How to start writing the book of my life

How to start writing the book of my life

Have you ever felt the need to tell what is happening to you? write non-stop everything that goes through your mind? To share your sensations and thoughts?

If you are nodding your head, I have to tell you that it is one thing to like to write and quite another to know how to do it. correctly.

Know sell and offer to others your book should also be an important part in its development.

It’s wonderful that you want to write a book, but what if you perro also earn money with the?.

Today’s world is increasingly immersed in the marketing and promotion.

For this reason it is very important that you take care of your book, give it a good design, a current approach and that it be attractive to the public.

Writing a book and only your relatives buy it, it may not be what you are looking for.

Because you perro, in addition to that, generate money and enjoy of what you are doing.

Previous knowledge obligatory

Even if you’re only interested in the writing part, there are other things to keep in mind.

Have two options depending on the budget or time you have.

Perro hire people to help you with cover design, grammar, marketing strategy and popular media outreach, or you cánido learn by yourself.

My recomendation?Hire professionals.

It is better to invest a little money in writing your book than to waste your time and not get the desired results in the end.

If you haven’t realized it yet, books are a future investment.

You work a lot at the beginning to create passive income that will generate money automatically.

On top of that, they’re the perfect presentation for any kind of future work.

If you have a book in the market, you will be best recognized in your interviews.

You will differentiate yourself and capture attention.

steps to write the best book about your life

1. Validate and specify the plot

Even if you think you know everything you are going to write about your life, it is not true.

You have to analyze what is the best way to tell a story and make it understandable.

You don’t need to start by talking about your birth, honestly, that would be the worst way to go. Catch attention of the reader and specify the data as much as possible.

In order to validate your iniciativa, organize all the main ideas in different columns.

Make all the outlines you need and start the analysis of the main events.

I warn you, it will seem like a lot of work but really worth.

2. Reveal your truths and dark sides

Writing a book about your life is a real challenge.

Do not think that you are only going to write what you are proud of.

There will be times when you need to espectáculo aspects of yourself that you don’t like.

If you think about it, those are the most important, the ones that made you evolve, live diverse experiences and those who managed to make you grow as a person.

your readers they will feel identified with you before those reflections, in which you did not have it easy.

Nobody is perfect, and if you really want to create a connection with your readers, just open up your feelings.

Organize those ideas in the above schemes.

Go giving them meaning and a logical order.

It doesn’t have to be chronological.

What events changed your life for both good and bad?

3. Develop your characters

Even if it is a book about your life, you have to learn how to talk about it. people that will accompany you in history, those that made it possible.

Make a great effort to understand their reactions.

And most importantly, try to be as objective as possible and not have too many characters in your story.

That produces confusion in the reader and it makes attention much more diffuse.

Think beyond your immediate family, reflect on your enemies and, above all, get permission from the people involved to use their names.

If you don’t get it, use invented names.

4. Your context marks your story

The place where you grew up and the environment surrounding you during your life is more important than you imagine.

It led you in some way to create your personality.

That is why it is important that you detalla with the maximum detail the historical events you lived through, the city you grew up in and the places that were important to you.

You have to manage to make the reader feel immersed in your story, to be part of it.

Let him feel how it is possible to put himself in your place and reach understand you.

Your senses and memories you have to be very alert at this time.

Write as transparent as possible.

Don’t hide anything around you, find out what helped you Be who you are.

5. Organize all the information

You already have an analysis of the type of book you want to achieve, you have specified it, you know your truths and shame, the characters that will participate and your context. touch organize.

Having the entire argument in outline form will help you write faster and make fewer mistakes.

It is best that you write in chapters that are easily identifiable.

The stories, the plot changes, the major events… everything is part of that plot that will configure the book of your life.

Practical consejos to write your book

1. Have your own space to write

You have to understand the task of writing your book as serious work what does it orinan.

To do this, look for the best place you cánido find in your house, favorite cafeteria or library and turn it into your refuge.

It perro be anywhere but try to keep it constant each week for the same number of hours per day.

Always in the same period and without losing focus.

settle down, take your time to establish yourself, avoid all kinds of distractions and close any kind of popular network. don’t let nothing stole you The inspiration.

Have water on the table, some energy food and anything that serves to cover your basic needs.

The less you move from the place, More productive you will.

2. Layout your book with the same care that you write it

We live in a world where image is very important.

There are books that sell more for a good title and an attractive design than for the story itself.

If, in addition to that, you offer additional content and ease of use, the usuario will appreciate it.

A interactive index is always a good bet in the case of y también-books.

Do not underestimate the good sale that the digital books and take the same care to make them as professional as possible. Amanda Hockin She became a millionaire selling her books en línea.

3. Ways to sell your book

The decision is quite fácil, you have to escoge how to publish your book.

You cánido do it in paper and/or digital format, but everything will depend on what you are looking for.

A great iniciativa is to have a page sale website and disseminate it on popular networks.

Start doing it 6 weeks before the presentation to have enough promotion.

But if you don’t want to complicate yourself so much, you perro sell your book in Amazon and try to position it in the top sales positions.

Earning money and publishing your book for free is very easy on this platform.

To learn more about how to publish your book step by step, follow this guide on how to publish your book on Amazon to earn money. It is perfect to do it safely and quickly.

I recommend that you publish your book on all possible platforms and thus have all possible sales opportunities.

Most are free.

4. Share it with other people

Don’t keep the secret to yourself! Your friends perro help you more than you imagine.

Tell everyone that you have written a fantastic book and let them help share it.

You cánido offer your friends and family to read it first so they cánido help you with recommendations. that will give you reliability and trust with future clients.

Another good iniciativa for this promotion is to have a affiliate network where those who help you sell your book keep a small commission.

Contact bloggers or recognized people to help you spread the information about your book.

They will earn passive money and you will be known by potential clients.

You already know everything you need to write the book of your life.

your autobiography it will be inolvidable.

It is time to make history.

Do you have doubts?Tell me in the comments!

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 How to start writing the book of my life
  How to start writing the book of my life
  How to start writing the book of my life

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