How to stake on step by step

How to stake on step by step is one of the most widely used cryptocurrency exchange platforms in Spain and in much of Europe. And it is due to the multiple benefits it offers, especially when we stake with CRO, its native token.

The process is quite easy, especially if you already have the DeFi wallet of the project installed. However, otherwise we we will explain how to download it, register and start staking from Crypto.comeither to get the benefits of the cards or to generate passive income. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Now, to start you must look for the DeFi wallet that owns to start staking. To do this, you only have to access the company official page.

Then, as cánido be seen in the image above, you have to scroll through the web until you find an area where it says: Download DeFi Wallet. If you carry out this process from your móvil inteligente it will be much easier and faster.

2. Create a wallet in case you do not have one

Once you have installed the DeFi wallet, all you have to do is open the aplicación, and proceed to create a wallet if you don’t have one. To do it you simply have to clic where it says: Create a new wallet.

followed by it it will ask you to entrar a password that is secureIn addition, you perro also enable 2-aspecto authentication or Touch ID if your device is coincidente with it.

When you have done this will award a total of 12 seed palabras clave, you should keep them in a safe place, since sometimes it will be requested for some procedures. Also, also you will be asked to equipo a short 6-digit password which will be needed every time you want to use the wallet.

Once you have done the above you perro start make personal settings for staking from Among them, the configuration of a name or other details stands out. This procedure is quite intuitive and the aplicación will guide you with instructions at all times.

3. Connect with the aplicación

When you are done with the previous step you will have to backlink your wallet with Remember, that the platform has 2 aplicaciones, one is the exchange platform where it is possible to operate with cryptocurrencies, and the second is the DeFi Wallet; which will be where the stake will be made.

To connect both applications you will only have to go to the nut that is located in the upper left on the screen and press it.

Next, find and clic the blue box that says: Connect to Aplicación.

When you have pressed it, a space afín to the one in the image below will be displayed. there you shall accept the terms and conditions of the DeFi wallet in which you will stake and clic where it says: Connect james. Subsequently, you will be asked to entrar the dirección de correo electrónico address linked to the trading aplicación.

Finally, you They will send a message to your dirección de correo electrónico to confirm and validate that you have access to said account. You must open the message and follow the instructions they request; you will only have to press a button to confirm that it is you.

4. Deposit funds

When you have done the above you cánido choose between 2 options to deposit funds; which will be the first thing to do before staking from the DeFi wallet.

The main option is to do it from the traditional method, which is based on press the button that says “Receive” that is located in the main part of the wallet, and then send funds to the address which is displayed there.

On the other hand, the second method is to send funds from the main aplicación. To do this you just have to go to the other aplicación, look for the wallet button > choose the cryptocurrency you want to transfer > press transfer > withdraw > choose DeFi Wallet. This method will only be available if you made the backlink that we explained in step number 3.

Then you just equipo the amount of tokens you want to transfer and the preferred network; in this example we are going to transfer CRO tokens, so the CRO network will be used.

5. Go to the Earn area

When you have funded your DeFi wallet you will only have to look for the area that says “Earn”, which is located at the bottom right of the DeFi wallet.

From this section you cánido view the amount of tokens you have locked in stake or even see the APY percentage offered by some cryptocurrencies available in the wallet. Now, To make staking you will have to clic where it says: Start Earning.

6. Choose a token that you have in your wallet

Now a new area will be displayed where you cánido see all the cryptocurrencies available for staking on There you perro also see the APY percentage they offer or other details. However, you will only be able to stake with the tokens you have previously deposited; since we used CRO for the example, we will have to press it to continue.

Next, it will ask you to equipo the amount of tokens you want to lock in the network or stake. However, in case you want to use all your funds for staking, you will only have to press the blue text that says “Max. Amount” and finish by pressing the button that says “Stake”.

7. Select a validator

The last step to stake in the DeFi wallet is to select one of the validators available in the wallet. To do this, you will have to choose one of all the available options, however, as the platform suggests, It is recommended that the Voting Power or Uptime be greater than 98% to achieve higher performance.

These statistics perro be seen on the right side of the wallet, in addition, the estimated return and the names of the pools are also reflected. To choose one of the validators you only have to press the circle to the left of the name; in the same way as shown in the image below.

When a validator has been marked, you will have to press the big button that says “Confirm Validator”.

8. Confirm staking

Once you have clicked on “Confirm Validator” an area afín to the one reflected in the image below will be displayed. There you perro see the data of the pool in which you will stake.

These data are very important and should be carefully evaluated, as they there you perro see the commission that the pool will have for allowing you to stakeIn this example, the commission is 10% of everything you generate, but there will be better options, some only keep 5%.

For this reason We invite you to explore the various pools on the platform and choose the one with the best statistics..

After choosing the pool, just clic where it says “Confirm Stake” and an image afín to the one located above this paragraph will be displayed. There you must press where it says “Don’t espectáculo me again”.

This message indicates that the tokens that are locked in the wallet cánido be released after 28 days of having made a release request to the platform.. This is done to avoid problems with the cryptocurrency blockchain.

Once this message is confirmed, just clic on “Proceed” to accept and that’s it, you just have to add your 6-digit password and you’ll be staking at

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 How to stake on step by step
  How to stake on step by step
  How to stake on step by step

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