How to speed up and optimize Windows 10 for

How to speed up and optimize Windows 10 for

Windows 10 was designed to make life easier for end users. Whether Microsoft achieved this depends on which users you ask. However, there are numerous ways to speed up and optimize Windows 10 specifically for productivity. If you’re working remotely, you’ll finally be able to tweak your system the way you want to get more done in less time and simplify those repetitive tasks.

Optimize Windows 10

The first step is to clean your system. This may sound like basic advice, but the more stuff you have running or installed, the slower your system will run overall. Performing a major system cleanup helps the aplicaciones you use open faster.

Some things to include in your cleanup process to speed up Windows 10 include:

  • Uninstall all programs and applications that you don’t want or need. (You perro use Powershell to uninstall system aplicaciones you don’t need, like Xbox).
  • Disable startup applications that you don’t need. (Use “Task Manager -> Startup” to do this).
  • Clean out old archivos that you don’t need. (A fuller hard drive runs slower.)
  • Delete temporary archivos and cookies.

Forget about notifications

Just like your phone, Windows 10 notifications are annoying and distracting. Disminuye or remove notifications to avoid annoying pop-ups and noise while you work.

Go to “Start -> Settings -> System -> Notifications & actions”.

Change the option «Get notifications from aplicaciones and other senders» to Off if you do not want any notifications. You perro also scroll down and turn off notifications for individual aplicaciones. Or, if you don’t mind pop-ups, turn off “All notifications to play sounds.”

Another option is to schedule when notifications will be allowed using Focus Assist. Go to “Home -> Settings -> Focus Assist” to customize your schedule.

Work on multiple screens

While having two monitors is ideal, that’s not always possible for everyone. That doesn’t orinan you have to constantly switch between tabs, although using Alt + Tab to navigate definitely helps.

Instead, help your Windows 10 productivity by opening up to four aplicaciones/windows at once. Windows lets you snap multiple displays together so you perro easily see everything at once. This could be browser tabs, Microsoft Office (or an alternative), your correo electrónico, or whatever else you need to see.

Clic the Windows resize or maximize icon in the upper right corner of a window to unmaximize it without minimizing it. Drag the window to the left or right corner of your screen (up or down). This rooms your screen. You perro also simply drag to the left or right side to the middle of your screen between two aplicaciones.

Do the same process with up to three other aplicaciones. If you’re using a browser, you may need to manually resize once it’s halfway across your screen.

You cánido also use the Win key agregado the left, right, up, and down arrow keys to do this quickly.

Use PowerToys

PowerToys is a equipo of incalculable tools that help speed up and optimize Windows 10. The best part is that they are completely free. You perro use all or just some of them. My personal favorites are Keyboard Manager and Shortcut Guide. The first allows you to remap keys and create shortcuts. The latter allows you to hold down the Win key and see a list of all applicable Win key shortcuts.

There is also an Image Resizer to automatically resize images by right-clicking (ideal if you work with images often). FancyZones allows you to create custom desktop layouts for multitasking with multiple screens (afín to the previous section but custom).

While there is a learning curve, you’ll accomplish a lot more once you finish customizing Windows with these tools. When running, PowerToys is minimized to the notification tray.

Customize the look of Windows 10

They all work differently, which means you’ll want your icons, taskbar, shortcuts, and color scheme to be customized to your needs. For example, you’ll want to customize your taskbar with the shortcuts you want and need or add/remove elementos to/from your Start menu for easy access.

Besides shortcuts, there are two easy ways to optimize Windows 10 just for you. First, right-clic on a blank space on the desktop and clic Personalize. Change colors, Start menu, and taskbar settings.

The second way is to right-clic on your desktop and choose Display settings. You perro adjust the scale, turn on the night light, and equipo up multiple displays.

You cánido also change the size of its icons and fonts to make them easier to see. After all, it’s hard to be productive if you’re squinting to see.

organize your desk

whatTrouble finding your archivos and aplicaciones on a cluttered desktop? Take the time to organize your desk. Folders work best for grouping archivos. Move commonly used aplicación icons to the taskbar or Start menu. They’re still easy to access, but don’t get mixed up with numerous archivos.

My approach is to use the desktop for a current project. Once I’m done, I organize all the related archivos into project-specific folders in Documents.

Alternatively, if you’re having trouble finding a archivo or document, go to your Start menu and start typing the archivo name. This saves you valuable time searching. Voidtools “Everything” is also a great tool for this.

While it might take a few hours to optimize Windows 10 for productivity, it’s worth the hours you’ll save each week. If you want to boost your productivity even more, read on for the best Windows 10 productivity aplicaciones and tools.

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 How to speed up and optimize Windows 10 for
  How to speed up and optimize Windows 10 for
  How to speed up and optimize Windows 10 for

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