How to speed up an iPhone vídeo

How to speed up an iPhone vídeo

If you want to speed up a slow-motion vídeo, or speed up a habitual vídeo, it’s easy to do it on your iPhone using the Photos and iMovie aplicaciones.

We will guide you through the entire acceleration process.

To change the speed of your slow-motion vídeos, you’ll use the built-in Photos aplicación on your iPhone.

To speed up a habitual vídeo, use the free iMovie aplicación on your phone.

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Speed ​​Up Slow Motion Vídeos on iPhone

Changing the playback speed allows you to create personalized and engaging vídeos for the audience, especially if you are a streamer or YouTuber.

Or even, for example, if you are recording friends or family gatherings.

Fast-forwarding the vídeos will allow you to focus on the important parts in less time.

Let’s look at some of the fácil processes you cánido use.

To bring your slow motion vídeo up to habitual speed, use the editing options found in the Photos aplicación on your iPhone.

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Begin the process by opening Photos on your iPhone.

In the bottom bar of the aplicación, tap “albums” and then choose “Slo-mo“.

Select the slow motion vídeo that you want to bring up to habitual speed.

When the vídeo starts in full screen, in the top right corner, tap “Editar“.

At the bottom of the editar page, you’ll see two types of vertical lines.

The lines closest to each other reflect habitual vídeo speed.

The lines that are further apart indicate the slow speed of the vídeo.

To speed up your vídeo, from the beginning of the lines that are out, drag the bracket bar to the right, where the lines end.

Unlike before, now all the vertical lines are the same.

To save the changes, in the lower right corner of the screen, tap “Made“.

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Your slow motion vídeo is now a habitual speed vídeo, and you perro check this by playing the vídeo in the Photos aplicación.

It’s all done.

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Speed ​​up habitual vídeos on iPhone

To speed up a habitual vídeo, use Apple’s free iMovie aplicación on your iPhone.

Start by downloading and launching iMovie on your iPhone.

On the screen of “Projects” of the aplicación, touch “create project“.

On the menu “New project“, Choose “Movie“.

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Choose the vídeo you want to speed up from your gallery.

Then at the bottom of the screen, tap on “create movie“.

In the iMovie timeline, tap your newly added vídeo.

Then, in the list of tools at the bottom, tap the speedometer icon.

Above the speedometer icon, you will see a slider that helps to slow down or speed up your vídeo.

To speed up your vídeo, drag this slider to the right (towards the rabbit).

Then save your project by tapping “Made” in the top left-hand corner.

Back on the project page, to export your sped up vídeo, tap the up arrow icon.

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In the menu that opens, select “Save vídeo“.

Choose the quality of the vídeo.

iMovie will export the sped up vídeo to your Photos aplicación, and you’re all equipo.

With these fácil steps you will have already managed to speed up your vídeos on iPhone without problems.

If you have any questions you perro tell us below in the comment box.

In summary

In this tutorial on how to speed up a vídeo on iPhone, we have shared two of the easiest techniques.

Although iMovie perro speed up vídeos perfectly, we suggest you use the tool from Photos if you want to create attractive content without any hassle.

Check out afín consejos and tricks if you’re interested in learning more about iPhone aplicaciones.

Frequent questions

Perro I speed up a vídeo on iPhone?

The answer is yes.

You perro use Screen Recorder aplicación for iPhone, a complete solution to create engaging content for YouTube, Fb, Twitch, etcétera.

On the other hand, you cánido also use iMovie if you want to know how to speed up vídeo on iPhone.

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 How to speed up an iPhone vídeo
  How to speed up an iPhone vídeo
  How to speed up an iPhone vídeo

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