How to stand out in a world of equals? HE

How to stand out in a world of equals? HE

If you are looking for something of your own and that stands out, why do you think that looking like others or copying them will get you far? The true key to success is that you know how to stand out from the rest and instead of being one of the crowd, start to be unique in all expression.

For this reason, our guest today, Natalia Maynez creator and author of Mayneza, it will tell you how you perro stand out in a world of equals.

the unknown that surely brought you here.

Before we delve further into this topic I want you to think about the answer to the following question: What makes you different from others?

And no, I’m not talking about your business, product or service, I’m talking about you

Because I should care about your brand staff?

Originally, the concept of “brand” refers to something that helps a person, company and organization stand out from the rest. A brand cánido represent you through words, ideas, images, designs or a series of values.

When we talk about a personal brand we refer to:

  • Your characteristics personal.
  • Your values.
  • You experience.
  • your personality and character.
  • Your tastes and passions.
  • your approach at work.

And all these blocks together form your reputation, that is, the way in which others perceive you.

If you do not create, solidify and take care of your personal brand, the problem is that others will do it for you. So it is better to focus efforts on creating the desired image about your person and that it lasts in people’s minds; separating you from the rest and giving you that unique and special character that every brand –personal or not personal– would dream of.

So, most convenient In this sense, it is to have your brand under control and contribute to its development.

Taking control of your personal brand cánido be the difference between a dissatisfying job or a successful career. –Dorie Clark in the Harvard Business Review magazine

Still not completely convinced? Here you have a series of advantages over build and nurture your own brand:

  1. Standing out among the crowd (or as the title of this articulo says: stand out in a world of equals).
  2. establish authority and expertise.
  3. Create new contacts tools (networking).
  4. gain followers or followers.
  5. Build a loyal audience.
  6. New professional opportunities, tarea and personal.

First the first

Surely you have already heard that without objective there is no strategy. So the first step before defining the essence of your personal brand is to understand what you want to develop it for.

What do you want do with those unique features that equipo you apart from the rest?

How do you want position yourself?

in what environment you want to win popularity?

Obviously it is not the same to position yourself as a entrepreneurthat as a potential candidate who will lead an international company.

This will define your strategy.

How to be different, unique and unrepeatable?

Since we are clear about what a personal brand is, why it is important to develop it and what its objective is, now we are going to focus on the most important aspect: differentiate ourselves from the rest.

We all have the same education.

We live in a afín environment.

And within the same popular conglomerate, there are usually have the same values ​​and customs. Before all these factors that have towards homogenization, we find ourselves with the challenge of being able to detect what makes us unique and unrepeatable.

And if you are reading this article it is because You do not want be one more number, right?


Well, the most important thing in this sense is to create what is commonly known as a Unique Value Proposition (in English Unique Value Proposition).

In the business world this refers to those unique attributes and specials that differentiate a product or service from those that are afín in its category.

But what if we talk about a personal brand? Well, that’s where things change a bit.

This same concept of Unique Value Proposition would translate into identify and highlight five key questions:

  • Your qualities.
  • Your strengths.
  • Your skills.
  • your area of expertise or knowledge.
  • The characteristics of your personality.

Why these five aspects? Very fácil: because the combination of these will result in something totally unique, something that only you have and no one else.

Here self-knowledge is essential, in other words, that you know yourself and that you dedicate as long as it takes to be very clear about these five questions.

No one has exactly the same qualities, strengths, skills, knowledge, and personality.

So, if you manage to keep them very present, and more than that, know how to communicate them efficiently By creating a single personal brand concept, rest assured that you will not be able to go unnoticed (even if you want to).

whatwhat kind of footprint do you want to leave on others?

Currently, the best way to build a successful personal brand is by generating value.

In other words, being really useful.

Just think of the people who have marked your life, in those leaders or authorities that you really admire

Surely they have been engraved in your memory because of the contribution they had in your life or because they contributed something of value to you. Whether it is an iniciativa, knowledge, something material, or something that was especially significant to you, right?

So the best way to position your personal brand and be in the top of mind of the people you seek to impact is by offering something of value, something that only you cánido give and that, of course, derives from and is convergent with your unique value proposition –as we saw in the previous point–.

An example are the authors of self-improvement and self-help books. People who had something valuable to teach and transmit, and they did it using their own voice.

It is as if his personality could be felt on each of the pages of his books.

The talent that is not seen, is lost. –Neus Arques.

take advantage of New era Digital

With the rise of popular media and the content generation, You have the power to define your personal brand and escoge exactly how you want other people to perceive you.

One of the best ways to develop a personal brand is precisely through the generation of content where you communicate your essence, your knowledge and your tastes using your own voice.

What perro you offer others? Do you have a website where people cánido find out more about you? Have you thought about having a blog? Have you considered posting more often on your popular networks? Remember that what you don’t say, someone else will say it for you; and we have already discussed that it is better to have a proactive role.

Share your knowledge and do it to you mannerIt is useless to live in silence, hiding what you know and what you are, when that same thing perro serve millions of people.

In addition, there are various formats that you perro take advantage of to convey your message: images, text, audio and vídeo. Choose the one with which you feel most comfortable.

Are you better at speaking? Start a podcast. Do you like to create visual content? Make vídeos.

Do you like to write? Articulo on your blog.

The important thing is that you feel comfortable with the medium.

Take advantage of the fact that we are in an era where the information you share is shared, not only with your closest network of friends, but with the whole world!

To get noticed and remembered by others, find and develop your own style. use your own voice when you create content and always stick to the same visual style.

Write about topics that you are really passionate about.

Let your values ​​speak for you, let your personality come out and express what you feel.

In other words: dare to be yourself and stand out from the rest!

Do not forget that the digital world lends itself to interaction, so it is important not to limit yourself to having a role as the issuer, but also to answer comments, questions or simply engage in a dialogue with your audience.

Monologues when building a personal brand do not go very far…

A personal brand is how a person feels when they interact with you. –Gary Vaynerchuk.

The authenticity as the key to success

Do you know what are the 3 main enemies of a personal brand?

  1. The dishonesty.
  2. The falsehood.
  3. And the incongruity.

Years of positioning perro be destroyed in just 1 minute if any of these villains come into the game.

That is why it is so important that your personal brand is 100% based on your own characteristics like the ones we have already seen, because It’s not about inventing but to highlight what is already there and communicate it efficiently.

Like it or not, sooner or later the truth always comes out and people won’t forgive you if you haven’t been authentic and consistent with yourself from the beginning.

Espectáculo what’s in you and what makes you special.

There is no need to make up, pretend or disguise.

As I get older, I pay less attention to what people are saying.

I just see what it does.

–Andrew Carnegie.


To stand out in a world of equals The most important thing is to create a personal brand based on those characteristics that make you unique and unrepeatable.

Digital channels and content generation have become the best way to communicate, disseminate and cultivate a personal brand, with the possibility of hitting and change the lives of millions of people around the world who have access to the Internet.

Authenticity, honesty and consistency These are three factors that play a decisive role in caring for a personal brand.

And finally, remember that the best thing you cánido do is have a proactive role, because people will talk anyway… But it’s better that they talk about the story we tell them ourselves and about the value we bring to their lives. Do you agree?

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 How to stand out in a world of equals?  HE
  How to stand out in a world of equals?  HE
  How to stand out in a world of equals?  HE

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