they are the most modern and adhere to your nail thanks to an ultraviolet ray lamp.

the acrylics (they are the most used) and they are made with a special liquid, which when dried forms a hard layer afín to plastic.

Finally, the porcelain ones that are very afín to acrylic, only that they are made with fiberglass.

The client cánido choose the one he wants and ask you to decorate it to his liking.

However, it is your duty to inform clients of the possible risks they could run when putting them on.

And of course hire experienced staff to prevent something bad from happening.

The staff (or yourself) will be in charge of making the clients’ nails look fantastic.

shall archivo nails with the shape that the client likes best, remove the cuticle, moisturize the hands and polish them.

On the other hand, in a nail spa you cánido also offer complementary services. Here are some ideas that could help you: facial and body beauty treatments, skin cleansing and relaxing massages.

And why not also add waxing services? I cánido assure you that it will bring you very good results.

In a nail spa you perro offer everything, the more variety you offer, you will get people of all kinds They become your regular customers.

The important thing here is that you prepare yourself and your future employees for give the best of themselves.

AND EYE:don’t go crazy wanting to start with all the services from the first day!

I know you’ll want to, because the same thing happened to me.

But the best thing is that you go adding them little by little to have everything under control.

Requirements to open a nail salon

The requirements that you will need to have to open a nail salon they are simply a business plan, a well-located premises, employees, work tools and the licenses and permits that I will now tell you about below.

Surely one of the reasons that held you back the most before starting your manicure business was thinking that the requirements were impossible to get and the same thing happened to me.

But… what would happen if I told you that they are easy and fast to get? I bet you would start right away.

Here I leave them so you perro start as soon as possible

1. a business plan

A business plan is simply the foundation that will help you follow the right path and steps throughout the process of opening your business.

It will be the guide will get you out of trouble if you make a mistake, as well as to check where you went wrong in order to make the necessary changes.

have a business plan will ensure your success as an entrepreneur.

Don’t make the mistake of not having one.

To give you a clearer iniciativa, a business plan It is made up of several primordial parts. to achieve all your goals.

The first part talk about your business in generalabout what you will do there, the values ​​you will transmit, the visión for the future and your professional history.

Then, the second section is going to deal with the strategies that you will use to let you know and the study that you will do to the market and your clients to know if your business is posible or not.

It may be the part that takes you the longest.

But I assure you that You will not take thousands of years.

Finally, you will take care of the financial part, that is, of identify if you will need a loan or you cánido do it with your own money, what you plan to sell and earn, etcétera.

Likewise in the next section I will explain how to do it.

Just keep in mind that it is not necessary that you write a book, it is preferable that it be short, precise and easy to understand.

clic here below For a step-by-step guide on how to make a business plan for your nail salon:

>> How To Create Your Business Plan <<

2. a good place

When you already have your business plan, you should take care of find a suitable location. And also to investigate if a nail salon is really needed in that area.

There’s no use putting it there if there’s one on every corner.

Where you escoge to open your new business will depend on several factors that will help you succeed or fail.

I recommend that you start with a area that is easily accessible to you and for customers who want to visit you.

If possible, try to have a space for those customers who have a car so they cánido park it there.

You should also take into account that you have bathrooms in good condition that it has good lighting and ventilation, that it is not so small, etcétera.

The characteristics of your local future are more important than you thought.

But don’t worry, in the next section i will tell you step by step how to find the perfect place so that your nail business is the most suitable for your customers.

3. Hire trained employees

Another of the requirements to start is to get the appropriate employees that they will work with you.

These people must meet certain conditions, since they will be the in charge of relating directly with clients.

They must be able to listen and understand what the customer is looking for.

Many times you will come across demanding clients, so you must give them exactly what they are looking for. earn your trust.

They don’t have to be one experts at the beginning, but neither cánido they be people without any knowledge.

Sure, with time they will go away becoming professionalsbut that’s not why you should provide a bad service at the beginning.

That is why it is best to hire some veteran people and others with less experience. So those who do not have experience will be able to take consejos and tricks from the most experienced, to go improving their techniques.

In addition to the fact that the experienced ones will be in charge of complying with those most demanding clients.

The important thing is that everyone provides a excellent attention and manage to win the love and trust of their customers.

If your employees don’t measure up, chances are they people don’t come back.

And in case you didn’t know, the iniciativa is that your customers become faithful to your business.

That whenever they want to have perfect nails they turn to your salon.

4. Tools needed to work

In a nail salon, employees will need to have all implements to work.

The most common in a nail salon are: archivos, cuticle creams and removers, nail clippers and nail polishes of various colors.

As well as nail polish removersscrubs and towels.

