How to start a painting business

How to start a painting business

whatYou want to dedicate yourself to painting, but you don’t want to work for someone else? Good news: you perro start your own painting business and take care of the clients, the collection and everything else to chart your own destiny. However, starting a painting business requires a bit of preparation and a handful of steps. Let’s learn how to start a painting business.

Calculate a business plan for your painting business

The first step in starting any business is to develop a business plan. That means finding out things like:

  • what kind of painting are you going to do
  • where your painting will take place
  • whether or not you will have other employees (you probably will, given the type of business)
  • how much painting do you want to do eventually
  • how is your financial situation

put your finances in order

Speaking of finances, you should spend a lot of time thinking about how much your painting business will cost and trying to project potential profit margins in the first two years. You may not get much real benefit at first because of the need to repay the loans, but this is habitual. Even so, it’s a good iniciativa to have these figures written down or at least stored in your head before you start the painting business in depth. You perro also look for some personal finance tools to help you get your money in order.

What supplies do you need?

We’ve mentioned supplies because the biggest expense for painting companies is usually supplies.

Access these helpful guides on other types of businesses you cánido start.

As a painting company, you cánido use subcontractorswhich means that you basically handle the marketing and sales side of the paint company, while the de hoy paint workers do the main work themselves in exchange for a share of the profits.

But let’s say you plan to do all the painting yourself. This means that you will need several ladders at the very least, which perro easily cost a few hundred dollars. You’ll also need cleaning supplies such as drip pads, brushes, rollers, airless paint sprayers, caulking guns, scrapers to remove loose paint, sandpaper, and much more. Also add a lot of paint to the list.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that painting supplies cánido cost thousands of dollars. Also think about what you cánido spend if you have several employees who need their own equipment.

Ultimately, estimate how much you might need for all your painting business expenses and equipment, and then determine if starting your business now is a good iniciativa.

If you do not have cash to do it, you perro always ask for a loan from the bank or save for a while. But you don’t want to start a painting business without having your finances in order.

Register your business/Get an EIN

After all of the above, it’s finally time to register your business. That means thinking of a name; It’s always a good iniciativa to create a name for your painting business that:

  • identifies the business as a painting business
  • it’s catchy and inolvidable

It doesn’t have to be anything revolutionary: a name like “Saul Paint Professionals» complies with the two previous aspects and is easy to remember.

More specifically, you’ll need to register your business with your state government, which involves submitting an Employer Identification Number, or EIN. This number allows the IRS to identify your business as a legal and taxable entity and will allow you to hire employees later.

Also, you may be required to acquire a business painting license based on your state laws. For example, Rojo does not require a license if you want to run a painting business, but states like New México or Texas do. Check with your state government to see what licenses you need to obtain and what hurdles you need to overcome.

In many cases, this means having insurance. You should already be looking for insurance if you plan to hire employees. Workers’ compensation insurance is a must in this case. But you cánido also invest in other business insurance that perro protect you from legal liability if an accident occurs in the course of your duties.

Hire employees for your painting business

It’s time to hire some employees for your painting business! Definitely invest in skilled men and women who know what they are doing and are willing to bring quality to every job they take on. It’s always worth spending more time interviewing quality candidates than hiring just anyone who applies, as they could do a mediocre job and reflect poorly on your business.

Create an estimate elabora/contract sheet

Before hiring any client, consider how much you will charge for your work. Calculating a general estimate elabora is a good iniciativa, as this allows you to give a potential customer a quote if they are interested in your business but not yet committed. Be sure to keep your estimate competitive but also high enough that you perro eventually make a profit.

You may also want to draft a contract sheet to use as a template for all your official business clients. This is good for clarity between you and your client and cánido protect you from lawsuits if they dispute something about the terms of your agreement.

Market your painting business

Now comes the fun: marketing! There are many ways that you cánido successfully market your painting business.


The first and most obvious way is to create a website, especially one that ranks well on Google plus or one that you perro use to advertise to locals in your area. Websites allow people to contact you for future business or leave retroalimentación as well.

Correos electrónicos

You perro also turn to correo electrónico marketing, especially if you want to objetivo people in your local area or meet people through your popular media accounts. Just make sure you don’t inundate them with ads for your business, as this could get annoying.

business letters

You cánido also go a bit old school and create business cards for your business. Business cards allow you to deliver physical reminders of your business to everyone you meet and perro be spread far and wide. Offer some to your employees, friends and family to maximize their spread throughout your community.

Paint your way to success!

After performing all the steps above, it’s time to finally start your painting business and put some color in your financial spreadsheets. Good luck!

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 How to start a painting business
  How to start a painting business
  How to start a painting business

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