How to start a blog and earn up to €3000 per month

How to start a blog and earn up to €3000 per month

When we escoge to start a blog, we know that if we don’t get well informed about how to start it, the process for it will be even more complicated and we may even fail at the beginning.

But what will represent a great challenge is being able to generate a stable income that allows us to live well and comfortably in the future.

For this reason, our guest today, Macarena Vaya, will tell you how should you start your blog and make it generate thousands of euros per month.

The blogger world has been in our lives for a few years now, and it seems from the latest trends in the digital market that weblogs and content they will gain more weight and importance in the coming years.

So is it a good iniciativa to start a blog? And on the other hand, Is it possible to earn income? The answer to both questions is: yes, you perro make money with a blog.

This does not orinan that once you have a blog, you will get income immediately, Well, for this to happen, you have to work and above all you have to do it well.

It seems like making your passion a profession, being good at what you do, and having the ability to communicate it are the bases to start a blog.

But also, you have to have the ability to be organized, to be constant, to be critical of your work and above all, have the ability to know the audience well to whom you are addressing and offer him what he demands.

Only in this way, you will be able to obtain income with your blog.

how should i begin my blog?

The first thing you have to be clear about is that starting to manage a blog is a long-distance race, and that achieving success and recognition of it it will take time and effort.

With this clear, if you are still more than determined to equipo up your own blog (which I personally encourage you to do) Here are some consejos that you should keep in mind:

Choose a topic that you are passionate about

It is essential that you choose a topic in which you feel comfortable and, above all, a topic that you have sufficient knowledge in order to add value to your audience.

This will, on the one hand, ensure that your passion is transmitted to your readers, and on the other, that you enjoy writing articles.

Keep in mind that you are going to have to dedicate many hours to the blog, especially at the beginning so do it about what you like.

As an additional piece of advice, I recommend that you choose a topic that you excel in but that is not very specific.

Well, if you’re very specific, your audience will be very limited like the topics about which you perro write.

Aesthetics is important

The aesthetics and appearance of your blog is very important, so dedicate the necessary time so that it the result is the best possible.

Think that the design of your blog will be the first contact of the audience with it, and at the same time, will determine permanence of the public in it.

Pay attention to the design, but also, pay much more attention to its utility and navigability.

Finally, take care of the way in which the information is displayed so that it is is easily understood.

Think and know your audience

Before you start writing you should know the public well to which you are going However, this is where most beginner bloggers fail.

Because? Because they may write very good and specialized content, but if they are not capable of transmitting it or adding value to their audience with it, the blog will have neither the traffic nor the success expected.

I understand that at this moment you are wondering, How cánido I meet my audience? Well, the first thing you should think about is that if you yourself are an expert in that field, in a way, you have a lot in common, so think about how they would think to connect more easily.

In addition, thanks to digitization and popular networks, we perro easily meet an entire community.

Hence, don’t be lazy and conduct a study on it.

Knows above all their interests and behavior patterns, in this way, it will be much easier for you spread your content.

It is very important that you are constant in the publication of your posts, because if a few months you publish many articles and others few or none, your audience will be confused and will stop following you.

Don’t forget to encourage your audience to share your content and be yourself whoever does it through your different popular profiles.

Finally, it produces 100% original content, nothing to copy, because in the face of search engines, if your content is duplicated, you will be penalized and this is something to always avoid.

If you already know how to start with your blog, then it is time to know how cánido you monetize it in order to earn income from it.

You are ready? So we go to the next point.

How I cánido win €3,000 a month with my blog?

Based on my experience as a blogger, I perro confirm that if your blog is a good one, its content adds value and, furthermore, it is a benchmark in the campo and has authority in search engines, You will be able to live well on the income from it.

For this, I am not going to lie to you, you are going to have to dedicate a lot of time to it, especially at the beginning.

And also, at the beginning the income will not be very high.

But don’t give up or give up continue working to be able to live from that What are you passionate about?

If you already have it clear and want to go all out, then do not hesitate and keep reading.

Here you cánido find the keys to earn money with a blog.

1. Espectáculo your services as products

You don’t have to be afraid to offer your services.

It’s more, you must offer them and make them clear From the first moment.

Your blog, like any other platform, is a good place to publicize what you stand out for.

Showing your services as products will depend a lot on the theme of your blog, Well, this cánido be very different. For example a blog:

  • About organization of events.
  • About marketing services.
  • About physiotherapy.
  • Among others.

But in any case, whatever the theme, if you want to live from your blog, displays these services as products.

Explain all the advantages of having a professional like you, and the benefits of having 100% professional services.

Prepare material not only for the blog, but you cánido encourage yourself to carry out conferences, libros electrónicos, talks and collaborations with other professionals that will help you gain recognition and visibility.