Now, if you will offer additional services such as massages, facials and waxing, the implements will be different. For example, for massages: oils, for cleaning: special soaps and for hair removal: use wax or waxing bands.

It is important that you escoge if you will provide the supplies or everyone should get them. If you are going to provide them yourself, I recommend that you do your research before select a provider.

If you are looking for lower quality implements for a lower price or if you are looking for quality for a higher price.

Everything will depend on money you will invest

Check with other people first to see which provider has worked well for them. try that be trustworthy to avoid problems.

If, on the other hand, you are going to ask your employees to get their own tools, you better give them a list.

In that list you should include everything you need if they want to work in your salon.

It is important that everyone has what it takes to serve customers. Otherwise they will give an unprofessional image.

5. Permissions and licences

Last (but not least) you should process permits and licenses To start work.

While it is true that in each country the requirements are differentthere are some that are mandatory anywhere in the world.

As well as the country where you escoge to open the salon could have specific requirements. So I recommend that you go to your town hall and ask if you have everything you need or should manage any additional documents.

In the same way, I will tell you in this section the 4 procedures that I did to open my business legally and that they will also help you open yours.

The first is the discharge in the taxpayer registry and you must do it in the Treasury administration of your country.

There you must request an appointment to obtain a identification number.

That helps your business stay registered and you perro start working on it.

The second procedure is to register in the Commercial Registry, there you will register your business.

This record must renew it once a year and pay the corresponding taxes.

Then you must enroll in Popular Security. This step is super important, since by having employees you will be able to request the quote health insurance for each of them.

The last procedure that you will have to do for your salon to start producing is the opening license. You must request it at the town hall and fill out the form with the details, objectives and details of the place where you are going to open your nail salon.

I know that it may seem difficultbut the truth is that it is not at all.

Think that after these procedures you will be able to enjoy all the benefits from the nail salon you’ve always dreamed of having.

And remember: be constant and dedicated it is also a requirement to open a business.

whathow to ride a manicure business?

If you are thinking of starting a nail business, there are certain things that you should take into account to start.

The best for any type of business is plan before taking the first steps. So the first thing you should do is think about what you are going to offer to your future clients.

Also you should know them to know if they really need your services.

Since the manicure business has many options, you will need to choose one of them or those that suit you best.

If you are about to start, I recommend that you don’t get too complicated and make up your mind soon.

If it will be a nail grooming business only, or you are going to place acrylic nails and perhaps gel.

The point is that escoge something specific.

Once you know what you are going to offer, you cánido start to make your business plan

In case you don’t know what a business plan is, here I will explain it to you.

A business plan serves to transform your ideas and thoughts into something real. You will stop dreaming about your manicure business, to start take the first steps that will help you to assemble it and to keep it in time.

it will help you too not to lose you on the way and keep you on the right track to achieve your goals.

Your business plan should be made up of 3 sections that cannot be missing for anything in the world.

The first must include overview of your manicure business. there you must detalla what it will be aboutwhat you want to achieve and why you think it will be successful.

As well as mention your partners (if you will have them) and the people who will work for you.

Then in the second section you will detail thoroughly your manicure business There you will detalla everything in great detail: what your potential customers will be like and the Strategies you plan to use so that they find out and prefer you over your competition.

The third section is the most important for your potential partners and also if you will ask for financing.

It will be about all figures of your manicure business.

And when I say “figures” I orinan the money you plan to earn and to which you will have to invest to start it up.

To make it easier for you to understand, I will explain how to divide this section and thus help you avoid the mistakes that I I committed.

The first part will have your financial project, and it is VITAL if you are looking for investors.

There you will write the income and expenses that your salon will achieve during the first 3, 6 and 12 months.

make them with realistic expectations. It will not help to do it with the expectations that you want so that your investor later rejects the proposal.

The best is speak the truthso whoever decides to finance you must assume the risks if something goes wrong.

The second part will deal with specify how much money you will need for any activity you are going to do in the room.

There you must include the money for each task, for salaries and also for materials.

Although the most important thing for investors who read it will be the time you will need to recover the investment and the earnings you will receive.

Once you have written everything I have told you, your business plan will be finished and ready to go. hand it over to investors.

In general, loans are requested from banks, the problem is that they will charge you high commissions and you would be paying much more. I recommend that you talk to your family friends and acquaintances and ask them to borrow money.

Explain to them what the business is about, what are the risks they could take and also how long it would take you to pay them back that they lent you

Other options would be to get the money on your own selling elementos you don’t use or you don’t need You perro do it on pages like Mercado Libre or Ebay and thus get the money you need to finance your business on your own and without owing anything to anyone.

It is a good way to espectáculo yourself that you are capable of do anything for your business.

