Is it possible to stake within coinbase? you may wonder. Well, let us tell you that yes, it is, although with a bit of limitation. So,How to Stake on Coinbase? That is exactly what this new articulo is going to be talking about about the aforementioned platform. Keep reading if you want to find out how we will teach you.

What is staking on Coinbase?

As you already know, this stake within a financial platform such as coinbaseis with the purpose of obtaining rewards in exchange for leave your capital alone for a certain time in any of the Cryptocurrencies in which you have invested. It is a way of investing, with long-term dividends (annually).

To start, you just have to access your Coinbase account so that you perro follow, step by step, the process of staking in the correct way within said platform.

Find the options available to get Yield on Coinbase

There are some performance options available inside Coinbase. But to access them you must take these fácil steps:

  1. On the main page of your account, on the left, in its sidebar, press the option Briefcase.

  1. Followed by this, Within Briefcaseyou will have an option called get performancein another sidebar, this time, on the right hand side, to which you are going to clic.

  1. You will then be shown the available cryptos that you perro use to get performance within Coinbase or, in other words, to Staking within Coinbase. And, although their number is limited, this, over time, cánido vary. For such purposes (those of staking), we refer to the following options in crypto:

  • Cosmoswith the largest of the yields to date, namely, a 5%.

  • Daiwith a 2% of performance.

  • Tezosstanding in a 4.63%.

  • Algorandwith a 4%.

  1. Wearing as example the case of Tezosyou will be able to see interesting information within its section that basically refers to the fact that if you invest in this crypto, you will obtain a annual reward (with an estimated rate of 4.63%) by Stakingthat is to say, for having them without moving inside the wallet, apart from the benefits that you receive due to fluctuations in their value.

Get more help on staking within Coinbase

It may be the case that you need more information concerning this topic or perhaps some other approach, then, for this, you must gain access to certain sections within the same Coinbase.

Access the More information about performance section

To access this section, just go to the right sidebar from the main page of your account:

  1. In her press the option More information regarding performance.

  1. With this, you will be redirected to a Coinbase Help page which, as you will see, answers typical questions about the system using the same platform.

Important: Said page is in English, which will require that you use an en línea translation system, such as an extension or, simply, a translator.

Access the Frequently Asked Questions section

In the same way, you locate this section in the same right sidebar of before:

  1. you just have to clic in option Frequent questions.

  1. And, what you get in this section is basically the same as in the previous one; be redirected to this Coinbase Help pageto answer any questions you have.

As you may have noticed, that’s how it is how I know does staking or, what is the same, get performance within Coinbase. Just keep in mind that, as of today, there are limited options for doing this and that this may change in the future. Also, you are reminded that the estimated rate of return is annual. You choose what percentage suits you and which crypto to trust.

Vídeo Tutorial on How to Stake on Coinbase in 2023

For a broader perspective on this, we invite you to take a look at our vídeo how to Stake on Coinbase in 2023which is available through the following backlink:

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