In addition, it will be a remarkable source of income.

Do not be shy! But you do have to be creative and espectáculo your services as unique.

Besides, pull wits and espectáculo them in an attractive way.

This will generate interest in them.

2. sell advertising

Your blog is a good space to sell advertising, so, why not take advantage of it? But, beware! Do not think that with advertising you perro live.

Unfortunately, the amount received for advertising is a fairly small amount, especially in the beginning, when traffic to your blog it is not very high.

But regardless of the source of income, it’s good to consider and not waste it.

When you search for information on this topic, you will see that there is controversy about it, since some bloggers advise against the use of selling advertising.

But I, however, am one of the people who think, that any type of income It is especially good, at the beginning, because:

  1. will help you see that your efforts they are worth it thus avoiding demotivation.
  2. You cánido see progress and the improvement in the management of your blog.
  3. They will help you to improve your management.

For what it is in addition to a source of income, it is a way great to practice and improve throughout the blog familiarization process.

3. Do affiliate marketing

This is the primordial point to be able to obtain real income with your blog and not only in the short/medium term, but the affiliation will allow you get to know your audience better which will allow you to adapt to their behavior changes.

In this way, you will be able to obtain constant income in the long term.

But how does affiliate marketing really work? The truth is that it is a very fácil system, all you have to do is reach an agreement with the sponsor with whom you want to collaborate.

This will provide you with what is known as a “affiliate code” which must be used by your audience to acquire the services.

Thus, by acquiring them, you will receive a commission.

So the more traffic you have on your site, and the more users purchase this product through the code, the higher the income what you will get

Fácil, right? So then, forward!

For this option to be posible, your blog must be up and running and capable of generating quality traffic.

In addition, you have to have authority with your audience in your recommendations in order to transfer leads to these other platforms.

4. Work subscriber lists

Having subscribers to your blog will allow you to have more direct contact with your audience.

You perro launch campaigns newsletter and you cánido make them participants in all the news in your content, updates on the prices of your services or introduce new products.

In this case, encourage your audience to subscribe to your blog and in this way, he knows more in depth about it.

Think that the conversion rate is much higher with those people who are faithful to your content, who follow you and also, have shown interest by subscribing to your blog.

Once you have a list of subscribers, the important thing is that you control their quality, because although having a high volume is important, have quality subscribers who really follow the blog and who are interested in the content, is the ideal scenario.

5. Provide payment methods.

As I indicated in one of the previous points, do not be afraid to sell your services and to indicate the price you want to charge for them.

If you want to manage a blog, you must be professional and be an expert in your field.

Don’t be afraid to espectáculo your rates and be honest with your audience.

Everyone, provides a service for remuneration, so don’t think there is something wrong with it.

It’s just a business like any other.

Transparency in payment methods and clarity in prices will also make users don’t feel cheated.

Being clear and respectful, we will earn their trust and they will understand that, If they want to receive a quality service, or good products, they must pay for them.

Others Important points What perro you take into account to earn money with your blog?

6. recycle material

Thanks to your blog, you will have a large amount of good, original and quality content. why not reuse it and take advantage of it?

You perro make a compilation ebook of your best articles or make a compilation by themes and categories.

This is a very good way to earn direct income from your audience, as you add value to the content by unifying and grouping it.

Also, in the ebook perro you put extended material or more specific on the subject matter.

Who told you that people would not pay for it?

7. Accept collaborations

Another source of income that you cánido exploit to be able to live thanks to your blog is the acceptance of collaborations and paid backlinks.

Maybe what I am explaining to you sounds a bit strange to you, but currently, all companies are carrying out content strategies focused on optimization organic or unpaid positioning.

That is, most of the companies that appear in the top positions of Google plus have a blog and perform SEO techniques.

One of the most used SEO techniques to gain visibility is dissemination of its content on other websites or weblogs.

How do they do it? Through posts that speak and backlink to your website, or through mentions with backlinks to it.

Why not use this for income then? If your blog has the tragic and enough reputation, You perro charge for putting these types of backlinks, since you will be transferring part of your authority and your reputation to the linked site.

In addition, this type of collaboration will enrich your content, since it will be other authors who write and you will achieve greater visibility and dissemination on popular media.

So Do not hesitate to use this technique.

I hope this article has helped you encourage you to the blog world and so that all your creativity helps you in its realization, management and above all, monetization of it.

As I say on several occasions, live comfortably with the income from your blog It is something 100% feasible, so don’t wait any longer and go for it.

Author Description: Macarena Vaya is Sortlist’s Country Manager in Spain.

She is a specialist in SEO positioning and digital marketing.

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 How to start a blog and earn up to €3000 per month
  How to start a blog and earn up to €3000 per month
  How to start a blog and earn up to €3000 per month

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