In the last instance, go to the competent bodies of your country so that they cánido provide you with Help for small entrepreneurs.

For all this you are going to need the business plan what you did in the previous step.

Espectáculo it as proof that it is a safe business with established foundations.

That they vea that it is serious and that you are going to fulfill what you promise.

The important thing is that you never give up and look for solutions. Never stay with your arms crossed.

Once you have the money, start looking for a place that suits what you are looking for and your pocket.

If you will only work nails, make sure that have enough space to place the tables and chairs. Now, if you are going to offer additional services you must have plus cubicles.

You should also take into account the space where the cash register will go, the space to walk in the living room, bathrooms, etcétera.

Make sure that everything is not too tight, so your clients they will be comfortable.

Then you have to take care of the location of the premises, which you cannot ignore.

The location is essential if you want to be successful, if you are looking for a place hidden from your clients They don’t want to go there.

Note that it has stations public transport nearby, so those who do not have a car will be able to arrive.

For those who have a car, try to have some space so they perro park your cars there.

And don’t leave size aside, so your clients they will be comfortable and they will feel comfortable.

To get it you perro use the Internet and search in rental ad pages.

Once you have figured out where you are going to open your nail business and you have the space available, you cánido contact providers. If you do it before you will not have the space available to store the merchandise.

Suppliers are responsible for sell merchandise at an affordable priceso you cánido buy wholesale.

The first thing you should do is investigate those providers who suit what you are looking for. Keep a list of the best and then pick the one that offer you the best price.

If you don’t have that much money for this, you’d better lean towards lower quality elementos.

If you get a good amount of money, then you could buy higher quality or save a little money by buying something cheaper.

The advantage is that, by offering higher quality, you will be able to charge larger amounts for recover the investment.

The best thing you perro do is before choosing a provider, consult with other people that they have bought.

So you perro verify that you are buying really what you need and you will not have to waste more time contacting another.

Finally, once you have your business plan, your well-located premises and your suppliers, you will be ready to take the next step: make your business known receive more and more customers.

To do this you must have a good advertising strategy.

And here I will help you achieve it.

If you remember, one of the first steps you should take before starting a nail business is study your client and here you are going to need that study.

Once you know what media they use, you will be able to get the information out there.

In the event that they are traditional customers, it is best to print flyers. The flyers you print could deliver them to the neighbors who live near your new salon.

Or you could also go to company buildings and deliver them to the offices so that their workers want to try your services.

Other options for traditional clients could be announcements. There are many types of ads, however, I recommend that you place them in autobús stops or newspapers.

If, on the contrary, your clients are more technological… Use popular networks and the Internet!

Popular networks are your best option for your customers they find out of what you are offering.

You perro use Fb, Instagram, Twitter or even Youtube.

The detail will be that you publish the correct hours and make it quality content.

All customers are different and check their phones at different times, so it’s best if you Go trying a new one every day.

It is possible that some of your clients have children and cannot check their mobile phones in the morning, in which case you should Articulo in the afternoon or at night. During those hours, the mothers are already at home resting and they will have the necessary time to use the mobile.

As for other types of Internet advertising, it perro be with weblogs or any web page. If you already have one, do not hesitate to place the information there, so that those who already followed you they will find out of your new nail salon.

If, on the other hand, you still don’t have one, creating it is very easy and it could even be free.

For this I recommend that you use Wix or WordPress.

You don’t need to be an expert to learn how to use it.

I did it, so I assure you that you will get very good results.

In the event that you don’t want to create it, you could get someone who has theirs and pay you for an advertisement or articulo from your nail salon.

As long as they are people related to your area of ​​work, otherwise they won’t be interested.

You’ve probably finished reading this and think it’s too much, but not really. Do it it won’t take too longas long as you are constant and do not leave everything to the last minute.

When you want something, you have to fight and do whatever it takes to achieve it.

How to start a business nails at home?

You might be surprised to know that to start a business from home you just need to know What are you going to offer and what will you need? to achieve it, as well as the necessary money and get clients.

Working from home is the dream of many people and here I’ll teach you everything you need so that you too cánido be one of them.

you will avoid yourself work long hours locked between the 4 walls of an office.

And even better, you will have the time you need to do your errands without asking permission from your bosses.

To achieve this, the first thing you must do is identify What services are you going to provide? That is, if you will only clean and place enamels or you will go a little further and you will put acrylic nails, gel, etcétera.

According to what you are going to offer, you should know what are the implements What are you going to need?

If your services will be basic, with having archivos, nail polish removers, cuticle cutters, cuticle eliminar creams and nail polishes It will be enough. If this is not your case, you should buy different types of false nails.

so you cánido offer you greater variety to customers and not look bad saying you don’t have what they want.

