How to stake ROSE step by step and

How to stake ROSE step by step and

ROSE is one of the most prominent and habitual digital currencies this year and it has been growing remarkably.

If you have capital invested in this crypto, you will almost certainly be interested in staking ROSE.

That’s why we bring a complete and detailed tutorial so you cánido win more with the PoS protocol included in the project.

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Earn more ROSE by staking officially

If you want your ROSE tokens to continue producing profits while you hold and benefit the project’s blockchain, you should start staking in the official cryptocurrency wallet.

This will not only give you a higher return or APY than if you stake from third-party portals, but it is also easier.

Here’s how to do it:


Install the OASIS wallet and register

The first thing you should do is download the official ROSE wallet in your browser; We are talking about OASIS wallet.

To do this, you must search the application store of your browser and then install the aplicación as if it were a complemento.

It should be noted that if you have Google chrome installed, you perro access the complemento by doing clic here.

Then, all you have to do is press the button that says add to Google chrome and it will be available to use.

However, also You will have to create a wallet, and you will do this by pressing the ROSE icon located at the top right of your screen.

Now a pop-up window will open in which 2 options will be displayed: Create Wallet and Restore Wallet.

If you already have an account generated in the wallet, press this last option, but if it is the first time you use it clic on: Create Wallet.

Next, you must establish a security password in the 2 sections that will be displayed in the window, in addition to back up the 24 security words that will be delivered.

And to conclude, they will request that you add these 24 words in the same order that you have been given; With this, the process will be finished and you will be able to access your new ROSE wallet.

Recommendation: Use a password manager (we use open source keepass) to save all the palabras clave in your Wallet.

Use this same method with all wallets, exchanges, etcétera.

It is a sure way to have everything under control.


Add funds to the ROSE wallet

The easiest part of staking ROSE is adding the funds.

This perro be done with a fácil deposit from another wallet or even an exchange like Binance or Kucoin.

It should be noted that the address that you will place when sending your tokens will be found in the complemento that has been installed in the browser.

To copy ROSE’s address you just have to press it and that’s it.

Once you have sent your funds you perro proceed to the next step.


Choose the best NODE

It is time to choose a NODE or validator.

To do this, you must press the bottom button of the OASIS wallet that says: Staking.

A new area of ​​the wallet will be displayed, and there you must look in the top bar for a button that says “Validators” and press it to find the available nodes.


Delegate ROSE tokens

Once you have finished with the previous steps you will find yourself in a section where you cánido see all the NODES available for ROSE staking.

there, you shall choose the one that best suits what you are looking for and then delegate your tokens.

Our recommendation is the validator: TRIPHASICKO, currently one of the nodes with the most users, we recommend you follow it on twitter, it offers very good information about the world of cryptocurrencies.

The benefits of using this node (we are where we have our ROSE staking):

  • The commission is only 5%.

    Most stay between 10-20%.

  • You you have possession of your rosesand not a centralized entity.

  • He interest is compounded (the ROSEs you generate are automatically added), on Binance it’s fácil.
  • It’s maleable, you cánido withdraw whenever you want all the money along with your rewards.

    At Binance, if you withdraw before x days (minimum 30) they do not give you your rewards.

    In the node, the most you have to wait it’s 15 days How long does it take for the ROSE to arrive?

After you have chosen one you will be able to see more information regarding it.

However, to conclude and delegate the ROSE tokens definitively you will only have to press the bottom button that says: Delegate.

How much perro you earn by staking ROSE?

Staking ROSE is widely profitable, especially if your capital invested in this digital asset is quite large.

Given that, offer up to 12% annual yield or APY. Where, in addition, compound interest is included, which unlike other platforms, such as Binance for example, this has not been implemented; fact that significantly decreases the profits that perro be obtained by staking.

However, it is important to note that when you stake ROSE, the NODE or validator keeps a percentage of the profits obtained by the investing usuario who delegates their tokens.

This commission is established right next to the validator when choosing it as a NODE in the OASIS wallet; while up to 12% APY cánido be earned by staking ROSE, It is important to take this commission into account, since some may request up to 20% of the profits obtained, while other alternatives will only ask for 5% or even 10%.

Benefits of staking with ROSE

ROSE is one of the most prominent cryptocurrencies by the rebound in its price from $0.06, to its ATH or historical maximum registered at $0.60.

This performance attracted a large number of investors, who may not be aware of the benefits offered by ROSE staking, and therefore may not yet delegate their tokens to the project’s blockchain.

Below we tell you the advantages of staking ROSE from the official platform:

  • tokens They will always belong to you and will not be blocked by third parties..
  • You will be able to access them whenever you want, transfer them or use them if necessary, since their staking modality is maleable and in 15 days or less you will have your digital currencies available.
  • Earnings are added daily, since, the interest that it possesses is compounded.

    This means that the final gains will be quite noticeable.

  • The risk that when staking on the official platform is quite low if we compare it with the threat that investors using exchanges and afín platforms are subject to.

ROSE Staking FAQ

It is important to clarify every doubt regarding ROSE staking.

Next, we answer some of the unknowns that may arise before and during the making of this decision.

How often are ROSE rewards paid out?

As it is the official method for staking ROSE, rewards are paid dailywhich is certainly a great benefit when compared to other platforms that allow you to stake this token.

Are my tokens locked if I stake ROSE?

The tokens will not be locked at any time.

Since, the type of staking that will be carried out is maleable.

Hence, you perro access them at any timeand within a maximum period of 15 days they will be replaced in your wallet.

Is there a penalty for withdrawing the ROSE?

There is no penalty for withdrawing ROSE tokens from a NODE or validator.

Since rewards are added daily to users, however, one aspect that is important to consider is that validators ask users for a percentage of the profits for staking ROSE with them.

Where cánido I find all ROSE validators?

In the Staking > Validators area you perro find the list of all validators of ROSE that are available for staking with the cryptocurrency in question.

There, it is enough to slide the mouse wheel to be able to visualize them.

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 How to stake ROSE step by step and
  How to stake ROSE step by step and
  How to stake ROSE step by step and

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