If possible calculate the money needed for good quality products, those that last longer and look pleasing to the eye.

Make sure that your instruments always They look clean and in good condition. If you give a bad image customers won’t want to come back (and we don’t want that to happen).

Once you know what you are going to offer and the tools to do it, the most awaited moment arrives: calculate the money you are going to collect for each of the services.

To achieve it I will tell you 3 things you should take into account when calculating.

The first, the materials you use and their qualitysince at some point you will have to replace them and for this you will need money.

The second, the time it takes you do the enamel or place the false nails.

Calculate how much time you would be investing each time you serve a person and based on that equipo fixed rates for each of them.

If you want something plus, it will also be good if you equipo the prices.

Last but not least), what you need per month to cover your expenses. So you will know an approximate of the services that you must do monthly and what you should charge for each of them so that the money reaches you.

But BEWARE HERE: don’t go crazy putting unbeatable prices. If you do that, chances are your customers look for a better option that they cánido pay.

If you equipo prices according to your materials and the services you offer, there is no doubt that customers will prefer you.

But for it you must get clients and this is the last step to equipo up your business from home.

To get clients you have several options, but I am going to recommend the 4 best ways.

Word of mouth, what is equal to comment and talk directly with other people.

Tell your friends and friends that they perro go to your house and leave there with their renewed nails.

So they they will discuss with their acquaintances and little by little you will get more clients.

hand out flyers in houses or apartments close to your home is also a good iniciativa.

If you make good brochures, with your address or a contact number and the services you offer, I assure you that They will ring your bell.

Another method that helped me get clients was use popular networks.

Most people use this medium, so create an account where you promote your manicure business at home will help them find out.

The best thing will be use Fb or Instagram and in your biography place a contact number.

Once you have it and start receiving clients, take photos of the work you do and upload them in your networks. so they cánido see the works that you and your team have done and get in touch with you.

or you could advertise in related forums and offer your services in the comments.

As long as you don’t contenido publicitario.

Contenido publicitario will only genere block and ignore you what you’re saying.

There are many ways to make yourself known, the important thing is that you know what are the means that your client emplees so that you perro get the information out there.

Similarly in the next section I’ll explain it better.

As attract customers to my nail salon?

To attract clients to your nail salon it is escencial that you provide a good service, so you perro get more referrals and convert them into loyal customers.

Without leaving aside popular networks and other traditional methods.

As I told you, provide good service It is escencial if you want more clients to come to your salon.

Your employees must be customer service experts and you even more since you are in charge.

When a customer enters the salon greet him and ask him what he wants. If a client needs something, you or your employees must be attentive and don’t make him wait.

It is important that all employees know the prices and the descriptions of each of the jobs so as not to be left in the air.

This way you will get the clients who attend your salon comment about your work and the good treatment they received.

that’s the best way attract referred customers.

And in case you still don’t know what they are, here I am going to explain it to you.

As its name indicates, referrals are those people who visit your salon thanks to referrals that they have heard from other people.

If you provide good service, will comment on the experience they had with you and their acquaintances will want to visit you.

Then, each time you receive a client, you must make them they become faithful and To achieve this you must encourage them to return.

For example: when you finish serving a customer, offer him a 20% discount for the next time you want to do your nails.

Or, give him an enamel service if he manages to 5 friends visit the salon in the next week.

If you think it is not effective, I assure you that it is.

Most people like to receive discounts or free services. so the iniciativa will be spinning in their heads and they will end there.

Another way to attract clients to your nail salon is vía Internet and popular networks.

As I mentioned before, millions of people browse them during the day, which makes them an excellent option for get more customers.

make presence on networks like Fb and Instagram and make sure everyone sees your posts.

Articulo images of work that has been done before on the premises, as well as those who visit your profile they will feel confident.

Also the Internet could help you thanks to weblogs or web pages.

If you have your own, you’d better start make posts regarding your new business. In this way, who follow you they will be able to find out and feel like trying your services.

In them you cánido also place downloadable couponsso that they receive a discount when showing it in the premises.

If you are not very expert in popular networks, you could opt for a more traditional method as are the ruffles.

The only thing is that you must make a good designwhere you indicate the address or a contact number.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to hire a designer, you perro do it yourself and deliver them on the street, to other stores near yours or to your neighbors’ mailboxes.

you cánido try which way is best for you and go combining them to gain more customers.

As you have already seen with this guide, starting your own nail business It’s not impossible as you thought.

If you follow the advice that I have given you here, there is no doubt that your salon will be a success. don’t waste any more time and start right now.

You just have to propose it and focus on what you want, finally today there are a thousand business ideas that you perro undertake

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 How to start your own nail business without
  How to start your own nail business without
  How to start your own nail business without

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